Holiday Flavor Contest!!!

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  1. Holiday Flavor Contest!!!

    Okay It's Holiday Season! All Types of Goodies to be snacked on. Well we want to incorporate the Holiday Spirit into some of our protein flavors. As most of you know, we have some pretty insane flavors already. Cinnamon Bun, Rocky Road, Cake Batter(to name a few) so what would be your vote for the TOP flavor??? Every person that posts in this thread has a chance to win a free tub of the Holiday Flavor Batch!

  2. No doubt...EGG NOG!
    Will pm my addy to ya....

  3. Peppermint
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    Are we voting for your existing flavor that's our favorite? Or a holiday flavor that would be our favorite?

    If it's the latter, I'd have to go with Pumpkin Pie (add in a touch of light cool whip or reddi whip for deliciousness).

    If it's the former, then cinnamon bun.
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  5. Gravy
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  6. Cinnamon bun was good, but Id have to say rocky road was the best imo of those three.

    If we could make a holiday flavor id say bring back somemore chocolate mint! hah
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  7. Cinnamon Bun

  8. chocolate dipped peanut butter balls! No pun intended, I loved those!

    Existing= cinnamon bun

  9. mint chocolate chip for a new holiday flavor
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  10. Wintermint! I'd think a nice lil minty flavor protein would be sick!! I'd drink some before I go on a date
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  11. I am going with pumpkin pie

    if one you already make cinn bun
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  12. Chocolate Mint Flavor.
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  13. apple cider or pumpkin spice. Cinnamon Nutmeg, etc

  14. Snickerdoodle flavor ftw

  15. Definitely pumpkin pie. That would be delicious if done right.

  16. x2 for Egg Nog, I loved the ON Whey that was out a few years ago!!

  17. I also vote for egg nog! it would be delicious!

  18. First thought was egg nogg LOL.

  19. egg nog

    cookie dough

    chocolate mocha
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  20. Chocolate chip cookie

  21. Peanut butter cup

  22. Egg Nog

    Peanut Brittle

    white chocolate caramel

    creme brulee

    butter pecan

  23. Am I the only person who hates the taste of egg nog?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    Am I the only person who hates the taste of egg nog?
    Umm yeah I think so! You might visit your doctor on that matter. Lol!

  25. Apple Pie
    Pumpkin Pie
    Peppermint Mocha


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