10 *Free* Bottles Of Bio-Mend Up For Grabs

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  1. 10 *Free* Bottles Of Bio-Mend Up For Grabs

    Broad-Spectrum All-Natural Anti-Oxidant
    Anti-oxidants, as the name implies, protect your body’s cells from oxidation, which produces destructive free radicals that tear down cell walls and inhibit your body’s cells from working properly. Improper cell function can lead to a host of health abnormalities and can also make any exercise and nutrition program much less effective. Anti-oxidants counter the effects of these free radicals by removing agents that form them, allowing for improved cellular health, regeneration and nourishment.

    Bio-Mend is a broad-spectrum anti-oxidant formula, scientifically engineered to employ nature’s most powerful ingredients for maximum cellular protection against free-radical damage. Bio-Mend contains a potent blend of natural extracts that focuses on a number of nutritive processes, for improved health and well-being.

    •Neutralizes Free Radicals
    •Supports a Healthy Metabolism
    •Boosts the Immune System Functions
    •Improves Cardiovascular Health
    •Initiates Repair of Damaged Cells.

    Hey everyone. We would like 10 people to try out our anti-oxidant formula, Bio-Mend. Anti-oxidants are a staple in most people's arsenal so we'd love for people to give this a shot and tell us what they think.


    For a free bottle, simply tell us how you and other hard training athletes/bodybuilders would benefit from Bio-Mend. The contest will be open until we find our 10 people. All we ask is a review at the end - no log required

    Good luck.

    ps - guys I suck at posting images so please forgive the small image above.
    Applied Nutriceuticals

  2. This is an under rated supplement at a very good price!


  3. Exclamation

    Awesome give away, App Nut. Seems like an excellent blend to help overall health and function.

    I believe that hard training bodybuilders/athletes like myself are in need of extra dietary assistance. While we work hard day in and day out to ensure we are feeding our bodies with the proper nutrients, we are also working even harder in the gym. We are constantly striving to reach and endless list of goals, and our bodies tend to take a brutal beating in the process. No matter how hard we try to take in the nutrients that replenish the losses our bodies suffer during intense training, we can never be sure it is enough. We are willing to follow an incredibly monotonous lifestyle in an attempt to reach perfection. Sometimes though, we overexert ourselves in an effort to take one step forward... but then we end up taking two steps back. Our bodies become the victim of our minds, which are looking to push the envelope even when we can't physiologically keep up with the demands that our minds see fit. So, as a result we often hit a wall where certain body systems become compromised. I know that when I try pushing myself beyond what my body can keep up with, I suffer hindrances in my immunity. It is strange to think how hard we work to be fit and muscular, yet we don't always think about our health and well-being. I know that I can sometimes be so intent on adding muscle to my frame and looking a certain way, that I often disregard whether or not I am actually making the healthy decision. Is my body actually as healthy as it looks? I just assume it must be, but that likely isn't the case. I could very well have abnormalities going on in my body that I am unaware of. My heart's health could be less than what I believe it to be, and I may have immense amounts of free radicals roaming the depths of my body-- wreaking havoc on what I hold so sacred.
    But with the help of App-Nut's formula in Bio-Mend, I would be certain that my body would be getting all of the nutrients it needs to function properly. I would no longer have to just assume that everything in my body is working the way I would like. Instead, I imagine that every single cell would undoubtedly be working like crazy and functioning on a near perfect level. My body would be able to physically endure the high demands I place on it day in and day out. Bio-Mend could help myself and others be one step closer to crossing off another goal on our long lists.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FW Friedel View Post
    This is an under rated supplement at a very good price!
    ^^^Definitely. Bio-Mend is another gem in the AppNut line-up - often overlooked, but a great addition to any supplement stack All hard training athletes/bodybuilders would benefit from Bio-Mend for the antioxidant benefits alone, not to mention the immune system help (if I ever started getting sick, double-dosing this certainly helped clear it up fast), and I actually used Bio-Mend as my "multivitamin/antioxidant" for a long time and would absolutely recommend it

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  5. this is a for sure staple for me! great opportunity! and its cheap!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  6. Excellent product to keep you from getting sick. I jump on it when I am not feeling well or start taking it when know I am going to have a late night of drinking.

  7. I would like to run a bottle. I work out side in the elements and suffer from arthritus in my leg from an accident and at times higher blood pressure. Sounds like a good staple

  8. i would love for the opprtunity in trying this supp and will run a brief log while dosing.
    appnut is one of my top 5 natural supplement companies. thank you AppNut/jdrannin1

  9. I was looking into getting this I would like to run it. I have tendonitis in both of my forearms and arthritis in my thumbs I know im a little young for it but I guess it a poor gentic trait from my old man . Plus the constant repeditive motion at work wrenching on nuts and bolts all day does not help along with the heavy weigh!

