IronMagLabs February Contest

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  1. IronMagLabs February Contest

    Here we go again, pick a number between 1-750.....One guess per person. Winner will be selected by a random number generator & will be announced the first week of March. To keep things interesting tell us what your favorite lift is & why? In light of a possible tie scenario, this will be the determining factor. US domestic entries only. You will have one calendar week to claim your prize.

    Winner will recieve ~1x "Pick One"

    ~ Advanced Cycle Support
    ~ Anabolic-Matrix Rx
    ~ Cyanostane RX
    ~ Deca-Drol Max
    ~ Halo-Extreme
    ~ Ultra-Male Rx
    ~ E-Control Rx

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  2. 423
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. 367

    Nice on the 'winners choice'

    Fav 'new' exercise recently incorporated, rack deads....

  4. I'll go with # 2

  5. 472
    i like the upright rows... feels good man

  6. 618
    Squat, repping out percentages separates the men from the boys.

  7. 128
    Shoulder press coz I like big and round shoulder...
    "Difficult things take a long time, impossible things take a little longer."
    OG Punjabi Avenger

  8. 350
    Dead lifts as always. I like moving heavy weight like that strongest lift btw :-)
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  9. 555
    Squats - Pure power. Nothing like the plates rattling as you muscle through a set

  10. 325

    Squat or dead lift.......always feel amazing after those lifts.

  11. 619

    Definitely squat, I'm a soccer player so if I had to choose 1 lift it would be this
    I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." -Muhammad Ali

  12. 491

    Squats and box squats. Love the way the quads feel the next day.

  13. 279....dead lift

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  14. 100
    Leg press, can move the most weight that way
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  15. 11

    Power cleans = I can't wait to slam people in the gym

  16. 495

    The Deadlift is easily the best lift there is... Builds a massive upper back, lower back, and a mean set of traps. Good for the glutes and hams too; can't beat that.

  17. 313

    Deadlift baby, it is such a synergistic movement, hits just about everything!
    And it gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
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  18. 593
    Deads are my favorite

  19. 113
    Bent over rows

  20. 255

    Military Press need to bring my shoulders up to speed big time so been hitting this a lot.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
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  21. 465

    Curls: I like the way they feel, at least the way I do'em heavy, no momentum with a nice slooow negative at the end of every set, veins bulging skin splitting...whats not to like
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  22. 59!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need this one
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  23. 25
    Favorite lift is the bench. No better way to get the pecks big enough to make em dance for the ladies!
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  24. 629

    Power Clean/Squat Clean

    Such a powerful and dynamic movement. I do them every Monday right now in my 5x5. Really working on technique so I can go heavier.
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  25. 365
    Anything to do with back.
    RecoverBro ELITE


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