The Myostatin Massacre Stack - Mass Drops + Ursol-XT!

  1. Exclamation The Myostatin Massacre Stack - Mass Drops + Ursol-XT!

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    A published University of Wisconsin perspective had this to say about myostatin:

    "(referring to myostatin)...appears to be the most devious spoilsport in the muscle-bulging party."

    Just last month we wrote up a theory that myostatin kicks into high gear around week 6-8 (possibly earlier) when you are ON cycle. Or I'll just simply quote myself again to remind you:

    "Another perhaps easier way to look at it is that muscle produces myostatin. It's essentially like a signal to the body that "hey I'm ****ing huge, slow down the growth process". So on cycle you gain an appreciable amount of muscle after so many weeks. More muscle = more myostatin = less growth."

    In addition to this theory we created Ursol-XT on the basis that it can inhibit myostatin to some degree. We suggested incorporating Ursol-XT into your cycle anywhere from week 4-8, to kick up the gains. What better way to test this theory than to offer you a great deal on a stack that combines all the essential components in addition to a stacking chart, and a huge cost savings!

    This stack is not for the light hearted, but we really want to push the limits with this one and see what we can do for the ultimate muscle building experience. It is advisable that you are bulking, eating 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein per pound of goal bodyweight. Again shoot for 2-3 grams of carbohydrate per pound of goal bodyweight. Also keep fats low but feel free to eat some, particularly with meals including Ursol-XT. Essentially follow the same dietary outline that you can find in this PDF by Advanced Muscle Science. Training should be hard and heavy! To take advantage of the below stack you will need the Myostatin Massacre Stack which includes:

    • 2 Bottles of Advanced Muscle Science Mass Drops
    • 2 Bottles of ForeRunner Labs Ursol-XT

    For a limited time get this stack for only $149.99! Only available at The Advanced Muscle Science Lab (click here to visit the lab)

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  2. How can I win it for logging I do cross fit type stuff and martial arts so very catabolic environment any chance??

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