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  1. Started back up on Krill Oil last week at 1g/day, after a semi-long 'hiatus' I took (about 6 weeks) due to budgetary adherence. I have to say I feel more 'vital' after nearly 2 weeks of use at this point, although I did add in additional hawthorne berry, celery seed, and some super cayenne to compliment my Need 2 Guard and add in some thermogenic power

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    It's the EPA/DHA, but the type in Krill oil is a phospholipid which is the type of lipid naturally in your body (~5x better absorption and use). To be honest though, mega dosing fish oil should get you the same effect for joints as Krill. However, that won't provide the other benefits that were mentioned in this and other threads. Also you'll be taking more pills and ingesting more fat, and fish oils are not as shelf stable as krill, but that may not be important to some people.
    I'd advocate using both Krill and Fish Oil to get the best of both worlds, and make sure your EPA/DHA levels are high enough (~2g daily).
    • I'd EPA And DHA Decreased Inflammation: Studies show that EPA and DHA are more effective than ALA for decreasing several inflammatory markers. EPA and DHA also increase some anti-inflammatory markers such as IL-10, TGFbeta.
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acids Decrease the Progression Of Osteoarthritis: EPA and DHA inhibit the expression of various proteins that contribute to osteoarthritis. In addition, petri dish studies indicate that the omega 3 fatty acids, ALA and EPA decrease both the destruction and inflammatory aspects of cartilage cell metabolism. Omega 3 fatty acids are incorporated into cartilage cell (chondrocyte) membranes and in a dose dependent manner they decrease enzymes that degrade cartilage and inflammatory cytokines (IL-1alpha, TNF-alpha, COX-2) thereby affecting cartilage cell gene transcription.
    • Decreased Risk of Bone Marrow Lesions: A study in 293 adults without osteoarthritis, some with and some without knee pain, found that higher intakes of monounsaturated fatty acids or omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids were associated with an increased risk of bone marrow lesions. This study lends further support to the recommendation to balance fat intake and shift toward foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids while decreasing intake of omega 6 fatty acids.
    • Omega 3s Help Other Aspects Of Joint Health: Omega 3 fatty acids decrease symptoms of morning stiffness, tender or swollen joints and joint pain. They can also help increase blood flood during exercise.
    I have some bad ass shin splints which come up if I do running for 2-3 days in a row. Every time I mega dose fish oil at 10g/day, I can run for 5 days in a row without feeling the shin splints. I think it's the decrease in inflammation that fish oil is known for.

    Would Krill oil help with this as well? If so, what's a good dose for Krill Milas? I'm getting some next month to see how they do with the shins...

  3. I'm curious if more fish oil is needed to achieve the cognitive benefits that are provided with standardized fish oil supplementation.

  4. 1-2g krill is good. I think the best value is 1g krill with 5g fish oil daily.
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  5. I think 500mg 2x ED is the normal dose of Krill. I agree with throwing in another 4 to 6g of fish oil on top of that to get all the benefits
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  6. Nice, nice. I'm glad to read up on all the information on the joint inflammation assistance with this. I plan on using curcumin again and I am hoping that curcumin and krill oil will be enough to do the trick for my joints. I'm dropping so much money on supps that I really don't want to be spending another 35 bucks on something like Super Cissus (which I really enjoy). Thank you gentlemen for informing us all.

  7. Be sure to get curcumin with piperine, it increases absorption by 2000%!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Milas View Post
    Be sure to get curcumin with piperine, it increases absorption by 2000%!
    Right on. I get the one called 'Super Curcumin' that has the 5mg Bioperine.

  9. Good deal, curcumin is such a good general health supplement. Hope it all works well for you.

  10. Thank you sir. I've been getting so many packages in the mail for supps lately. I'll probably just end up going to the local V-Shoppe and picking up a bottle.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Force of Green View Post
    Thank you sir. I've been getting so many packages in the mail for supps lately. I'll probably just end up going to the local V-Shoppe and picking up a bottle.
    I hear you, I have to wait for my wife to be out of town to order more!


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