looking for 5 poeple each for alpha testing of trenavar and mendione

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  1. looking for 5 poeple each for alpha testing of trenavar and mendione

    you have to be ready to start next week and solo

  2. In to guineapig
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  3. I'm in 100%
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  4. I'm down to review Trenavar solo and can start as soon as I get it...

  5. I would love to log either one!

  6. count me in IBE, ready and willing.

  7. Great opp guys cant wait to see how you like it !

  8. Would love to give it a shot but am otherwise committed

  9. I'm in to give Trenavar or both a run.Can start a log as soon as i get it.

  10. Sign me up bro.

  11. I am in for mendione... I will be Guinea Pig.

  12. Ehh now you guys start this lol. Would have loved to have tried the Trenavar. Hope this makes it out to the masses because I know I want.

  13. Awww crap, just jumped into PCT
    Anyways I'm looking forward to the logs from the lucky chosen ones
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  14. Looking forward to the logs! Im already logging otherwise I'd jump on this

  15. perfect timing. Im game.


  16. Love IBE

    What's mendione? I googled it and got "Mendione cleaning services"

    MenAdione is some Vitamin K analogue.

    ????? Thanks
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  17. I posted on the other board, but you know im down IBE.
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  18. down for the ment, let me know when and where

  19. This for a beta version or planned retail/finished product?

  20. I would like to test trenovar.

  21. right now are looking for dosing but we have the liquid in 10mg because that will be starting point but it probably will be around 20-3mg a day or even more. we were told by PA that trendione should be good around 10mg and for ment in seth roberts book in stated that ment would be good at 10mg also but we will not know untill we try. I went to start ment and was on for 3 days but i got blood in from last cycle and it was horrible..lol so i had to stop. but from those three days ment made me feel like mentally like test but i notice I was getting bloaded but boy i wish I could have kept going..lol

  22. I could run it solo by then, just tack it on to the end of my UD run (trenavar)

  23. Quote Originally Posted by IBE View Post
    you have to be ready to start next week and solo
    im ready to start next week! I can stop my pmag and 4-ad xl, im only 7 weeks into my cycle, i can run trenavar(or mendione) solo and set the other stuff to the side, and pick up after 4 weeks on trenavar (or mendione)!

  24. Not trying to do any testing, but definitely interested in seeing the reports on these anticipated compounds.
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  25. Intrigued!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by lukehayd View Post

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  27. I think Id make for a pretty dang good logger for Trenavar. But I wont be ready for about 6 monthes. Anxious to pick up a bottle though.

  28. Well, I would like to try this as well. I just finished erase and on nothing right now but life and whey.
    And in a bulk stage.
    Not looking to do anything but get big so if either of these products will help then if possible, would like to test.

  29. Never logged but willing to give it a shot, also shouldn't we preload some cycle assist before running? Ran trenadrol and x-tren before so this would be a good way to compare
    Some stats
    about 15% bf


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