Need Loggers for Muscle Pharms New Amino1

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  1. Would love to give this a shot.

    31 yr old male

    GOAL: lean out and retain as much muscle as possible. I think this will help me do that by speeding up recovery as well as stating away frim being in the catabolic state

  2. Good start on the applications guys, keep em' coming in!
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Age 31

    Fitness Goal: be the fittest man on earth do a lot of crazy stuff with training and challenge myself and others with athletic performance, overall look great have a ripped and muscular body that can perform to the max

  4. I'm 40 years old

    Looking to get back in my college days, D1 athletic shape (soccer). I start my training more intensely in a couple weeks and will be looking to add 10-15 lbs of lean muscle. Along with the Protein uptake I'll have I needs some good aminos to add to the mix.

    I will be competing in some Tough Mudders next year and this starts me off on it.

  5. I am 40 am looking to start a cut also next Monday. I began training again last December after a long spell of laziness. The first inches came off, not necessarily fast but faster then lately. I have hit the dreaded plateau. I will be using HST training for my cut, along with cardio. I am excited to begin. I will be keeping detailed logs of exercise and nutrition. I would be more then happy to help in this process.


  6. I am 37 years old (turn 38 next week). I have been lifting for nearly 20 years. Finished a recent cut and want to regain some muscle loss. I typically don't use an "intra workout" supplement. I went years without a pre-work out and finally started using one after switching my workout to 5am. I use whey protein, and take Universal Uni-liver tabs to supplement as well. I would like to see if Amino 1 can help me achieve my goals to push my personal RM's up by 20% over the next 2-3 months, and add another 10 lbs. I am currently 195lbs and my goal weight is 205lbs. Thanks. Paul

  7. I just turned 30 this month and nature's cruel way of telling me I'm not invincible was with a tear in my LCL, thankfully it's not that bad. I will have minor surgery next week and recovery should take 6-8 weeks (that's what they say). I run a successful youth sport performance training program so I workout like my athletes. I train to be strong, powerful, and fast. I will be putting together a post-surgery nutrition/supplement plan to hopefully speed my recovery to 4-6 weeks with minimal loss to upperbody strength and lean mass. Amino acids will play an important role and I think the ratio and hydration qualities in Amino1 will be effective in my plan.

  8. Hey, I know I appear like a new poster on here but I mainly lurk forums and don't interact much. Anyways, I have a Male Physique comp on labor day at Muscle Beach California and after that I will be lean bulking for 6 months with intermittent fasting, which I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. As part of the IF/Leangains formula you are supposed to drink BCAA's throughout the day, and take 10g before workouts. I feel I am a good candidate because I'm very precise with how I record my progression and this precision would just carry over into the logging. I am also lean enough that any changes would be noticeable. Plus being on leangains means that I have no preworkout meals which can often make or break workouts a lot of the time, that is to say I would have more consistency than others. I take no other supplements besides the required BCAA's but I'm about to run out so I feel this would be a good time to give Amino 1 a shot. I love Musclepharm and used to use lots of Assault and protein powder from you guys back when I had money (haha). Thanks!

    18 Years old by the way.

  9. 31

    I have never logged anything but would like to. My goals are involve trying to balance muscle gain while keeping bf to a minimum. Train fasted first thing in morning and take 10g BCAAs beforehand. Works good for me. The ingredients here look awesome and I would like to try switching from my usual BCAA which is BSN Aminox. Currently 175, 9% BF and striving to be 185+, 8% BF by October 27th with + 1" all around. Currently in week 3 of DTP plan from Thanks!

  10. Age: 29
    Ht: 5'10"
    Current Weight: 155lbs
    Target Weight: 165lbs

    Goals: I have become increasingly active over the past 3 years, having lost 60lbs from my previous 210lb weight. Up until recently my primary goal had been fat-loss, in the attempt to reach the 10-12% BF mark. I achieved 10% about 2 months ago.

    The past 7-weeks I have been following a mass building periodization schedule and working out with heavy lifting 4 days a week, with HIIT and cycling for cardio 1-2 days a week. I have been able to add 5lbs of muscle in the past 7 weeks through a very regimented high-protein diet, including plenty of Muscle Pharm Combat Protein both before and after my workout (for Amino's and recovery). I must admit the Vanilla is the best tasting protein I've ever tasted. I am also supplementing with Creatine Mono, Beta-Alanine, and Citrulline Malate, along with Orange Triad Multi-V and Fish oils.

