The Appreciation Thread! Showing Your Thanks!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bmftisftw
    I would like to thank AaronJP1 for the opportunity to log FSXR, my very first log!! Also would like to shout out to Airborne, who sent me Condense samples that i posted a review of in the reviews section! Purus is the fockin bomb!!! Purus gettin me shredded by smacking my fatt

    Also to Dream weaver and Finaflex who selected me to use their new pre workout, Ignite2
    Your the man
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  2. Thanks bros I'm appreciative for the opportunity from such an awesome company! My log isn't done yet I still have plenty left in that bottle!

  3. Thanks to Finaflex!! I have had the opportunity to LOG many of their fantastic supplements, and not too long ago was asked to join the Finaflex Family as a representative. I am honored to work side by side with DreamWeaver and ScottyDoc two stand up gentlemen. If you guys are reading and are interested in Finaflex please hit me up we are always looking for dedicated loggers!

  4. Keep it up guys!


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