Body for Life Contest

  1. Body for Life Contest

    Hi All,

    Wasn't sure where to post this so Mods, please don't delete.

    Years ago we Bill Philips Body for Life contest......

    Well I am currently putting together an Internet Body of Life 2011 12 week contest.

    I have 2 things I am asking:

    1) Who would be interested in exploring this further as a competitor?Requirements are simple....Drug free, meaning anything that cannot be bought through Nutraplanet or your typical Brick and Mortyr type stores cannot be used

    We are looking for either anyone that wants to better themselves and are willing to post before and after pictures on a website. Does not have to be in posing trunks...


    I currently have a few interested sponsors that will be donating products to the "winners circle"

    For any and all donations, I will have 2 dedicated web pages, one displayng the logos of all sponsors (free advertising)

    And a second of Product/Company of the week which will consist of a biography, perhaps a new product coming out etc etc.

    I currently have one IFBB Pro as a judge and hope to have at least 2 more well known IFBB people as well.

    If you are interested, pls PM directly and also subscribe to this thread.

    This is still in BETA mode as I am open to any and all suggestions!

    Lets make this fun and exciting and a great reason to truly get in shape for the Summer...

    Now Who's In?

  2. Thirty something reviews and only 1 applicant? SO either everyone is in great shape or doesnt want free supplement....hmm

  3. Well you need before and after pics. I dont have any before my avatar pic. So my transformation wont be that drastic
    Anabolic Designs Represenative
    Perform and Transform

  4. I'm in I have a few good things coming from my legs and back. Never logd for 12 weeks but this would really show who I am. I can do pre and post pics too

  5. All, I have one potential sponsor that may want to run the whole show....stay tuned!

  6. sign me up, just got done with controlled labs MOTIV8, relax for couple days and get back into it

  7. I do need some more motivation to lose my last 20lbs. Already got one expensive bet with a buddy and this could help me stick with it.


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