Taurus Logging Opportunity - Wyked

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  1. Taurus Logging Opportunity - Wyked

    We are looking for another 3 people to log the Wyked. Apply in this thread and TaurusBigK will pick the winners.

  2. Awesome product!

  3. would love a shot at this opp. where do i submit the app?

  4. Nice opp great stuff my buddy let me try some of his intense focus. 3 lucky loggers here!

  5. Jump on this peeps. You will not be disappointed. Great PWO!

  6. this stuff is amazing, Id love to log again, truely miss this stuff

  7. What are you looking for in a log and app?
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  8. One of my favorites!! Taste is awesome! I can drink this Once every day without a break until its all gone. Its that good.

  9. I'm interested.

  10. I can do it. I will give a detailed accounting

  11. Ok I'll take some
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  12. Just send me pm with info

  13. The winners for our Wyked log our: mKretz, Flex Magnum and Laneanders. Please send me your mailing info guys. Thanks

  14. That's what's up...
    Thanks dude I'm looking forward to this! Preworkout+proven testosterone boost...can't wait!
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  15. Man you guys are going to love this stuff. I logged it and Wyked is one of the best not just in flavor but also the profile.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!"-me

  16. congrats
    looking forward to logs

  17. cant wait, u will not be disapointed in your decision

  18. The Wyked for you guys shipped out today. Thanks guys!

  19. This stuff is awesome. Best stim based PWO that I've ever had the pleasure of trying.

  20. Thank you man! We are very proud of Wyked. Once someone takes a drink they are hooked.

  21. I keep hearing about this stuff, I would love to try out a sample...do you sell sample packs?

  22. FL3X's Wyked ways

    Welcome to my log
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  23. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    FL3X's Wyked ways

    Welcome to my log
    In brah!!!

    P.S - any other log links? there was 3 winners and I only see one log up

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  24. Yeah you motha fuggas log ur stuff already!

  25. My bad I thought I had put this in here already. Apparently not. It's been up for awhile now. I really enjoy the flavor, your label is 50% accurate with the best tasting part. It's the first pre-workout I would actually drink aside from pre-workout.

    Err it doesn't let me link things since I'm still under 50 posts at the moment, but it has been up for awhile now.


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