  10. Looks like a good product, i'd like to run a bottle. Products that boost immune system are always appealing to me because i work in a large office with alot of unhealthy and sickly people coughing and sneezing all over the place. I train very hard so anything that will promote repairing damaged cells, improve metabolism and cardiovascular health is always a plus in my book!

  11. Love me some BioMend, jump on this people!
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  12. sometimes in the lifestyle of a bodybuilder antioxidant rich foods are strayed away from because of low-carb/calorie restricted diets, but they are still very much needed because its in these times that your body/immune system is most vulnerable to foreign bacteria/viruses etc., that is where bio-mend comes in to to fill those nutritional gaps that occour in this popular lifestyle making it easier to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

  13. I've been looking at products of this type. Would love to try it out. Currently taking RPM, IGF-2, Neovar from Appnut. Also take BCAA's, Glutamine, a multi and omega 3-6-9 supplement. Seems like an inexpensive add to a supplement plan.

    I think people who train hard need extra support as the body is constantly being hit with new challenges and stimulation. Nutrition and diet are the most important parts...but for a person who spends large portions of there free time training there is not a lot of time left in the day and supplement such as this help to fill in the gaps.

  14. I would use a product like this, as I normally perform fasted cardio 5-6 days a week, in addition to boxing, basketball, biking and swimming. In terms of oxidative stress on the body, this product seems as if it would be well suited to address those issues! I also lift 4-5 times a week.

  15. biomend does the body good My staple antioxidant even though Im not lifting right now

  16. We could all benefit from this type of product bodybuilder or not. Sometimes its not possible to get enough antioxidants with just diet alone. People, especially bodybuilder types typically stray away from the more basic supplements and go for things like PH/PS products, Pre-workout stimulants and fat burners. What you should be doing is using the basic supplements as a foundation and occasionally using the other types of products out there. This product in particular may help you from becoming sick and we all hate to have to skip working out because of a cold. You lose strength and feel down because of it. Who wants that?. I'd much rather spend my money on these types of basic supplements than a pre-workout or PH/PS product. There are much more benefits. They are safer and have long term health benefits unlike products in other categories more commonly taken.

  17. I could certainly benefit from supplementing with Bio-Mend in many ways. The anti-oxidants will help to strengthen my immune system. In turn I will get sick much less and gym-time recovery should get better as well.
    Hawthorn Berry will help to keep my blood pressure in check and I do believe that Grape Seed extract will help here as well.
    I have never supplemented with Acai, but if I am correct it can help to regulate my metabolism and possibly speed it up to help my body burn more calories. GTE is a staple for me already, too many benefits to list! Just using GTE alone I can tell that my system is stronger, I can only imagine what I might feel like while on Bio-Mend!
    Quercetin is another one of those anti-oxidants with way too many benefits to list. I know it acts as a "buffer" for other anti-oxidants/vitamins and can even help smooth out the effects of some stimulants. I'm not too familiar with the health benefits of strawberry but they do taste good!

  18. I'd give this a shot and review. I've used a lot of similar "health" products but never bio mend. I'm a teacher and I also coach football and basketball so I'm constantly on the go. I also hit the weights and cardio extremely hard and sometimes it takes quite the toll on me. I'm especially going hard in the summer when I have a bit more free time. I would love to give this stuff a shot and give you guys a review.

  19. There's lots of very good apps in here. We'll start picking over the weekend
    Applied Nutriceuticals
  20. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by jdrannin1 View Post
    There's lots of very good apps in here. We'll start picking over the weekend

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jdrannin1 View Post
    There's lots of very good apps in here. We'll start picking over the weekend

  22. Why I Like It, And Why We All Could Use It

    The number of things that can cause free radicals these days is extensive; its almost a given that any individual concerned with overall health as well as physical performance will eventually come to realize the legitimate need to address oxidation and free radicals within the body. The ingredient list in Bio-Mend is clearly comprehensive quercitin is an excellent addition given its potential anti-inflammatory properties on top of its scavenging ability. ECGC, with its documented abilities of enhancing autoimmune functions (Wu D. Green tea EGCG suppresses T cell proliferation through impairment of IL-2/IL-2 receptor signaling. Free Rad Biol Med 2009) and parallel role in disease prevention (Rezai-Zadeh D. Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) modulates amyloid precursor protein cleavage and reduces cerebral amyloidosis), remains a great compound for individuals who NEED to have a healthy immune system response not to mention the positive impact it has on resting metabolism.

    As athletes, we tend to overreach at times and push ourselves beyond normal limits to achieve our physical goals, occasionally weakening our immune system in the process. Quercitin and ECGC combined with the documented antioxidant properties (among other capabilities) of Acai and the cardiovascular benefits derived from grape seed and hawthorn berry extracts namely blood pressure regulation would undoubtedly be a multi-targeted approach to promoting overall systemic health and performance capacity.

