7 Years Worth Of Molecular Nutrition X-Factor Review Compiled

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    1st off I would like to thank MN for letting me try this stuff out. Two bottles was more than generous. Over the last 40 days, I have dealt with reaggravating a back injury, and getting over some pain in my right pec from a terrible spot on DB Press. I should emphasize that despite not always being able to go balls to the wall as usual, I really did see positive results, that I'm not sure I could have obtained without a little additional help. Another awesome part was that, I kept my calories pretty constant +/- a few hundred the whole time yet, I actually leaned out a little bit.

    As far as some of the claims for what TEST FACTOR can do:

    Increased muscle mass and strength: I definitely gained strength throughout the last 6 weeks or so at least in the lifts I was able to carry out for the entirety of the review.

    Increased pump, vascularity: Vascularity was something that I didn't notice much of a difference from. Not quite like some of the pre-workout products out there, but

    Support of male libido, sexual functioning: YES! I definitely noticed an increased libido. Lucky for me, my GF is a good sport.

    I realize many would say that a test booster type product will do very little for a 20 year old male, however I have taken 3 in the last year and would recommend this up against the best of those that I have tried(which from my previous experience was TestoPro.) It went pretty much as expected, nothing dramatic, but definitely helpful. I may have to try X-Factor one of these days, as I have been hearing about it for a while now. MN has a new fan for life.

    Days 1-50
    X-Factor Advanced – 4 caps pre-workout
    Test Factor – 2 caps morning/2 caps evening
    Days 51-60
    Test Factor – 2 caps morning/2 caps evening

    -Increased vascularity – noted
    -Increased pump - noted
    -Greater fullness throughout the day - noted
    -Increased Libido - noted
    -Increased Strength - noted

    My Statistics & Measurements:
    Weight - + 3.8 lbs.
    Body Fat- no change
    Chest - + 1 in.
    Right Arm - + .5 in.
    Right Quad - + .5 in.
    Waist - no change

    [u]End Pics
    Most of these are end pics, then a couple I took throughout the log as I changed.


    Stack Ratings
    Strength - 9/10 - Strength was def there, no question. PRs start almost immediately and continued on.

    Endurance - 8/10 - Endurance took a week or so to kick in, but in became more and more apparent. It wasn't endurance in that I could lift forever, but that the quality of my sets didn't decline as I got towards the end of my workout

    Fullness - 9/10 - Fullness was very apparent, both in the first weeks when I was still cutting and after I shifted over to recomp. I got several compliments on how I was filling out my shirts, etc.

    Pump - 9/10 - pump was STELLAR. Better than almost any pre-workout product I've used, and this isn't even a pre-workout.

    Vascularity - 7/10 - vasculairty was hit and miss, it was always apparent during the workout, but I didn't notice much change in resting vascularity.

    Libido - 7/10 - Libido did kick it and it kicked in good, but it took quite a while, about 4 weeks to really come on.

    Body Composition - 10/10 - I have to this a perfect 10. I am no where close to being "Ripped" or "shredded" but nonetheless, I gained weight and inches, yet my waist size and body fat readings stayed the same. You can't beat that.

    Overall - 9/10 - I'd love to be able to rate each product individually, but I dont feel like that would be fair because I took these together and it would be too hard to attribute one thing to XFA and the other to TF.

    Other Notes
    -This is, without question, the best test booster I have ever used. I really feel like MN is onto something here. Let's be realistic, the test booster market for the most part is a joke. A boost of 50 or 60% in test over 4 or 5 weeks =/= any real gains or changes in body composition, so a t-booster has to do something big in the body. Although I wish I had pre and post blood work to really see, a lot of the things I noticed with this product would imply it had quite a significant effect on testosterone.
    -For those concerned about XFA and its "dangers" I got blood work about day 40, for unrelated things. My livers values, kidneys, cholesterol, triglyc, on and on and on were all spot on perfect. My dr. was literally awe struck at how flawless the blood work was (not that it shouldn't be at my age and activity level). But there was nothing in the blood that would imply XFA was having a negative effect on me. On top of that, I injured my knee in the middle of the log from falling off a fence. Not only did XFA not cause extended injury/inflammation, my knee healed as fast or faster than it has with similar injuries.

    Huge thanks to Molecular Nutrition for this opportunity, and thank you to all who followed along.


    My bad! I will list the changes I have noted so far.

