Loggers Needed for REDuction AM/PM SHOTS [New Product] [Controlled Labs]

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  1. Loggers Needed for REDuction AM/PM SHOTS [New Product] [Controlled Labs]

    - Tell me why you are a BAD logger and what you did wrong in your past logs. Provide examples.
    - Tell me how you can improve or change this characteristic, and why it won't be a sub-par log like your prior ones.

    Not everyone can be all-stars. I want to hear the real stories. Tell me the truth and I will give 10 of you the opportunity to log the NEW Reduction AM/PM SHOTS .

    USA and Canada only.

  2. very cool concept (if I am picturing it correctly).
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. App

    Quite simply, school got in the way. There were days when I would wake up at 7 in the morning, lift, go to classes for 6 hours, go to work for another 3 hours get back and have to do school work and prepare meals for the next day. The past couple of my logs have especially succumb to this as the semester was winding down and projects began to pile up.

    Specifically my latest log here for APS's testatropin V2 had been totally ill timed with finals and projects and for about a week I couldn't get a significant update in. Now however, finals are done with and I have a little more time to work on that and provide people following along with useful info that they can use instead of the usual "I felt good today . . . good product"

    How will it be better?

    Again, very simple. WINTER BREAK! School's out for about a month so I have more than adequate time to devote to giving detailed log updates and stirring up some debate.

    But you may be asking . . . what if this spills into the next semester? Should we be worried that work will begin to pile up again and the log will become a lost cause?

    NO! This will be my last graduate semester coming up and I only have 2 classes I want to take and my project which is very much my own brainchild and therefore does not require an excess amount of focus to work on.

    So, cliff-noting this for you guys:
    *School and Work gets in the way
    *Not enough time in the day

    *Winter Break
    *Easy Semester coming up

    Pretty cool idea, kind of like a job interview haha. Good luck my friend.

  4. Very good post AndrewNico, your logger #1. PM me your address.

  5. Applicant:
    Well my past log was my very first one ,so I think this second will be a lot better,my first log was Need2slin,and I thing it was good but I willl like to change i detail my routine.
    Also as a lot of people ,with this supplements ,I can start my cut of the new year.

    And it will be better because ,I have more experience,I am a hard worker,go to college,but when you do love working out ,i am pretty sure i can acomplish this log very well..

  6. Ok, well... the onion log. First of all, the log was meant to be an experiment in how onions could totally ruin my social life by making me the worst smelling dude on the block. Mission accomplished. Wait, wait... that's not right. I wanted to see how the onions would effect my testosterone levels (and free T). Unfortunately, my team went to spring break for a tournament in the middle of the log and when I got back (still eating my onions) I had pretty much forgotten about. Fast forward a week or two later and I received an email about my log. AWESOME! The i posted my bloodwork and everyone hated me for forgetting :P

    But I have learned!

    ...that spring and summer are simply NOT for the internet. But guess what?! It's winter now and all I do is lift, eat, sleep and troll... ahem, POST on forums. So, what better time to start a log than in the dead of the snowy season?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Very good post AndrewNico, your logger #1. PM me your address.
    Hah, sweet man. Nice to get some good news getting back from the gym!

    PM sent my man!
  8. Talking Why I could do better

    First off let start by telling you Why I would love to log this...then Ill tell you my faults as a logger....

    I recently had a vertebral fusion done..(6 weeks ago)..The original injury put me out of the gym for almost 2 months prior to surgery and up until a week ago. Ive been cleared to do cardio and light dumb bell work. During this time period I have gained some VERY unwanted fat and greatly reduced my endurance...I think the REDuction combo could really accelerate me towards transforming me to the former...ME!

    Now why I am a bad logger...I think I give VERY unbiased reviews and write a very good log...until its gets busy in my life and the posts come few and far between. I definitely logged White Flood tablets for you guys and it was AWESOME...Sucks you don't make them anymore. Since I am at home rehabilitating for the next 6-8 weeks I will have more than plenty of time to keep up with a log....that I can promise. My goals are to continue my cardio and limited lifting and shed about 15 lbs over the next 8 weeks. I know your products work....I would love to prove that with your new REDuction shots...

    Thank you in advance....

  9. WOW! This is a great opportunity and a cool/new way to pick loggers.
    Lockout Supplements Rep
    Discount Code = anabolic05

  10. I've actually never logged anything...so i probably suck!

    Logging something would give me an opportunity to get my feet wet. I do enjoyed reading product logs i've just never had the chance to do one.

  11. I'm a lazy fat slob who in the past has been given chances to log products and has just resold them on ebay or traded them for sexual favors on craigslist all while making up a fake log on AM. If given the chance I promise to not do this and actually get a gym membership and go to a pilates class...

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  12. Will the following applicants, please PM your addresses... thank you! Looking for a few more people so go ahead and post up if your interested!


  13. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    very cool concept (if I am picturing it correctly).
    You know it!

    REDuction SHOTS™ FAQ

  14. PM Sent..THanks CL...you guys are awesome as usual.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Will the following applicants, please PM your addresses... thank you! Looking for a few more people so go ahead and post up if your interested!

    BUMP for an excellent thread

  16. I would like to log this if possible.
    im an avid controlled labs user i have done the control lab stack wf/gm/pw
    and have recommended this stack to family and friends i also pimp a controlled labs shirt at the gym

    as far as logging i have never logged for a company before so this would be my first, i lift 5 days a week not in school and work full time.
    i am currently on a break from stims till the first week of january
    if i get chosen for this log there will be no excuses and i will give an honest review.

    currently at around 20-25% bf and could use some extra help losing some weight.

    yes i am new here but i have an account at bb if you need verification that im not a flyby

  17. Yeah baby thanks pm send!!!

  18. Any updates Renegade!!

  19. bipity.. bumpity.. BUMP!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  20. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    bipity.. bumpity.. BUMP!
    Lockout Supplements Rep
    Discount Code = anabolic05
  21. AM PM

    Oh yeah! thanks for the opportunity! PM sent!

  22. I would really like to log this. I have done some bad logs in the past. If I see no results from a product it is hard for me to give a review of it. My time is valuable to me. So if it sucks, I end up saying it sucks and give up on it. And I am a firefighter and own a business so sometimes it is an awesome product, but I dont keep log up to date.
    This log will be different. This year I am going to be very strict on my training and nutrition and documenting everything. My plan starting in january is to eat and drink only fresh things, no chemicals or processed things(other than supplements) I am starting a dedicated weight loss plan to drop 30-40 pounds this year. So give me a shot

  23. I am so ready for this!!!

  24. Similar story as AndrewNico...school got in the way and I wasn't prepared for it.

    In the past I have logged a few products (PurpleWraath was one from CL, Universal, some ON stuff) that went well, but just weren't up to par in my opinion. I wasn't as dedicated as I should've been and after a while I think just the lack of self-confidence from not having much traffic following me on my logging contributed to my slowly falling down flat.

    What I want to do different is selfish - sure, I want others to see results from a log and help in their choosing of the product...it's what I search for before I buy. But now, my confidence won't be affected by whomever is following my log, I'd be doing it for myself - my results, not trying to make other people happy. A big contributing motivator is how my busyness in my second year of college has led me to neglect working out (I procrastinate and am a terrible organizer - you can figure out the rest). Now that I'm on break, I've had good time to reflect and plan ahead for getting in the best shape I can be. I hope you consider me to log this, it would be awesome.

  25. I have never run a log before but would love to have the opportunity!

    I love reading peoples logs and use their opinions to make decisions about which products to purchase. I would love to have the opportunity to do a log myself.

    Thanks for your consideration!


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