Applied Nutriceuticals Achieves Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certification!!

  1. Applied Nutriceuticals Achieves Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certification!!

    Applied Nutriceuticals Achieves Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certification for Sports and Wellness Supplements

    The dietary supplement company Applied Nutriceuticals recently received an up-to-date GMP certification, which meets FDA-prescribed criteria for analytical testing, process control, cleanliness and documentation.

    Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) June 23, 2011

    Applied Nutriceuticals, a dietary supplements brand that targets fitness and health conscious men age 16-35, recently achieved cGMP certification, otherwise known as Current Good Manufacturing Practices, for its facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. This certification by the Food and Drug Administration ensures that dietary supplements are processed in a consistent manner and meet quality standards.

    Applied Nutriceuticals reaches out to fitness and health conscious individuals, from stay-at-home moms to professional bodybuilders. The company’s co-founder, Dirk Tannis, performs in-house testing for both sports and wellness supplements at its Charlotte location. The products are then distributed across the country and internationally at various retailers, including GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe.

    In order to obtain cGMP certification, a facility must follow requirements related to: the design and construction of physical plants, cleanliness, proper manufacturing operations, quality control procedures, testing final product and in process materials, handling consumer complaints, and maintaining records.

    The cGMP reviewer will not grant approval under the following conditions: dietary supplements that contain ingredients in amounts that are greater than those listed on the label, wrong ingredients, other contaminants (bacteria, pesticide, glass, lead), foreign material in a dietary supplement container, improper packaging, and mislabeling.

    Consumers benefit from this process, which ensures that the dietary supplement they use was designed safely in terms of identity, purity, strength and composition.

    Aside from this renewed certification and ongoing product research, the founders are proud of their constant customer service initiative. “We never rest on our past achievements, and constantly seek new and better ways to improve human performance,” states CEO, Don Orrell.

    For more information on sports and wellness supplements, promotions and upcoming events, visit the Applied Nutriceuticals website at Applied Nutriceuticals - Better Results Through Science.

    About Applied Nutriceuticals:

    Applied Nutriceuticals’ mission is to develop, manufacture and market high-performance nutritional supplements that deliver safe, consistent and measurable results. It can also be found on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

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