    - Increased stamina

    - Increased libido

    - Deeper sleep (believe it or not) - I think it may have to do with increased energy in gym

    - Increased hunger (not a great thing while dieting lol)

    - Huge increase in vascularity and blood flow to the muscles

    - Longer better pumps

    - Decrease in DOMS

    - Increased oil production and slight break outs on face

    - Increased irritability on occasion

    - Louder grunting in gym (due to increase in strength and lifting heavier )

    - Price

    All in all, it is an AWESOME product and definitely one worth investing in. I will probably not run it offseason, but will have it in my stack during contest prep for sure. I am almost completely out of my two bottles and would like to than Molecular Nutrition again for letting my test run Test Factor. Anyone looking for a great test booster. Definitely consider giving this one a try!


    i have been taking Peak Beta for over a month now and i have to tell you that i will continue to take this product. it is so easy to get caught up in the whole preworkout supplement that is suppose to have everything that a person would need in this one simple formula. the problem being that most of these are propietary blends, which means we have no idea how much product is in there. the other problem is that they put so many different things in there that the amount has to be so small that i always wonder how much good it is actually doing. just look at the size of the Peak Beta tabs, now how does a company fit that much beta alanine plus a dozen or more other ingredients in one or two little scoops? i dont know but i imagine that there isnt much of any product in there. so after 2 consecutive logs of single ingredient products and seeing great results, i am definately becoming a believer in the less is more concept.

    so now the question become does Peak Beta live up to what it says it will.

    no tingles--10/10 never had any!
    increase reps---- 9/10
    less burn-----9/10

    here is the deal with beta alanine, it isnt a huge strength building compound. one wont see the changes like they would with creatine or BCAA. what one will notice is a few more reps and less burn and i definately noticed that! it made leg day not quite as horrible, for me that is worth a whole bunch. and it is very nice not having to deal with the tingles of parathesis and the discomfort it causes!

    Peak Beta is no new miracle supplement, there isnt any new miracle supplement. this will help but one still has to put in the effort and the hard work to get what they want. taking this isnt going to make you any stronger unless you go to the gym and bust your ass and lift!

    overall i give this a 9/10 and that is only because of the inconvience of having to remember to take it 4 to 5 times a day. *big sigh* i realize that nobody wants to swallow some huge horse pill but i had a hard time remembering to a) put them in my pocket in the morning before heading to work and then b) taking them throughout the day.

    if you are looking for a great product that will help you help yourself, i highly recommend that you try a bottle of Peak Beta.


    Final Review
    after taking the product

    Weight Progress
    Beginning: 182.4 lbs
    Finished: 179.4 lbs
    I will guesstimate based on formulas and a BF machine that my BF% was around 15% to start the log and finished around 13.5% which yields about a 1/10th of a lb of muscle gained while dropping about 3.14 lbs of fat in those 40 days. Both weights were taken on the morning of a moderately high carb day so they may be off by 10% or so, but just a rough estimate.

    Bench Press Progress
    Increased my 2 Rep Max to 4 reps without any assistance
    May not seem like much, but in under 6 weeks I can not complain as it is steady progress.

    Leg Progress
    Tough to really say because I injured my knee slightly during the log so I switched to the Quantum Body Method leg training which doesn't require heavy weight. However, I did see noticeable changes in my definition.

    Military Press Progress
    Increased my 2 Rep Max to 3 reps, my working weight is now 15-20 lbs heavier than before on my sets that are 10-12.
    Was actually shocked to see that this number wasn't higher to be honest. I did hit a nice milestone as I can now push 2 plates for reps which I am happy with at my current weight.

    Deadlift Progress
    My former 1 Rep Max is now a 3 Rep Max
    Struggled mightily last week during dead's, but this week wasn't so bad. Happy with that progress for sure.

    Strength: It is very hard to judge as my program calls for constant progress every week and you never really know when you can/will plateau. Being on a cut sure doesn't help, but getting stronger while dropped bodyfat is really hard to argue against.

    Composition: Stomach looks a little leaner, shoulders and rear delts have noticeable definition changes, legs look more defined than before and vascularity is up as bodyfat is down, naturally.

    Mood: I was very irritable throughout the run and it greatly affected my sleep in a negative manner which I thought was very weird.

    Libido: No real noticeable changes to make note of.

    Overall, I am happy with the end results, after all it is a NATURAL test booster and you can't expect steroid like gains with these products. Running this with X-Factor I am sure is the better way to go and should I run this again, that would be my choice to do so.

    Thanks to everyone at MN for choosing me and I hope this helps some members here on the forum.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  2. <7%

    After having tried everything under the sun for the last 10 years (or, if this is an overstatement, "everything under the roof of *************) I have finally found a supplement that truly makes a difference in hypertrophy: X- FACTOR (XF). As a result, XF replaces Sesathin ans my favorite supplement of all time. By the way. XF and Sesathin are the only supplements that I have noticed a difference with. All others fall into the "well maybe it helped a bit, but I can't really tell" category, which for me is not worth the money spent on them.

