Rlssupplements+Nutraplanet=Fre e Phytoserm-347 ,Bulbine Natalensis give away!!!

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  1. Rlssupplements+Nutraplanet=Fre e Phytoserm-347 ,Bulbine Natalensis give away!!!

    Rlssupplements Phytoserm-347 will be selling at nutraplanit very soon if it is not already selling there now.. The entire **********************, Rlssupplements.com, and Brutalalchemy.com line of products will all be selling at Nutra and as always they will have great deals and great service along with it all.

    So what does this mean for all of you??? Well As a promised when the NTBM family made out first give away thread. We will now be able to give away yet another whole product line to the members here on the forums. In fact a couple of product lines..

    It brings me great joy to be able to be a giver and to support the forums and its members. Nutraplanit has once again come through for anabolicminds and made it possible for us to be able to keep on giving with a whole new and awesome set of products.

    SO in the name of Nutraplanet lets get down to business and give away some free Phytoserm-347 so that people can log the product and enjoy its greatness.

    Please be sure to give a big shout out and thank you to nutraplanet for helping to make this happen. When you make your log about the product please be sure to give props to Nutra and if you can link to where nutraplanet has it selling in there store...

    Good or bad we never complain about a review. I review is a review and we only ask for the truth and expect nothing less then honesty. As I believe We have always gotten from all of you here on the forums. You guys are all great people and its been a joy to come here and share this great forums with you. I am happy that I get to be a part of all this and contribute like I have been..

    We will be picking 10 people to log the new phytoserm-347 (Bulbine Natalensis) product here on the forums.. So please post up for me why you would like to use the product, what you will be using it for, how you feel you can/could do a good honest review of the product and any other information you may feel will help us pick you for testing/logging the product..

    We are looking for all kinds of people to test this. From on cycle, stacked, off cycle, pct, Stand alone and more. So feel free to post your story and we will give it our full attention as we look to find the right people to log the product..

    Long live anabolicminds!!!!!!!!
    Long live Nutraplanet!!!!!!
    And long live Rlssupplements phytoserm-347(Bulbine Natalensis)

    Love you all!!!

  2. O and please do not send me a pm guys.. I really do not like getting my pm cluttered with people asking to be testers. Not that I dont like the person who sent it. I respect them and love them as much as I do everyone else. But I hate to turn people down.

    I have a system that I like to stick to when I do the give aways guys. A system that helps me to keep track of things and not get mixed up. It helps me remember the people I need to get the product to. It saves me a lot of time if I stick to the system. It stops any confusion and ensures I get everything right..

    When some one send me a pm about it it always screws **** all up for me. I write a played pm tittle and when I look at my pm's I quickly find these titles and get to the people I need to get to.

    thanks so much guys

  3. Nice! Your a very giving person brotha. Ill look foward to seeing experiances with using it as a PCT supplement.

  4. Im currently in market for a PCT or a stand alone supp. So id love to try for either of those two Thanks. If not chosen I will def be getting this from Nutra cant wait

  5. Totally would love to put up a log of this stuff. My pct still needing a natty booster since Hcgenerate is always outta stock when I go to get it. My cycle is about to hit 21 days and Ive been able to update every day with thorough review.

  6. Nice bro nice, honestly LOVED my run with PhytoSerms 347, I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    nice one

  8. wusup Nate! I want to really either throw this into my upcoming PCT which will be coming soon! Or, I am planning on using this in my recomp, or lean bulk natty cycle when I am done with my current cycle! I know that I can make a killer log, although I know many of the people on this board think that I am somehow "faking" the info of my logs and video logs :/ Let's get this done!!! have a good one brother

  9. 1. NICE!!
    2. I'd loo-hoove to run/log this for a Jan experience, esp given the positive 'umpa-lumpa hoompla' surrounding it...golden ticket, pls, Willie?
    3. A thread that Met has posted in, I'm down with!
    4. Did I say 'NICE' ??
    5. Thanks NutraP & Nate

  10. yeah man this sounds great! i'd log it... i'd use it as a standalone come january
    i don't give the best logs but i do give honest reviews on products. so, if it's honesty you want... it's honesty you'd get

  11. This very good news for both NP and all of the lines coming to it!

  12. I will definitely use some. I ran 8 weeks of forma from you and then bridged into boladrol. Now I am in pct using Transform forged, but I would gladly switch over and try your product. Once I come off I am starting my malicious mass

  13. I will throw my name into the hat.

    It would be the first time I have logged a product, I have reviewed Natadrol and Body Mortar CF.
    I would run it standalone.
    I would give an honest review, I posted up initial side effects on my Natadrol review and only updated it when it was worth updating with something new to report.
    I have never used a product with such an outrageous claim (347% increase in test) and tend to stick with bulk powders. If it does what it says I would be extremely impressed, it would be the holy grail for us natural guys.

  14. This would be great. Never got in on any of the other giveaways, so would love to finally win one!

  15. this company is just awesome!!! I will be running PHYTO for my PCT that will start in a week and a half. will definatly leave a review since the PCT is all ntbm and mr supps products !!!!!!

  16. I like free supplements.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    LMAo... I like that **** bro

  18. I should point out prior to selection that I am in the UK so shipping would cost extra. You know this from the N2KTS giveaway but thought I would point it out again to save inconvenience should it be a problem.

  19. I would LOVE the opportunity to log this for you. I am almost forty and am looking for an all natural test boost.. I am on here and NTBM daily and I would give an honest review of it for everyone here. Hook a brother up Nate!!

  20. NICE going to be some lucky loggers here.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  21. I would like to review this product, must admit I don't know much about it, heard about it mention with another Bulbine product comming out also. Did try a lot of natural test booster so I would be able to compare and see if this Bulbine is the real deal or just another test booster ( not that I don't like them ) Woul gave a honest review bad or good !

  22. I would love the opportunity to log phytoserms-347 as a stand alone supplement. Meaning not stacked with anything other than staples...creatine, protein, fish oil, multi vitamin, etc..I have just about 2 wks left of PCT from MDXT and would be ready to log this as soon as its over. I kept a very detailed log of my MDXT cycle updating daily with training and diet information. I would do the same for Phytoserms-347! I have used several popular testboosters and would like to be able to compare this against some of them. With that being said PICK ME!

  23. Hell yeah! I'm all over this! Would love the opportunity to log this product Nate! Been researching this ingredient alot, and am very intrigued. In just wrapping up an unsponsorrd log on ntbm, and this would fit perfectly within my current gameplan...if chosen I Would be happy to provide a full log- complete with bloods and pics!

  24. Great opportunity here. I'd love to log it but honestly couldn't do it for a while so I'll let some others jump on this one.


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