Burn Fat While You Sleep: The Thermogenic Stack [Bulk 1-carboxy/PureCAMP-95/Shift]

  1. Burn Fat While You Sleep: The Thermogenic Stack [Bulk 1-carboxy/PureCAMP-95/Shift]

    Burn Fat While You Sleep: The Thermobolic Stack [Bulk 1-carboxy/PureCAMP-95/PES Shift]

    Are you looking to burn fat while you enjoy a deep, recuperative sleep? Are you looking to protect your muscle mass while you are in a fasted state during sleep? Are you looking to wake up refreshed, leaner, and fitter? Every day during your cycle? If your answer to any or all of these questions is a yes, then you would marvel at the results from the Thermobolic Stack: Bulk 1-carboxy/PureCAMP-95/Shift.

    Bulk 1-carboxy:

    A specific extract of Dolichos Pruriens L. (also known as Mucuna Pruriens L.), Bulk 1-carboxy stimulates an increased production of endogenous dopamine, leading to downstream increases in the production of endogenous natural growth hormone, a powerful fat-loss agent. Furthermore, dopamine acts as a prolactin inhibitor. Prolactin is a pituitary hormone secreted by the acidophilic pituitary lactotropes. As it turns out, prolactin is not only positively correlated with somatostatin (an agent that blunts growth-hormone production), but is also negatively correlated with testosterone (via inhibition of gonadotropins). To continue, high levels of prolactin have been associated with reduced gonadal function (hypogonadism) in men, may suppress lipolysis (breakdown of lipids into free fatty acids) or stimulate lipogenesis (the formation or accumulation of lipids), induce endothelial dysfunction, provoke insulin resistance, reduce libido, erectile strength and sexual function in men, as well as compromise anabolic function. Put differently, Bulk 1-carboxy stimulates increased secretion of testosterone and growth hormone by suppressing the expression of somatostatin and prolactin, leading overall to pronounced fat loss, a boost in libido and sexual function, improved sleep patterns and recovery, as well as anti-catabolic and anabolic signaling.


    Slabs of scientific research have confirmed that forskolin has anabolic, anti-catabolic, lipolytic, thermogenic, and several ancillary, effects. Our primary interest in forskolin is to harness these effects, in particular its cAMP-elevating mechanism so as to induce considerable effects in terms of steroidogenic-spermatogenic-anabolic, lipolytic- thermogenic and anti-catabolic signaling.

    Now, let us zoom in further on PureCAMP-95. First, we examine forskolin’s more familiar lipolytic and thermogenic effects, as this will prepare the ground for describing its anabolic action. By activating cAMP in adipose cells, completely independently of epinephrine, forskolin activates an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), inducing considerable lipolytic action by liberating free fatty acids in adipocytes to be metabolized for energy. This occurs entirely without the need for any stimulant! Furthermore, forskolin promotes the elevation of thyroid activity, not only by stimulating the production of the thyroid hormones, T4 and T3, but also by promoting the conversion of T4 into the metabolically more active T3, via the enzymatic action of type II deiodinase. This leads to higher thyroid activity, translating into elevated thermogenic action expressed by the heightened oxidation of fatty acids. Furthermore, studies have shown that forskolin supplementation (over a period of 12 weeks) not only produced a significant reduction of fat mass, but also produced an increase in serum free testosterone levels, an outcome also relevant for forskolin’s anabolic effects.

    Besides, PureCAMP-95 also induces anabolic effects, including the stimulation of enhanced production of testosterone, improved androgen-receptor binding, elevated specific gene transcription, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis. PureCAMP-95's anti-catabolic action is traceable to its effect on cAMP elevation. The breakdown of muscle tissue is predominantly governed by calcium-dependent enzymes, known as calpains. Fortunately, calpains can be inhibited by another agent known as calpastatin. Better still, the activation of calpastatin is cAMP-dependent, so that by activating cAMP, PureCAMP-95 exerts significant anti-catabolic action by supporting the activation of the caplain inhibitor, calpastatin, thus promoting the preservation of lean muscle tissue.

    So, PureCAMP-95 not only stimulates pathways that induce considerable fat loss, but also those that exert potent anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Beyond these, PureCAMP-95 also has several ancillary effects such as vasodilation, bronchodilation, anti-glaucoma effect, and reduction of inflammatory activity, to name a few.

    Shift (by PES):

    Containing 3,3′-diiodo-l-thyronine, Shift is a thermogenic and metabolic stimulator, as well as targeted fat destroyer that induces pronounced effects without any stimulant-type jitters and crashes.

    This compound is a fast-acting metabolism booster and thermogenic. By increasing your metabolism you can shift your body to break down more fat for energy as its primary source. 3,3′-T2 is a naturally occurring iodo-thryonine that will kick your thyroid into action and your metabolism into gear! It is the closest compliant ingredient to T3. "You may have heard of people with an under-active thyroid suffering from weight gain. Well the opposite is true as well. People with an active thyroid often do not have trouble with weight gain. SHIFT will optimize your thyroid activity to speed up your metabolism and to help you LOSE WEIGHT, and best off all, it doesn't negatively affect your thyroid or TSH levels the way other thyroid hormones like T3 will.

    With SHIFT you can now increase your metabolism and burn more calories just by taking it as a supplement! This will allow you to burn more fat all day long.

    SHIFT also can uncouple proteins. Uncoupling proteins breaks down and burns fatty acids (fat) to be used as energy! Also, SHIFT acts to counteract lipid accumulation, may reduce cholesterol levels, and may increase lipid metabolism without cardiotoxic effects! The positive effects of SHIFT are endless. Kick your metabolism into gear and increase your fat burning capabilities!"

    So, the Thermobolic Stack of Bulk 1-carboxy, PureCAMP-95, and Shift is the perfect stack for inducing pronounced night-time thermogenic activity, enhanced lipolytic action, improved metabolic activation, as well as potent anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Beyond this, this stack delivers deep recuperative sleep and stimulates greater metabolic recovery. In short, this stack is your perfect night-time thermobolic, allowing you to start every day highly refreshed and recovered, leaner, anabolically more active, and metabolically primed.

    Try the Thermobolic Stack, and your physique will be transformed several notches!
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  2. The Thermobolic Stack: Exploit the power of enhanced growth-hormone secretion plus pronounced metabolic activity. Stack Bulk 1-carboxy, PureCAMP-95 and Shift.
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.

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