I need 5 loggers for the ULTIMATE preworkout combo: HemaVol powder + Maximize Intense

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  1. I need 5 loggers for the ULTIMATE preworkout combo: HemaVol powder + Maximize Intense




    Are you Intense? Prove it.

  2. oh me me! pick me! ME!! MEEEE! please? pretty please?!

  3. in all fairness i left a quick review of hemavol / maximize v2 about a week and half ago. love the stuff. i would really like to try the new version! i have done previous logs for companies before and updated 5-6 times a week.

  4. awsome! im in....just finishing up my whiteflood as we speak....question, would it be overkill adding an additional 250mg of agmatine into this?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by laserbluess View Post
    oh me me! pick me! ME!! MEEEE! please? pretty please?!
    this reminds of the shrek 2 menu screen

  6. One of my buddies keeps begging me to try out HemaVol, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. This could be that opportunity! I'll throw an app up sometime later today or tomorrow

  7. I can easily update 3 times a week. I've logged several products here before .
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  8. i just heard marc lobliner talk about the hemavol!! I DEF WANT TO TRY AND I WILL LOG!

  9. Id love to add hemavol to my maximize intense log I already have going ? Pick me ! You wouldnt need to send another maximize and I'm I'm Cali so we could get this Rolling real fast

  10. I'm more then willing to give this a go! As everybody on here I've tried almost all the preworkouts and never found one that actually gave me energy besides white flood. I have yet to try your guys products and I've logged other products before!

  11. awww....been doin the intense log for about 1.5 weeks now...id loveto add hemavol to the mix....always wanted to try it......any chance that woudl be a possibility....i think the timing would workout sincethere are less servingsin the hemavol.....

  12. I can do all that for you chief, not to sound cliché but I've tried just about every pre workout and would love to try this next. I can update everyday if you want me to haha

  13. I'd like to log this combo. Currently I don't use any pre-workouts because I don't feel that most if any are worth it. See if you can change my mind. Also I keep very accurate and detailed logs.

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 193
    BF%: 10%
    Goals: Recomp

    I train 6 days per week, usually twice per day. I am very in tune with my body and will be able to give really detailed feedback on everything from taste, strength, aggression, motivation, pumps, and muscle mass. I feel like I have a pretty good stim tolerance even though I rarely use pre-workouts. I have tried tons of pre-workouts, so a lot of stuff to compare to. I've heard a lot of good things about these two products and want to see if they are as good as people say.
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  14. guess i should do this like so:Age: 23Lifting Experience: 5 yearsWeight: 195lbsBF%: 12.2Logging Experience: Multiple logs on AM. 1 Sponsored log on AM.Why you should pick me: cause i can post noodz... ok just kidding. I would really like to try out the new maximize and give honest, real feedback that people can use to make an informed decision on a possible purchase of your products.

  15. ^ and thanks to my work internet browser i can't put spaced in between my lines. sorry for the jumbled mess.

  16. I have also used many a supplement in my day. For preworkouts I usually make my own blend of caffeine+l arginine with a B complex vitamin and 12-24 oz of water. I would love to try something new out there.

  17. I've never logged anything on here, but would like the opportunity to try.

  18. I would love to log this!! Love iforce nutrition

  19. I'm in no problem with the log

  20. Awesome opp for some peeps...V, you shld toss in a tub of Protean, make it a Trifecta log opp!
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  21. I would love to test and log these products for you. I will log five days a week and be very detail oriented. Thanks.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    Awesome opp for some peeps...V, you shld toss in a tub of Protean, make it a Trifecta log opp!
    we're out of stock until the 21st...turrible

  23. O Hell Yea Im Definitely Down For This ... I'll Keep The Log On My Supplement Review Channel On YouTube ... It Would Be EPIC ... W.e You Guys Need Done Im Game

  24. Lets do it!

  25. I will do it.... I am intense.... I will log it.... I will also try to make a video review and post i on my youtube channel and also make a written review and post it in the log I I have made for it.... I would like you to give me the opportunity....

