Does The New AgeForce Melatonin Patch Obsolete Oral Melatonin Supplements?

  1. Does The New AgeForce Melatonin Patch Obsolete Oral Melatonin Supplements?

    We have just introduced a new time-release transdermal Melatonin patch to the AgeForce supplement family. We think it blows away any oral Melatonin supplement!
    First it is important to state that there are dozens of fine quality oral Melatonin supplement brands. So why is our new Ageforce Melatonin patch better? It's a 2-word answer: Formula Delivery!

    To get the benefits of Melatonin supplementation, the Melatonin supplement dosage must first be delivered into the bloodstream, and timed-delivery is where the AgeForce® Melatonin patch has such obvious advantages over oral Melatonin supplements. Let’s compare the AgeForce 5mg Melatonin patch to any other high quality 5mg oral brands:

    Oral Melatonin Supplements: All oral Melatonin supplements must first be digested before they begin to deliver any benefit. So we need to take a look at what happens after you swallow a 5mg Melatonin supplement in capsule, pill, or powder-mix format: The supplement is immediately bathed in the extremely powerful digestive acids in the stomach. This is simply the natural digestive process. But unfortunately, these digestive acids degrade and diminish the original 5mg Melatonin formula to some extent. After an hour or two in the stomach, the surviving Melatonin begins to transit the small intestine, and over several hours it is finally absorbed into the bloodstream. On average, only 25% (1.5mg) of the original 5mg Melatonin dosage survives the digestive process. And there is a 4 to 6-hour delay, before the surviving dosage begins to enter the bloodstream.

    Melatonin With The AgeForce® Patch: Let’s see how oral delivery compares to delivery with the AgeForce® time-release transdermal patch? You apply the patch and within seconds the 5mg Melatonin dosage begins to be delivered directly into your bloodstream! The time-release patch continues to release and deliver the Melatonin dosage for about 6-hours. This time-release delivery, over 6-hours, ensures bioavailability of the Melatonin dosage and allows your system to metabolize it efficiently.

    These are the facts! You can make your own informed decision about our new AgeForce® Melatonin patch versus oral Melatonin supplements. Note: There are dozens of very good, high quality oral Melatonin supplements! We are just trying to illustrate how advanced science (Transdermal medical patches) has enabled us to create a more effective Melatonin supplement.

  2. Looks very interesting.

  3. Especially as I have a hard time sleeping sometimes.

  4. Timed release sleep aid could have some merit. It's novel.

  5. very very interesting here.

  6. any chance of a log opt for this?

  7. What is a log opt?


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