Controlled Labsí Wants to See Your Lifts!

Itís quite simple, really: you lift weights, you show us your lifts, and you have a chance to get a CL product. How do you go about it?

1. ďLikeĒ the Facebook Controlled Labsí Fan Page
2. Upload a 10-60 second video of you lifting to whatever site you want, preferably YouTube
3. Post the video link on our Fan Page found here
Thatís all that needs to be done.

Every week we will RANDOMLY pick a video that was shown on the fan page. It doesnít matter if your lift was the most that week, or the most wonderfully edited video or even if you had the most jacked physique. It will be a 100% random draw.

However, there needs to be at least 10 entries per week for everyone to qualify. If there are 10 entries, the winner has a chance of picking a small product of their choice. But if there are 30 entries, the prize gets bumped up to a large product, still of their choice

Whatís in it for you? If you get chosen, you get a free Controlled Labs product of your choice. Here at CL we are trying to keep everyone motivated to continue to lift, and constantly enhance their physique and reach their goals.

The Details
  • This is open to those with US shipping addresses
  • Youíre allowed to enter 2 videos per week
  • Youíre only allowed to win once every four weeks