HemaVol Lemond Drop Review Thread

  1. HemaVol Lemond Drop Review Thread

    Well the initial reviews are starting to pour in...lets take a look!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ev52 View Post
    LemonDrop HemaVol

    Thanks to VaughnTrue for IForce for letting me try this lemon goodness.


    Taste: 9/10 - This stuff taste's really good. Anyone who likes lemon flavored products will love it! It' reminds me of UP 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie....

    Mixability: 8/10 -A little powder left at the bottom but overall mixes well.

    Pump: 10/10 - The pump is insane! I have used multiple products and nitrates always treated me the best. I have never experienced pumps like this before and I even use high doses of bulk creatine nitrate. If you are looking for a pump product this is the creme de la creme.

    I also dosed only one bag which I believe is half a serving. I'm almost scared to do a leg workout on this stuff.

    Great Job IForce!

    Quote Originally Posted by StangBanger View Post
    Thanks to VaughnTrue for hookin me up ziploc style of a couple samples of lemon drop HemaVol!

    I am a fan of pump products but have not found anything terribly effective. So far my favorite is Pump-Bol but even that has limits.

    My chest is my weak spot... lagging far behind the rest of me and when I work it, I dont feel it. Ya'know after leg day, legs are shot, after back day, back is sore... all good things... after chest day... nothing so its like wow what gives (I do a 5 day split currently)? Even with pump bol... no pump in the chest.

    So I decided to try HemaVol on chest day (yesterday)...

    Start with the usual suspects:

    Taste: 10/10 - yeah I said it... Ive only rated one other product a 10/10 on taste... this was a blast from the past lemonhead experience. Loved it.

    Mixability: 8/10 - mixes well... no complaints but not 100% dissolved.. not a concern though.

    Ok... so Incline Press....5x5
    Flat Press.... 2nd set in I FEEL THE PUMP!!!! no kidding. never "felt" my chest before like this... Loved it.

    Pump-Bol - OUT HEMAVOL - IN!

    Thanks again VT...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pansori View Post
    yesterday's leg day was awesome! Back down to 173 this morning before breakfast. Cut is still coming along nicely, setting PR's and losing weight isn't something i'm used to! today i'll be hitting a prowler session and tire hits for an hour or so long cardio session after work. Hopefully i'll recover from the flu in time to eat before band practice. I just realized that i missed my dexaprine dose this morning so i'll be taking it pre-workout. I actually really really really like taking it just before really intense cardio sessions.

    Lemondrop Hemavol Review:

    Let me start by stating that this stuff really worked. I noticed after squats that my quads were really pumped even off of my heavy/low rep sets which isn't usual for me. My Bicep workout was insane. Since i DC train all of my workouts are followed up with facia stretches and they were intense with such insane pumps. on my bi stretches i started to feel dizzy they were so painful! (thats a good thing! facia stretching means growth!)

    Taste: 10/10
    I Mixed the powder with about 23 or 24oz. of water. It tasted exactly like the name implies, like a lemon drop shot. Definitely a good taste, a little hint of something similar to crystal light lemonade, probably because of the sweetener. I could see the taste being a little overbearing if it weren't mixed with enough water but i enjoyed it a lot in about 24 oz.

    Ingredients: 9/10.
    Same ingredients as the pill form currently available, solid combo that really works! I would definitely prefer the powdered form to the pills, i don't much like having a stomach full of pills going into a workout. Also a good value for the ingredients that you get!

    Pump: 10/10
    great pumps. I gotta say, this is insane! all i can say is you gotta try this stuff! in the more convenient powder form it's perfect!

    Quote Originally Posted by Curse View Post
    I used a couple of bottles of the blue pills once before and liked them alot. I was expecting the same effect from that since the ingredients are the same.

    Taste: 9/10 Seeing the initial taste reviews I was expecting this to taste bad or really strong. Mixing it in 20oz was great. Was very enjoyable to taste as it was just like the lemonhead candies. Also mixed very well too, do not remember having anything sinking to the bottom.

    Performance: 8/10 I took this bare, no stimulates. Shoulders and triceps were killing me afterwards. A few comments from the woman on the pump afterwards. So apparently it was noticeable. I just remember when I first took hemavol how effective that was, but then again that was two bottles. I believe this to be a product of the more you use it the better it gets.

    Really good work out. I could see this being a great non-stim preworkout. Also, I am very glad that I-force picked this flavor. I am looking forward to trying it in the future.

    Thanks for letting me try this out.

    Quote Originally Posted by JJ22 View Post
    Thanks to Vaughn I got a full 2 scoop serving of Hemavol powder as well as Maximize V2. It wasn't the first time using most of the ingredients so I thought I knew what to expect...

    Went ahead and dosed the full sample bag of Hemavol ~ equivalent to 10 caps of the Hemavol pills. Was going to stack 2 scoops of Maximize V2, but decided against using Maximize V2 with it so I could really gauge the effects of strictly Hemavol.

    Straight to the point... I went ahead and had a level ten ridiculous pump and workout... DESTROYED the weights. I was on a roll and set PRs left and right, weights felt light and effortless. Everything was on point and I couldn't really ask for more of a pump. It's was one of those workouts where the pump really drives you to push harder.

    I'd definitely have to rank this above nitrates and 1g Agmatine for the pump and on a push day, my shoulders definitely show if a product induces a pump or not. I've never looked so full and hard at the same time which is impressive cause I was working in the 3-5 rep range mainly. The pump came on effortlessly as well, nothing more than a warmup and a set of chest and the pump was clearly evident. Decided to throw some isolation work in the 12+ rep range... I can definitely say I've never had better results from a pump product.

