Versa1 Inner Circle release issues

  1. Versa1 Inner Circle release issues

    To All USPlabs Diehards,

    As you surely know by now, our website ( experienced a crash yesterday during the Inner Circle release of our new product, Versa-1. Though we had recently upgraded our servers, it was impossible to predict the overwhelming demand generated by valued customers such as yourself. We thank you for that demand, and apologize we were initially unable to fulfill it. Rest assured, however, that after 24 hours of work, our servers are back online and ready to fulfill your order.

    Your patience has been greatly appreciated.

    If there's anything more I can do to help, please PM me and I will try and help anyway I can. Thank you to all who have already taken advantage of the release, you guys & gals in the AM community are awesome!
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  2. It's like when Apple releases a new iphone or a new ipad. You just can't predict how many people will want one no matter how much market research you do. I bet a lot of Apple customers bought one, because they saw their neighbor, friend or classmate walk around with one of those shiny gadgets. I bet a lot of USP Labs customers tried to get online for IC release, because they saw their friend, workout partner or other gym member improve their physique at a rate they have not seen before (in this case, through beta testers). They tell their friends, their friends tell their friends, on and so forth.

    Demand created by word of mouth advertising is something that's difficult to quantify. When there is an implied belief that second batch will far lag the first batch in availability, no one is going to want to be the one left out. You have to win. You have to be the first. That's our way. Not many of us are betas. We are mostly alphas on this forum I think.

    Add on USP Lab's money back guarantee and you have a making of a perfect storm. Even Apple servers crashed during the early iphone releases, so they had to go to a pre-order method for their later releases.

    This was bound to happen (the whole server crashing thing) and now USP Labs knows the strength of word of mouth in AM community (I am sure they already had an idea) and I bet they will reward us again next time they have an amazing product they want to best test and release. In fact, the number of prizes they gave out during Versa-1 build up is really unprecedented.

    Anyway what I do know is that my order went through and I am getting one of those precious kits. I also know that yesterday, the reps in AM forum for USP Labs monitored these threads tirelessly and tried their best to communicate the status and reassure people that everything will be OK. There WILL be tomorrow if there isn't today. Amazing job by them and they deserve all of our thanks as well.

    I started a new log at:

  3. Good job getting the problem fixed. I was able to get my order in last night following a bit of frustration, but nothing too extreme. It was funny to see how disgruntled some ppl were getting on Facebook though! Just goes to show that you likely have one hell of a product on your hands! I really look forward to trying it, and have high expectations which I don't doubt will be met!

    Thanks for staying innovative, and please remain that way. The last thing this industry needs is more of the same bland products.

    Here's to a successful release and a great 2013! Time to make some gains

  4. Thanks for your support guys!
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    You guys handled it well.

    I still think Ike was behind the problem, though........ lol
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  6. Last call IC email had been sent out!!!! Versa-1 is still available, don't miss out!
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