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    Product Details

    Following the success of FINAFLEX 550-XD and PCT Revolution, Redefine Nutrition introduces METHYL ICE, the Next Generation of Weight Loss Supplementation.

    Redefine Nutrition worked for over a year to perfect the Proprietary Blend of ingredients found in METHYL ICE instead of rushing another “me too” fat burner to the market like some companies do.

    METHYL ICE is an advanced weight loss supplement featuring a synergestic matrix of the most effective and exotic ingredients found on the market today. The proprietary matrix found in METHYL ICE produces a thermogenic environment that is unmatched by any other product ever introduced.

    Redefine Nutrition’s rigorous testing protocols allow for only the purest and most bioavailable forms of the ingredients to be used in the production of METHYL ICE.

    The final product produces a clean and vibrant energy that lasts for HOURS coupled with an increased resting metabolic rate that incinerates adipose tissue (fat).

    To top it off METHYL ICE contains a liver detoxification formula that allows for not only effective but safe weight loss.

    REDEFINE NUTRITION says Redefine Everything,
    Redefine Yourself with METHYL ICE!

    Thiamine Disulfide Butyrate is one of the best stimulant based ingredients available today. Allows for clean and clear energy amplification without the common “gitters”
    Theobromine (Cocoa Extract) can be the key to the success or failure of many thermogenic fat burners. Methyl ICE contains the ideal amount of Cocoa Extract which allows users to reap the benefits of this powerful stimulant for hours at a time.
    1,3 Dimethylamylamine is the ultimate ingredient available for the thermogenisis of adipose (FAT) tissue in the body. Combining all the tenets that define an “ultimate” fat burning compound including long lasting duration of appetite suppression, mental clarity, focus, and what some users describe as “enlightenment”. Methyl ICE contains the purest form of 1,3 Dimethyl available.

    3,5 Diiodo-L Thyronine was once a patented ingredient used in the treatment of Thyroid Cancer. This compound remains unmatched in its ability to stimulate thyroid production (hyper) without impeding the natural thyroid function (hypo). Methyl ICE contains a stable form of this incredibly expensive ingredient.
    N-acetyl-L-tyrosine allows for accelerated creation of thyroid hormones in the body due to the heightened absorbtion rate and bioavailability of the amino acid.

    Dandelion Root and Vitamin B6 work together to keep water retention low during the fat burning cycle allowing for the “dry” and “hard” look.

    Methyl ICE promotes safe and effective weight loss by adding a combination of N-acetyl-cystenine, silymarin (milk thistle), and Vitamin C which at the appropriate levels will engage the liver in Stage 1 Detoxification.

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