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    Hi All,

    Thanks to Fahrenheit for the opportunity to sample and log their new DMAA free pre-workout supplement, Volatile. I started with it as suggested at one scoop about 20 minutes before my workouts. I am using Volatile 4 times a week. Within minutes after taking, the beta alanine tingles rushes through and stays for about 30 minutes. By the time I hit the gym, my energy level is strong. The next sensation after a couple of sets on upper or lower body is a good pump. I have to mention at this point that my forearms get a little to pumped as they are activated in the course of working the upper body in general. I feel motivated to do more and my endurance now allows me to push through where I have stopped before. I have noticed that the pump is sustained for an hour or so when I finish. I am also using Volatile before my HIIT workout. As a 58 year old guy, my goals are staying fit, not growing. So far, one scoop is plenty! More to come. Suggestions are welcome on further logging information.


  2. Is this a contest?
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  3. If it is I win! Really, the nice folks at Fahrenheit are letting me give feedback on their new no DMAA pre-workout sup. I'm liking it.

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    If logging dictates comparative commentary after each use then I should move this. I would like to share my experience with Volatile during this trial month. Yesterday, I took a scoop before my HIIT work-out. This entails eight 30 second maximum effort sets with a 90 second rest period between each set. I use a recumbent bike and set the resistance so the last 10 seconds are impossible to maintain the initial speed. HIIT burns fat long after the work0out is over as well as increasing HGH by as much as 400% over the next 4-5 hours. Dr. Mercola has documented this with his Peak 8 testing. Now back to the impact of Volatile on my HIIT work-out. Just two take-aways. 1 - I felt more compelled to push through the pain and 2 - my quad got so pumped by the time I finished I thought they were going to explode. This lasted about an hour.

  7. how is it going?

  8. My apologies for the break in reporting on my Volatile experiences. Saturday was my first opportunity to work out since last Monday. Family stuff. My routine is going to be altered until my wife recovers from hip surgery. I hope to an hour away every other day during the next week. Yesterday I took one and one half scoops of Volatile and went to the gym to do "something". I had 6 hours sleep after 36 hours at my wife's bedside. As usual the Volatile gave me the edge I needed. I did a 20 minutes HIIT and followed with 45 minutes of upper body work. It went well and I had some left in the tank when I was done. I am sharing this because I think there are times in all our lives that we have to tend to more important things, but crave staying in touch with our physicality. I came out of this recreational work out feeling strong, clear-minded and ready to give my wife the care she deserves.

  9. Here is a catch-up over the past four work-outs: 2 Strength and 2 HIIT. Upfront energy and carry-over energy throughout. I changed my strength training routine to a 4 second rep count - one explosive positive movement and a 3 second negative. 6 sets each on chest, back, biceps,triceps and shoulders. Decreasing weight each set to assure 60 second time under tension. Deep burn, but stayed the course. Pump lasted longer and was a bit sore and fuller the next day. Maybe the creatine is kicking in. Regardless - If my mind isn't ready for the gym before Volatile, it is in the next 30 minutes. I use Volatile for my HIIT as well. They are killers. Quads like tight sausages when done. Euphoria comes after cool down and shower.

  10. how are things going?

  11. Due to a rather busy road trip, I missed working our for 5 days straight. Yesterday was my first day back and I decided to get back at with strength training rather than HIIT. By late afternoon, my office work was done and I decided to take a 1 1/2 scoops of Volatile. After the 5 day break, 1 1/2 scoops had me sweating before I got to the gym. During my 10 minute warm-up, I felt a strong anticipation to get to it. I was truly excited to hit hard. Great energy and intensity! Insane arm pumps. Forearm vascularity was freakish. When I finished my bicep routine, I could hardly make a fist. Did tricep pull-downs and thought they were going to pop. I had a tough time getting my shirt off when i was done to shower. Left the gym with alpha male aura. After including Volatile in my 12 work-outs, I can say I don't leave anything at the gym. My body composition seems about the same, but that great because at 58 I am fighting to keep what I got. 5'10", 160 lbs, 12% bf, 115/75 bp and a great attitude about life.


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