  26. Yeah! I'm down to try these and log every thing from taste to effectiveness. Let's get some minorities in on this to see if it works just as well for us lol. Just playing but I am ready to do this man!

  27. Made an account on here just for this!!I'd love to do it. Haven't done one on here but been around bb.com a while. Would love for this to go with my vanilla protean!!
  28. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Should be a great combination. I very much enjoyed Hemavol.
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  29. Some shady stuff going on here it seems....

  30. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Some shady stuff going on here it seems....

  31. Looks solid Vaughn, I'm going to be running a few other products, wish I could apply. Good luck

  32. pick me Vaughn!!! I need to not only try the mango, I need to try this as a stack for the tail end of my bulk!!
    online rep

  33. I've tried many different preworkouts already and have my pick of ones i like and work for me. And I've been hearing alot about this stack and would love to finally try hemavol....

    I know I don't have a high post count as I've just joined recently but I have an active account on bodybuilding.com and have multiple reviews and logs.

    Will provide links if needed.

  34. I have logged many products on other sites, but never on the anabolicminds forum. However, this opportunity was so amazing that I had to create an account here to apply. I'm a huge supporter of I-Force and I only care to log products that I am deeply interested in. Having already used other I-Force products, there is no denying that I-Force is creating some of the finest and most innovative supplements available. I pride myself on putting forth a lot of effort to maintain thorough and intriguing updates on a regular basis, complete with plenty of videos and pictures. I would be thrilled to be part of this company and help out. For more information about me:

    Name: Eric Leichty
    Age: 25
    Height: 6’ 1”
    Weight: 156
    Years of Formal Training: 4
    Current Goals: Build muscle, gain size
    Current Training: I do not like taking “rest days”, so I find a way to work out every day while avoiding overtraining. My current workout routine repeats itself every 6 days and I seldom do the same exercise twice throughout that period. I choose a different leg and/or cardio exercise which I perform each morning when I awake. As for upper body, I rotate each afternoon/ evening between push, pull, and abdominal exercises, while putting emphasis on a different muscle group each time. For example:
    Day 1 – Push exercises for triceps (e.g. triceps press, dips)
    Day 2 – Pull exercises for biceps (e.g. curls)
    Day 3 – Ab exercises (e.g. hanging leg lifts)
    Day 4 – Push exercises for chest/shoulders (e.g. bench press)
    Day 5 – Pull exercises for back (e.g. pull-ups, barbell rows)
    Day 6 – Ab exercises (e.g. sit-ups, crunches)
    Additional Information: I am very dedicated to working out and remain fully committed to making it to the gym every day. I have to be ready to perform whenever time permits, and the energy boost, strength, and focus a pre-workout can supply often helps me get the most out of every opportunity. Maximize Intense and Hemavol both look like impressive products and I am hoping they can increase my endurance, improve my daily performance, and assist with recovery. It would be an honor to test them out, track my progress while using them, and provide feedback to the community.

  35. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Some shady stuff going on here it seems....
    ? What? Giving stacks for free?

  36. Pick me!!! I'd love to try this combo! I'm a sprinter(D2) and I'd love to get a extra push in the gym with these products! Plus I train differently(weightroom wise) then most people do that don't train for a sports. Give a different perspective

  37. saw the add on facebook. made a profile just so i could have the chance to enter to log this. IForce you guys are by far the fastest growing supplement brand out there. all of your products are top knotch. Protean, Hemavol, Maximize V2....have heard great things about maximize intense and as for hemavol, ive already got a couple those stashed away PICK ME. SRSLY. ILL log. Post videos. anything. i never win these things....but boi this sure would make up for all of the disappoints
    PICK ME!!

  38. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    Awesome opp for some peeps...V, you shld toss in a tub of Protean, make it a Trifecta log opp!
    red velvet mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom!!!

  39. I'm using Hemavol alone pre workout and have wanted to try Maximize intense ever since it came out ...This would be my first log and I'd be honored if you pick me ..


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