Heres what people are saying about Taurus Nutritions Wyked! Now; B2G1.

  1. Heres what people are saying about Taurus Nutritions Wyked! Now; B2G1.


    We have 90 tubs left at the B2G1 30 people left?!..
    Wyked Buy Two Get One FREE - Taurus Nutrition

    This is by far one of the best pre work drinks that has been released this year! with out a doubt, price, profile, taste, and backed by Eric!

    Get this NOW! before it goes full blown production ..dont kick yourself in the ass for not jumping on this

    Quote Originally Posted by taman6886 View Post
    Final Review: (will also edit my first post to copy this there)

    Ok, after about 3 weeks on Wyked, I feel I have gotten a good feel of what I can expect from it. I have mixed anywhere form 1-4 scoops in this grand experiment.

    Taste: 10/10 - Hands down the best tasting PWO I have ever had, great lemonade flavor even when mixed with BCAA or with multiple scoops.

    Mixability:10/10 - Dissolves easily in water by merely shaking the bottle I used. No lumping or clumping. The BCAA did foam some but did dissolve after about 15 - 20 minutes. (Not the Wyked's problem at all.)

    Energy: 9/10 - I initially thought the energy was good but not exceptional although not beaten by other PWO's I have tried, Wyked held it's own quite nicely by comparison. But then as I considered other factors such as no GEEKED OUT feeling (even on 4 scoops), and no CRASH EVER, I felt these other considerations deserved to be factored in.

    Focus:10/10 - Actually tended to get to my next set a bit faster when taking this. There was very little on my mind except killing that next set or movement.

    Endurance: 10/10 - This is one area where this stuff really shines. My cardio endurance increased to a degree that the first time I noted it, I was amazed. (read the log if you want more details). There were often times after work outs that I wanted to keep lifting but only self discipline or not wanting to overtrain or needing to get home got me to pack it in.

    Strength: 8/10 - another one that took my by suprise, as I do not generally associate PWO's with Strenght increase. None the less, we saw improvements with current PR's on my bench (280X2) and squat (405) and getting my dead lift over the 375 hump coming back from 3 weeks off of pulling due to an injury. Was very pleased with this.

    Overall, great taste, effective and lives up to Taurus Nutrition's claims. Think they have a winner here. If you followed the log at all, you already know that I purchased more Wyked and other Taurus Products. Simply put, I am impressed with these folks and their work.

    Thanks again to Taurus and all their great reps for giving me this opportunity and coming along for the journey.

    Quote Originally Posted by laserbluess View Post

    Scale from 1 -10, with 10 being perfect.

    Taste: 10 Goes without saying, this was an amazingly tasty product.

    Endurance: 8 Kept me hitting the weights at full speed my entire workout. From Beginning to end it was all go go go!

    Pump: 7 I had decent pumps on this product but it was not out of this world skin bursting kind of pumps. The only product i would give a 10 to in the pump category would be a ph/ds or AAS, so that is what im comparing this to so a 7 is not bad by any means!

    Energy: 9 This product got me amped up to go to the gym, but not jittery. I know everyone says it, but it was nice "clean" feeling energy.

    Focus: 9 I was really zoned in and ready to workout the entire time.

    : 8 Considering I am trying to slim down and get leaner, i believe this really helped me keep my strength high. I also think the DAA in this upped my test levels because my face was constantly oily after about the first week and a half on it plus acne on my back.

    Personal Observations: my sex drive was way up.

    Overall : This was a terrific product and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great preworkout product. It definitely helped me stay on track to achieve my goals. i will be purchasing more Wyked after a few weeks off of stims and DAA.
    Quote Originally Posted by charles3264 View Post
    Wyked is top notch...have two bottles at home, ordered another one, your daa product and the 7ke....taurus are top quality

    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    love this stuff for sure!
    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    yea....still the same effect as day 1 great stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by bluehealer View Post
    Final review.

    Energy: 8/10 Even though it took 4 scoops to really feel it effectively(high tolerance), I give it an above average rating. The energy is calm, no jitters.

    Taste: 8/10 I am NOT a lemonade fan but this stuff is actually pretty tastey.

    Focus/Drive: 10/10 Work has been outragously busy as of late. I lift in the evening and if were not for Wyked, many workouts would have been cut extremely short due to lack of interest or canceled all together. This is the highlight of this product.

    Mixability: 10/10 A couple of shakes in a water bottle and it's good to go. As mentioned before, anything with creatine in it will have a little grit at the bottom. Minor detail.

    Strength Gains: 7/10 I usually do not expect strength gains from a pre-wo other than normal gains. I was pretty much at a stand still on gains. After starting Wyked, and without changing my routine, I was able to increase on several lifts.

    Definately a product worth trying if you haven't yet.

    Will I purchase this product? Absolutely... just as soon as it is available at NP. One of the few places that make it EASY to purchase with a money order.

    Thank again Taurus Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to review Wyked.
    Great Product.
    Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    2 things i have noticed about wyked-effects don't diminish and no crash.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Final Review
    Figure it has been long enough for me to digest the info.

    Early on I noticed a big libido jump. Was quite distracting honestly. Seemed to pass calm down a little bit as I continued to take it but still present. Acne has been acting up lately. I already have oily skin and it is starting to warm up in GA but I feel confident saying it has been increased by a boost in test.

    Never tasted the powder. Only thing I didnt like is the containers are so small and sometimes I would fumbled the container because it was so small. Plus the scoop didnt fit well.

