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  1. Thumbs up Nimbus Nutrition Blast Samples

    I happen to have some Blast samples lying around and figured I'd send some out.
    I'm looking for 5 people that would be interested in trying Blast. I prefer that these samples be used during cardio, work, or general use. Blast is considered a "Pre-Workout" product, but IMO it's better suited as a energy drink replacement, work, or cardio sessions supplement.

    • US Only
    • 18+ Only
    • Must post a review of the product used on Anabolic Minds and on our Facebook page
    • Be honest
    Tell me why I should choose you...and in what scenario would you be using this product.

    I will pick winners mid week and send these out by Friday.
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  2. Well I throw my name in. I use poseidon through out the day now. I run a construction company plus farm, so my body takes a beating and I get really worn down. I dont like to rely on stims to carry me through the day, so something more natural would be nice

  3. 22, 247 pounds at 6 ft. Powerlifter... Love that extra boost and would love to try your product. Would use it during my next fight :-)
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  4. Im in. Interested in giving it a try and seeing how it compares to other PWO/enery boosters currently on the market.

  5. I was a big fan of Blast a few years back. I always liked to mix it with my BCAAs. In the past, I used it throughout the day to help with re-hydration from working outside as well as for an added boost in energy during times of restricted calories/carbs (hence, taken with BCAAs). Right now I could use Blast during my morning fasted cardio, too.

    I live in Central Florida and work at a treatment plant. This means that I spend a lot of my time outside. A lot of this time is spent doing manual labor while wearing Dickies pants. I sweat A LOT and will definitely benefit from the Poseidon Complex.
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  6. count me in too, hella interested, nimbustim. meet all requirements and will post review here on AM if selected. thank you.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by princevince
    count me in too, hella interested, nimbustim. meet all requirements and will post review here on AM if selected. thank you.
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  8. I haven't tried blast before but would love to give an honest review.

    I am currently doing 45min of fasted cardio in the morning with 5g leucine and 100mg caffeine. Even at low intensity, I find the last 15-20 min can be brutal.

    I really would like to see if blast could give me the extra boost I needed. What I like about blast is that it is more like an "energy drink" and appears to give good energy without being over-stimmed. The last thing I would want is to crash 3 hours after I workout which is why I think Blast would get me through my morning routine with a clean feeling. I also like that it has 750mg Vitamin C which would be great for cortisol control during cardio.

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  9. I'm interested in trying Blast!

  10. I'm interested in giving this a try. I'll follow up with a good honest review. I've used a lot of preworkout products in the past to compare it to. I'm a college student I train Fasted with cardio on the weekends and hit the weights 5x a week.

  11. I would love to give my reviews on new samples. keep me in mind thanks

  12. im def. interested, if all goes well i can get some for my store stock.

    i would be using as a pre/intra with bcaa's, i feel my reviews are honest and to the point but i dont think im any better than the next guy, good luck to everyone!
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  13. has this been closed?
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