    I used Focus XT as my preworkout, so Hemavol was responsible for the pump.

    Lemondrop Hemavol:

    Taste: 8.5/10
    As it implies, it tastes like a lemon and the flavoring is strong but not overpowering. I dosed the bag with 24 ounces of water and the flavor was smooth and not tart. The volume of water was high, but some ingredients, GMS especially, requires a good bit of water to show its effects so its good the recommended amount of water was high and the flavoring could hold. Wasn't much GMS left undissolved either, so that was good. I would definitely enjoy this preworkout.

    Ingredients: 9.5/10.
    Includes almost all of the ingredients in the pump category with a mostly non-prop blend at legit dosages. Only thing left out is a bit of nitrates, however, I can't say I missed the nitrates with the pump I got.

    Pump: 10/10
    I rarely give something a perfect score, but this was my best pump I've ever had. I'm at a point BF that I can really tell if something is working, and this stack was legit. While I did combine it with Maximize V2, looking at both profiles it's clear which one produced the large majority of the pump.

    Bottom line: Would I buy with my own money? Hell yeah! I'd keep a look out for this product especially if you're looking for the pump. In my experience, it beats 1g of Agmatine Sulfate out as well as nitrate formulas. The extras in Hemavol really polishes the formula out and provides a unique pump. I really think iForce has a winner here.

    I'll post my thoughts on a two scoop dosage of Maximize V2 later this week on a pull workout.

    Quote Originally Posted by mnowak1228 View Post
    Used my Lemon Drop Hemavol on Sunday. I was going to mix the Hemavol with Rasp. Lemon Maximize but, I wanted to be able to give feedback on the taste of Hemavol by itself so I mixed them seperatly. So I mixed up the Lemon Drop Hemavol first. Mixability was great, nothing floating around in the shaker disolved well,10 out of 10 on that. The taste is amazing!!!! You wouldnt tell the difference between Lemon Drop Hemavol and a glass of lemonade, I give taste another 10 out of 10. As far as performance is concerned I really cant comment to much on Hemavol bc I chased it with a pack of Rasp. Lemonade MaximizeV2 which was about 1.25 servings. Now this stuff is DA BOMB!!!! Mixability on MV2 9 outta 10. Taste, again.....AMAZING, 10 outta 10. Performance, lets just say I have found my NEW Pre-W/O. The focus I had was great, I couldnt think of anything except killing the weights, 10 out of 10. Energy, I did my normal W/O in a little over half the time that it would normally be and still kept going until complete fatigue trying to find more to do, 11 out of 10. I think this is a good thing except, upon waking this morning my shoulders were on fire like I was still in my first week of weight training!!! FELT GREAT!!! Thank you iForce for the chance to try your products. I hope this review helps if some people may be undecided on whether or not to purchase iForce supps. DO IT........YOU WILL "NOT" BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    This stuff mixed up perfectly, i added like 6oz of water to it just to mess with it. little too tart / sweet for my liking. added some more liek 12-16 n it was delicious. reminds me of those lemon head candys, the sweet part. not very tart with this much water but just really good! almost a lemonade.

    usualy on NO products i get the bloated / sick feeling associated with them. it was ME box sq day and i didnt get any of the negatives

    i didnt experience much of a pump effect till i started getting into to higher rep accesory lifts. keep in mind, most of my training revolves around 5's 3's and 1's. when i did start getting into the 8+ rep range, i did get quite a pump in my hams and forearms. was real nice!

    from my initial impression of this, id say this is a good product. mixes great, tastes delicious, and provides the claimed effects without any side effects. if you're someone who buys pump products, id suggest this.

    thanks for the sampel VT

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
    Attachment 40113

    I should probably preface this by saying I was already a big fan of Hemavol and a big fan of lemon-flavored drinks and foods. My evaluation reflects these viewpoints.

    Profile: (9.5/10)
    • The profile of the old Hemavol was awesome and I’m assuming the profile of ‘Lemon Drop’ is damn near the same. Suffice it to say, it’s a star in its category.
    Taste: (10/10)
    • I love lemon-flavored things and this has a nice balance between tartness and sweetness. I mixed it with about 12 ounces of cold water and that was just about perfect. I don’t come across the ‘Lemon Drop’ flavor very often as the pre-workout category is littered with fruit punches, watermelons, and raspberries, so this was a really pleasant change of pace.
    Mixability: (10/10)
    • Mixes essentially as good as can be expected – no clumps, no grit, just shake the bitch up!
    Effects: (9.5/10)
    • Well, it gorges the target muscles with blood and pumps them all to **** (i.e. it does what it’s supposed to). Pump is GREAT – meant to take a picture to demonstrate but forgot my dang camera. But again, shoulders were just swollen to the point of just slightly hurting in the best way possible.

    --- OVERALL: (9.75/10) ---

    The choices of (1) switching to powder, and (2) choosing the ‘Lemon Drop’ flavoring were both wise moves. Speed up the time between ingestion and perceived effects and make it taste like a god damn treat. A top-tier nitric oxide and volumization supplement. VERY well done I-Force!

    Thanks again to VaughnTrue for the samples as well!

    A little birdie told me there is a sweet deal coming up next week
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  2. nice, Vaughn. this is a nice addition to your lineup.

  3. feedback's been awesome so far, cant wait to see SoftballNerd's final review
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  4. This is a very exciting and tasty release ! Reviews have been great! I need to get my hands on another tub soon since I passed out samples to a ton of people at my gym!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    This is a very exciting and tasty release ! Reviews have been great! I need to get my hands on another tub soon since I passed out samples to a ton of people at my gym!

    me too...ive only got a few scoops left
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