    The first thing I noticed is how great it tasted. The best tasting supp I have taken preworkout wise. For the most part mixed up and it wasnt noticeable while drinking. Was like a glass of refreshing lemonade. I could really feel the stim effect. 2 scoops was enough for me anymore and I felt overstimmed. Focus was on point and some nice mind muscle connection. Was sweating profusely too.

    The long handles scoop was a nice addition made it easy to reach the powder.

    Overall I would say this is a great stack. Add a nice AI and prolactin protection and you are set. I see great things for this company. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.
    This was my last workout with Wyked and DA-HCG.

    I really enjoy Wyked - one of the best tasting pre-workouts I've come across and great energy/focus. I do have a few scoops left, but I was up to 3 pre-workout and I decided to start my stim-detox today. I'll be going a full 12-weeks (unless otherwise noted) without, so I won't get back into them until late August. I'll see what Wyked really kicks like when my CNS is hopefully refreshed.

    I'm also very much looking forward to trying the DA-HCG solo at some point, eventually, too. I didn't notice the effects quite as much as I'd hope to, but I'll honestly say it's very likely due to psychological and other physiological reasons. Whenever I found out about the hypothyroidism, I've been "noticing" a lot of other issues and then I can't decipher what actually is a problem and what my mind is coming up with to play tricks on me. DAA normally gets me all sorts of revved up and the writeup on this sounded even better than plain DAA. Near the end, I did start to get the insane libido rush, and that was also at the time I decided that I didn't have as much fat to lose as I thought and my overall outlook got more positive. Just seems to be a lot of things linked together, there.

    Anywho, I'd like to thank Eric and all the guys at Taurus for this opportunity because it's been great. You've been around for a brief time and you already have a killer lineup and a killer team - you should be proud of that.

    I'll be tossing up a review that will sum this up a little bit better soon, but it may be in a few days once I'm already in Hawaii because there is just far too much to get done today.

    Thanks again, guys, and thank you everyone else for following along - I appreciate the extra motivation.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by malleus25 View Post

    Energy 9/10-Almost done with Wyked and still feel it

    Focus 9/10-Even with everything going on in life still helps me get at it.

    Strength 9/10-Keepin it up

    Pump 8/10-Lighter today than last time.

    Smith Machine shoulder press-225x10-3sets
    Side Lateral raises-60lbsx12-3sets (Cable Machine)
    Reverse Cable Cross-overs-30lbsx12-3sets
    Barbell Shruggs-325x12-3sets

    Cardio-treadmill-incline 4.0/speed 5.0 45mins
    Quote Originally Posted by malleus25 View Post

    Energy-9/10 still runnin high

    Focus-9/10 almost as good as an ipod

    Strength-9/10 Going up in weight while on a cut is awesome.

    Pump-8/10 don't really like a hard pump in my back.
    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    My initial first week review: As stated above, I've been on the Wyked/DAA-HCG combo for about a week. Firstly, in regards to Wyked, this is probably the best stim based preworkout that I've ever used. I thought Maximize V2 was strong, this stuff is just as strong, but without the jitters. It seems to enhance my mood greatly, even on a limited amount of sleep.

    Energy: 10/10 At 2 scoops the feeling is great, at 3...lookout! I love,love, love the feeling that this product provides. Haven't felt anything like it to be honest.

    Focus: 10/10 - Wyked leaves you focused and dialed in every time. It's consistent and steady. Even after my workout concluded, I was feeling alert, happy and focused.

    Strength: 10/10 - Even on a limited amount of sleep, I was able to get through all my workouts with a drop off in strength, which I've experienced when using other PWO's (not Mesomorph).

    After a week on Wyked. I imagine that going forward this will be something I'll use consistently. Nothing compares to the feeling you get while on Wyked...NOTHING.

    My initial 1st week review of DAA-HCG: I've been using DAA-HCG in conjunction with Wyked. I take one scoop in the morning on an empty stomach and another later in the evening with Wyked. I feel strong and my libido has been off the charts. This is a great stack for maintaining strength.

    I can't wait to see what next couple of weeks bring with these 2 products. Taurus Nutrition is off to one hell of a start!
    Quote Originally Posted by Milas View Post
    Hmmm... I've got some unflavored Modern BCAA 8:1:1, I may have to try it. I just don't want to lost that fabulous taste!
    Quote Originally Posted by SynergyIre View Post
    So... since I managed to beat the system and probably be the only one outside the US to get wyked, I feel like I owe you guys some feedback

    Just finished my workout, to then have my package arrive so i'm not going to talk about workout performance, just a few observations.

    Flavour: In a word, WOW! I know most people are sick of being hyped on supplements being the best flavour yet, but I think there is something special about this.

    It actually tastes of lemonade , not like when a supplement flavour is named after a fruit because it 'kind of tastes something like it'. It almost like there's a delay on tasting it, the flavour slowly easing in, no sharpness or bite at all. Goes down real smooth.

    Mixing: Mixed one scoop with 300ml of water. It mixed pretty instantly, there's a couple of tiny small black things floating, but thats it. Regardless of the that, again, smooth to drink, no graininess. Dissolves perfectly!

    Energy: Took it about 20 minutes ago, so can't comment on longterm effects yet, but feeling a clean energy. Feeling more focused, kind of a tunnel vision, but in a good way. And this is on one scoop

    Conclusion: So far, I'm impressed with wyked and this gives me a ton a faith towards buying other powders from them. Bring on the BCAA's with this flavouring guys!

    Kudos for sending it international even though I would have understood if you had explained after that you weren't going to ship international. Will have to do a mini log as a thank you.

    Keep up the good work and you'll have a customer for life!

  2. indeed...i am a fan of wyked, and this is a great price!!! 3 tubs for $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

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