A New Day is Dawning on the Kingdom of MAN!

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  1. A New Day is Dawning on the Kingdom of MAN!

    A New Day is Dawning on the Kingdom of MAN!


    Inside of every male, a giant lies, dormant, a TITAN in waiting, yearning to be unleashed. Mankind has always been sentient, self-defined by intrinsic power, fortitude, stone-like strength and rock hard sinew. And the time has come once again for the New Age of MAN. A new day is dawning on the kingdom of MAN, led by a proverbial son of the gods…and the fire is returning! AWAKEN the King of ALL THINGS MALE with PROMETHEUS RISING™ MAN Sports latest brazen innovation!

    The past several years have seen a shift in the perception of the masses, away from the appreciation of things masculine in nature. Whether it be due to the recent sports scandals associated with athletes and performance enhancing agents, or simply a shift in mainstream perception, the media has diluted the concept of masculinity to the point where either skinny, weak, pencil-necks or overweight dweebs who can barely open a pickle jar or walk down a flight of stairs without stumbling represent what was once considered the stronger, more powerful sex. The word ANABOLIC has become a dirty word, and the presence of any form of true MUSCLE MASS implicates an individual into unfavorable position in society at large. In the media outlets of today’s estrogenified culture, men have been denigrated, belittled, morphed into near-second-class status, fumbling, bumbling beings more often than not of unclear gender affiliation.

    Well, NO MORE! MAN Sports announces the dawn of a new age – Welcome a resurgence of all that is masculine, the embodiment of what makes the stronger side of our species STRONG. Strength, hard, lean muscle size and power…Ring in a new era – and welcome to a new day in the Kingdom of MAN!

    A New Day Dawns…Prometheus Rising™…Bringing the Fire Back to MAN!


    Prometheus, meaning foresight…A classical Greek story of Prometheus may well be the most relevant metaphor of all the fables in history to our own epic as a species- the time in the history of MAN kind when progress, the quest to constantly improve our lot and the advancement of our species is considered a birthright, a gift from the gods, if you will, a part of our very essence. The mythological Prometheus was a savior to man, returning to them warmth-bringing fire, and the path to enlightenment, advancement out of the primal realm, into his rightful place of dominance above the rest of life on earth. And now, with the initiation of THE PROMETHEUS PROJECT, MAN Sports presents an innovation that will awaken what lies dormant…re-invigorate and unleash the warrior within…and bring the fire blazing back to men.

    Coming soon…

    Team Orbit

  2. stop the teasing !!!! MORE INFO !! MORE

  3. Time to MAN up I guess...

  4. Whoa, Wha?

  5. bump
    Team Orbit

  6. Excellent marketing. Loved the writer. Bravo. Bravo!

  7. Wow this is right up my alley.....I am part greek haha. Lookin good...im subd for more info

  8. You've got my attention.
    PHF Rep

  9. great looking write up I'm interested in this now.

  10. I have liked MAN supplements in the past, so I'm interested in this for sure.

  11. Get some logs up..

  12. Have to admit... love MAN Swagger. Powered me through a ton of intense study sessions!

    Definitely looking forward to checking this new product out!

  13. I'm in for more info!!

  14. MANS game, bish!! Here for more info!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by VeganMike View Post
    Excellent marketing. Loved the writer. Bravo. Bravo!

    Geezus! MAN Sports - You got my interest up, for sure!

    Yep, Vegan - this is gonna be big-time! Can't wait to see what the Wizard of the Kingdom of MAN unveils!


  16. like man products anyway,you have my attention.

  17. Definitely interested to see the ingredient profile!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    Definitely interested to see the ingredient profile!
    2nd that!!

  19. info info i love it!!!!

  20. http://www.mansports.com/
    Write up and info is here
    Team Orbit

  21. Finally it's out !

  22. Good profile!!

  23. Looks good!! Might have to get me some of this.

  24. Great profile, and awesome addition to the MAN lineup!

  25. Looks like a nice product!!!


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