    My ultimate goal is to add another 10lbs, and remain at 10% BF. I'm confident that with my dedication to improvement, along with the additional hydration, nutrient delivery, and recovery support provided by Amino 1, I will be able to reach my goal very soon.

  11. Age 27

    Fitness Goal... Currently in training to head to A&S in the U.S. military. My training consists of 2-3 a days, involving everything from high weight ruck movments, to water fins, and tree dragging, not to mention weights, running, and plenty of flutter kicks. My body takes a beating on a daily basis and has for years serving in my current position. I was wounded in 06 and have been working up the ladder ever since. Anything that I can find that works, I stick with it.

    I feel that any recovery product is benificial to use during/after training to keep that intensity. MP products that I've used, I liked and have stuck with them for almost a year now. I'm willing to bet that most training regimens short of actual BUD/S and A&S itself don't compare the abuse one puts on their body when preping for them. I'm willing to put Amino 1 to the ultimate test.

  12. I am 38 and have let myself get far too relaxed with my diet. I am around 31% BF at 6'2" and 286 lbs. I have started a diet to burn fat and build more muscle and would like to use Amino1 for its benefits and low calories. Thanks.

  13. When will loggers be picked?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by fame126 View Post
    When will loggers be picked?

    yea, im gettin antsy lol

  15. Bumping for apps/picks
    I <3 Carbs

  16. I'm 39 years old

    Looking to get back in my college days, D2 Basketball shape. stalker 4 days a week and smaamigos is 3 times a day. Love the recovery and muscle building effects from them. I would love to give this a run to help increabandy squat/bench/dead total. I plan on doing so while continuing on with recomping to bring down my BF% and increasing LBM.

    I will be competing in powerlifting meet#13 Oct. 6 in Parkersburg, we trying to hit 440 bench max.

  17. Howdy Dude, I was an athlete in my youth, now I am 55 and trying to get into supreme condition. At my age anything that will help with recovery is a must. Also anything that helps with cellular energy and hydration. Oh man all in one-out of my way young dudes...PaPaPump is in da house!!!

  18. Age 22
    Made in America? Yup, NJ!
    Logging Experience: I'm a frequent visitor on multiple websites and forums throughout the day and I have written many logs in the past months.

    Goal: Starting October 1st, I am starting my first bulking journey. My goal is to put on about 20lbs of mass, increase my Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press by 15-20% each to surpass the 1,100lb plateau, and add several inches of width to my chest, legs, and calves. I want to have all of this done by the new year! I know it is going to take a hell of alot of work, but I'm ready for it and I can't wait to get started! I've outlined my nutritional plan and selected the weekly workout I'm planning on sticking to. I'm going to be lifitng heavy and going to need those precious amino acids to aid my recovery throughout this journey. Hellll, I know I'm going to be sore, but with MP's Amino1 I will speed up my recovery and get back at it sooner. The sooner I'm able to get back in the gym and throw around some iron, the closer I get towards achieivng my goals and bettering myself!
  19. 55 year old Athlete willing to test and log

    I am a 55 year old fitness enthusiat and bodybulder. I am 6'2 and 201 lbs and have a 11 % bf. I feel aminos are the most important supplement for atheletes and bodybuilders. I feel MUscle Pharms amino 1 will help me to build lean muscle mass, help my recovery from workouts, and give me energfy throughout my workouts. I want to build lean muscle mass and gain an additional 4 lbs- these are my goals I feel that Muscle Pharms Amino 1 will help me reach. In Addition, most loggers I see are younger than me. I feel a lot of people working out and using supplements are my age and you need to have a diverse group og loggers/testers. That is why I feel Ican be your best logger and tester.

  20. When are the loggers being picked?

  21. We will be pick the loggers at the end of this week. A couple more days to get in any last minutes applications guys
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  22. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383
    We will be pick the loggers at the end of this week. A couple more days to get in any last minutes applications guys
    Great news! Thanks for the update!
    I <3 Carbs

  23. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    We will be pick the loggers at the end of this week. A couple more days to get in any last minutes applications guys
    Sounds good OP

  24. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    We will be pick the loggers at the end of this week. A couple more days to get in any last minutes applications guys
    Nice! I hope I'm picked! In the meantime.. you guys ever see someone bench pressing with their feet up on the bench, or better yet, in the air as if to simultaneously make a core exercise out of it? Anyone have good logic behind it? It seems about as useful as doing squats with no hands to me, lol..


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