Test Powder and Erase Pro Stack? You decide…

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123 View Post

    Loved my run with it too
    There is a lot of good feedback for these two products together, crazy there isn't more of a demand for them. Especially considering i know Nutra would have a nice sell on them as USP and PES are known to hook it up.

  2. Buuuump
    My 5/3/1 Workout Log - Second cycle starring BPS EndoTurbo/Vanillean and PES Alphamine/Enhanced/Erase Pro

  3. Pump.................

  4. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    You asking? Or voting?

  5. I can only update the counter when I know someone new is voting so please make it clear lol.
    PES Representative

  6. 1 new vote here!

  7. One more

  8. By my count we need 8 more. hoping to use this in a spring cut with alphamine in april. Come on people. I thought we would have had this already.

  9. Add my vote Fo sho

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ddfox View Post
    1 new vote here!
    Quote Originally Posted by jjobe6 View Post
    One more
    Quote Originally Posted by justiceTX View Post
    Add my vote Fo sho
    These three votes have been added.

    40 down. 10 to go.
    PES Representative

  11. Thank you. 9 left.
    PES Representative

  12. Come on people, I want this to be my first log and I'd like to start 2 weeks from today!

  13. I'm in!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by RegisterJr View Post
    I'm in!
    Um, T-8

  15. Do it now. Used sim stack 2x. Test powder should be even better

  16. Would love to try this stack as well.

  17. Vote dang it.

  18. 43 down. 7 to go!
    PES Representative

  19. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    43 down. 7 to go!
    Why does it feel like this is going so slow? These two TOP NOTCH supps have great ratings, they sell great in other stacks, this should be a top selling stack.

    Come on, let's get this done.

  20. I withdraw my vote

  21. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    I withdraw my vote
    I haven't counted a vote from you.

    Still 7 to go.
    PES Representative

  22. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post

    I haven't counted a vote from you.

    Still 7 to go.
    Consider this my vote then.
    Now 6 to go.

  23. C'mon fellow forumites lets smash this outta the park.

  24. Bump, come on people we are so close now! Hopefully everyone is not waiting on the Insider deal for Enhanced

  25. Bump for votes

  26. Bump for gaiiiinnnnzzzzz


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