    In essence, if we cant adequately perform at the cellular level and beyond, how can we be expected to perform beyond adequate in our physical trials? The simple answer is we cant, at least not safely and without inviting injury and/or malady. That is why Bio-Mend and the compounds its comprised of are universally useful to athletes and non-athletes alike.

    Thanks for the opportunity guys -- great promo concept!

  23. I think myself as well as other bodybuilders need antioxidant support to minimize the effects of free radicals caused by multiple things in a bodybuilder's life. It would also help to counteract the effects of NO products among other things. It would definitely be beneficial on multiple fronts.

  24. I have never heard of this product. But just a quick glance at the objectives for BioMend and its ingredients lead me to believe this is the kind of multi-use antioxidant blend that deserves some more attention along with the stuff inside!

    I was real happy to see Grape Seed Extract here. I think this goes under the radar as far as cardiovascular health. High linoleic acid, this has amazing ability to prevent vascular disorders like artherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This is important for bodybuilders, especially those using AAS, as these tend to be some common side effects of products that boost testosterone. Often times we increase our cholesterol intake during cycles and this would help keep any free floating bad cholesterol from building up as plaque in the blood stream. Bodybuilders using AAS, and more specifically those in a ketogenic diet, are at much higher risk for cardiovascular disease. There's also a lot of research suggesting its cancer fighting ability by inducing apoptosis of cancerous cells and reducing inflammation by inhibiting platelet aggregation (also important in prevent heart conditions). Icing on the cake - it's an AI.

    Everyone knows the deal with acai. Personally, I do not feel that acai is really the superfood everyone makes it to be but I do believe there are a chock full of good flavanoids and polyphenol compounds but nothing significantly different from those found in blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. What acai is beneificial for is the prevention of leukemia and reducing lipids non-HDL in the blood stream. A lot of the "acai diet" stuff they say is lame... it's just really good at reducing free radicals produced in the body during high stress (which is still a good thing!).

    Strawberry extract is great for those of us who dont have much fruit in our diet. Im one of them. Strawberries are full of vitamin Cand ellagic acid can greatly lower the risk of arthosclerosis. One interesting anti-inflammatory property that's balanced in the blend is strawberries ability to reduce the activity of CO-1 and CO-2 in platelets which is actually stimulated as an inflammatory response from acai.

    As for the ever hailed Green Tea Extract we all love it as bodybuilders and people in general. We in the BB world love caffeine and Green Tea has exponentially more than coffee (only in dry form). Green tea and strawberries both prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol into harmful compounds. Green tea actually helps prevent HIV!... but it also has negative pharmacokinetics with bortezomib (an anti-cancer drug) but I think if you're in chemo you're not exactly trying to lift heavy. Back in 2006 Asians were drinking over a liter of green tea a day and smoking ridiculous amounts of cigarettes yet the "Asian Paradox" was how few people had developed lung conditions from smoking. Powerful stuff.

    Quercetin is almost like the grandfather of flavanoids by means of chemical structure. What's cool about this is it promotes the effects of all the other antioxidants in this blend. One negative to be aware of is the it MAY raise estradiol levels but this is still speculative. Quercetin functions very similar to grape seed extract in its anti-cancer mechanism, arthosclerosis prevention, and mental health benefits. Additional unique properties include its prostate and eye health.

    In our constant quest to fight obesity (lol) Blueberry extract is a frontrunner. Blueberries, as mentioned before, have all the wonderful anti-cancer/diabetes/heart disease/etc of other polyphenols and also very low glycemic for a fruit. What's more interesting to us in the boydbuilding realm is how it can work synergistically with those in a keto diet and using DHEA. Great product for weight loss.

    I've been waiting to get to Hawthorn berry. Awesome work with CoenzymeQ for prevention of heart disease and lowering LDL/VLDL. Actually, hawthorn even strengthens the cardiovascular system. This stuff is packed with tannins, anthrocyanins, flavones, and tritepene acids. It's just amazing and no one knows about it.

    So thats my breakdown of why bodybuilders, and everyone, should be looking at how this blend is a balance of well established "superfoods." I would even think you could shed a couple wet pounds off from it! For those who use anabolics, this is almost a must have for your cardiovascular health. A lot of us dabble in diets with carb depletion which can become incredibly stressful so this will greatly help alleviate that hardship. Of course, with all the other supplementation we take in and send through our metabolism - we need a little extra help to keep oxygen radicals in check.
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  25. I would like to try a bottle and will provide a proper review. I'm allergy prone and have tried a lot of the otc stuff but nothing really works very well. Hence i've been looking at an alternative strategy...improving immune system and cardio/respiratory health. I believe this creates a good base for combating such ailments. Also getting up there in age so a diet high in antioxidants is very high on my list. I have been on the lookout for a supplement to whole foods, as a booster, since sometimes its hard to always get it all through my diet. AN has always put out good stuff so this should not disappoint.


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