If you can't stand the H.E.A.T. ...

  1. If you can't stand the H.E.A.T. ...

    H.E.A.T. Stack

    HEAT Stack Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 capsule
    Servings per Container: 90

    Amount Per Serving:
    Tyramine 100 mg
    Hordenine 50 mg
    Rauwolfia Serperntia Extract (30% Rauwolscine) 30 mg
    Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid) 200 mg
    Bergenin 200 mg

    TRPV-1 Thermogenic Complex Propietary Blend 190 mg.
    (Raspberry Ketones, Evodiamine, Black Pepper Extract (20% Piperine), Capsiacin HCI)
    Genomyx's H.E.A.T Stack ~ IT'S BACK & EVEN "HOTTER" THAN BEFORE!

    Genomyx is proud to introduce its newest revolutionary product, a scientifically sound, truly advanced fat loss formula, H.E.A.T Stack!

    The recent trend in fat burner/thermogenic supplements has been to add numerous high dose central nervous system stimulants leading users to believe the product isn’t working unless they’re tweaked to the point of being uncomfortable.

    Genomyx prefers a more scientific approach to fat loss by including more progressive ingredients designed at achieving the optimal ratio of norepinephrine (NE) to epinephrine while providing a significant dopamine boost and suppression of appetite. This dopamine boost not only affects mood (as dopamine levels decrease during dieting), but it also antagonizes the negative central effects of too much NE.

    By combining years of metabolic research with volumes of user feedback, HEAT blows the doors off all the other products in its class.

    Not only will HEAT strip fat off at an alarming rate, it also offers a variety of general health benefits. Boasting antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood pressure regulating effects, HEAT is the real deal and should be regarded as a staple in any fat loss program from this day forward.
    Ingredient Overview:

    Increases norepinephrine’s fat burning ability, opposes fat storing effects of insulin, antioxidant, liver protector, improves GI health.

    Alpha-Yohimbine (Rauwolscine)
    Increases lipolysis through norepinephrine, alpha-2 antagonist, better receptor binding and fat burning ability than regular yohimbine, suppresses appetite, elevates dopamine and serotonin, vasodilator.

    Raspberry Ketones
    Enhances fat loss through activation of the TRPV1 receptor, mood elevator, positively modulates norepinephrine and hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), reduces hepatic and visceral fat, prevents fat gain, pain reducer.

    Inhibits CYP liver enzymes and P-Glycoproteins, antioxidant, mood elevator, MAO inhibitor, enhances fat loss through TRPV1 modulation, anti-inflammatory, supports healthy blood pressure, regulates TNF-alpha, neuroprotective, pain reducer.

    Increases channel expression of TRPV1, increases lipolysis through norepinephrine, activates AMPK, upregulates adiponectin, prevents new fat cells from forming, increases rate of fat burning at rest, helps prevent fat re-gain when fat is lost, pain reducer.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract (standardized for chlorogenic and caffeic acids)
    Reduces body weight and visceral fat, reduces triglycerides and homocysteine, vasodilates through nitric oxide modulation, elevates adiponectin and decreases inflammatory cytokines.

    Works synergistically with Bergenin to increase lipolysis through norepinephrine modulation, elevates dopamine.

    Norepinephrine modulation, elevates dopamine, vasodilator, activates the TAAR1 receptor, increases adenyl cyclase, aids in nutrient partitioning.

    Elevates epinephrine and norepinephrine, anti-inflammatory, UCP1 activator, PPARgamma modulator, improves insulin signaling, pain reducer.

    Losing body fat isn’t just about working hard; it’s about working smart. HEAT delivers the most advanced fat loss ingredients on the planet to ensure you reach new levels of leanness in record time. By optimizing the body’s fat burning machinery while suppressing appetite and enhancing mood, you have no choice but to take your physique to a new level.

    HYBRID Performance Nutrition
    Mike ~ R/D

  2. Perfect timing I know Im going to need it after the Holidays

  3. Hmmm looks pretty good, heh same with me Geno..

  4. this and DCP and I am ready. If Matt is behind it, I am willing to give it a go (damn...that sounded wrong)
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. I have a bottle coming my way now. Wow Im liking what Genomyx is putting out lately maybe they should hook me up with a log or something lol jk.

  6. I am sold, kind of done with stim fat burners and think there has to be a better way. By the way, the Genomyx logo is pretty sick!

  7. Thanks Tomahawk. Appreciate the support. Let us know how you like it.

    Thanks Oufinny, yeah I my guy does great art work and as soon as I saw the logo I was hooked.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    I am sold, kind of done with stim fat burners and think there has to be a better way. By the way, the Genomyx logo is pretty sick!

    Agreed! Genomyx, I'll take 2 bottles of HEAT (2 stack with smolder) and one of your T-shirts, size med. pls!!
    I'll pm you my addy....heh-heh ummmm....

  9. Well, I had two on the way, but USPS seems to have delivered it to the wrong address (no delivery confirmation). ****ing community mailboxes SUCK! Either way, great job Genomyx! Looks like a great replacement for my EC-Alphaburn!

  10. Man sorry to hear bro. Hope you get that situation all squared away.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX View Post
    Man sorry to hear bro. Hope you get that situation all squared away.
    Thanks for the thoughts! I'm going to go to a house down the street (same community mailbox, same street number, different street name) to see if they got my package. Odds are though (since I AM in Southern California), they wouldn't tell me even if they had. Again though, thanks for making great products!

  12. I will be anxious to use this along with DCP, Recompadrol, AndroLean, and Dermatherm Target for a bad ass cut stack sometime in the near future



    Primordial Performance

  13. so this has no caffiene? could one add this to a low dose caff product for a good pre-wo type effect?

  14. Yes you can. Im using this product now and am loving it. Ive taken it once with a pre workout. Not exactly together but within a hour or two of each other.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX View Post
    Perfect timing I know Im going to need it after the Holidays
    I second that!


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