    I will not be able to do a full log but to make a long story short, I had started XF a month ago at 4 capsules a day (each capsule has 250 mg of arachidonic acid) and after 7-8 days I had to stop as I was forced to travel. Unfortunately, 4 caps/day had done nothing in 7-8 days, so when I returned and was ready to start the XF cycle again, I ordered another bottle (now I had 2.5 bottles) and began the cycle with 5 caps/day. In around a week, I started to notice strength and size gains but most amaznigly, I started to lose fat even though I was trying to bulk. I was eating around 3000 kcal a day and was losing fat ==> This never happened before. When I upped the calories little by little to 3750 - 3900, I finally found the level that gave me the best muscle/fat gain ratio, and after 3 weeks of this cycle, I gained 8 pounds. I estimate that it was 6 muscle / 2 fat. This has bumped up my weight from 187 to 195. (I have another 20 days supply or so, I didn't really count how many pills are left in the bottle as of today)

    As of yesterday, I increased the dose to 6 caps/ day (yesterday was off) and today I had the weirdest sensation in my biceps. In the last rep of barbell curls, as I was pushing as hard as I can, I sensed the biceps contract so hard that it felt like a nuclear explosion was going on inside my arm. I have never had that sensation before. Also, all muscles felt so much fuller. I have no idea if increasing the dose from 1250 mg to 1500 mg can have such an effect in just 2 days. But I can only report what I have experienced. Similarly, it is odd that 1000 mg did nothing while 1250 did a lot; maybe 1000 mg was about to work when I had to stop.

    Just as importantly, this compound seems extremely well suited to cutting. I am planning to dedicate the last 5-6 days on the XF cycle to cutting and think that I can lose 1 to 1.5 pounds of fat in that period alone. If all goes according to plan, this should leave me with a good gain in muscle and fairly small amount of fat to burn. All in all, so far this has been the best supplement I have used by far.

    My suggestion to Molecular Nutrition: Ditch the 100 ct bottles and sell this thing in a 200 ct bottle for between 60 and 85 USD. As is, a lot of people are going to buy just one bottle to see if it works and then not be tempted enough to buy a second bottle. In my case it took some experimenting and then a good bump in calories to see serious muscle gain and some people may even need more accumulation of arachidonic acid and calorie adjustment. This way you may be selling just one bottle to a lot of people who never return to buy a second one. Get a bigger bottle, which would force people to persist and really see results....

    Thanks to all


    PS: I had originaly posted this a while ago on the other board and since then I have been continuing to take 6 caps a day with excellent results. No sides whatsoever. I feels like I am a tiny bit more prone to headaches as I have a tiny tiny amount of tension in my neck but it is so hot in here and excessive heat sometimes causes that. Even if the tension is entirely due to XF, I would say it is no problem at all as it easily goes away with a little bit of self-massage.

    Since 6 caps is working so great, I would love to experiment with an even larger dose but for the time being that is way beyond my budget.


    I have been coming to the supplement section of bodybuilding.com for years, back in the days before the new forum format. It has always been a wealth of information, assuming you know where to look and whose advice to take. The one thing this forum has lacked is follow-ups to threads that began by laying out a "cycle" for a particular product. Therefore I would like to contribute at least the end results of a 7wk test of a product.

    With the disclaimer that the only other supplements that I tried amidst this 7wk program were Protein Powder, my usual vitamins and various Nitric Oxide products, but nothing consistent. (BTW, Cold Fusion was by far the best, but that's for another thread)

    MY 7wk X-FACTOR Results:

    My training consisted of 1hr 4-5 days a wk / Cardio 30min 2-3x a week.

    Bodweight went up from 180 - 187lbs.
    Lost 2%bf - 13% down to 11%

    Now although some of the initial gains may have been attributable to muscle memory, I've never been this strong at this bodyweight with this bodyfat percentage without hormones.

    Some examples of my current lifts are as follows:

    Incline dumbbell press - finish with 120's for 6
    Incline Hammerstrength - finish with 4 plates on each side for 6
    Alternate Dumbbell curls - finish with 55lbs for 6

    Dumbbell Shoulder press - finish with 100's for 6
    Dumbbell Side raises - finish with 40's for 8

    One arm dumbbell rows - 140's for 8
    Hammerstrength one arm rows - 4 plates on each side

    Dips - bodyweight + 2 plates on weight belt for sets of 10

    These equal my all time best weights and some are even personal bests.

    Overall I'm truly impressed and even moreso for a non-hormonal product. I wish that I had the opportunity to hear more feedback on X-Factor when it first came out and maybe I wouldn't have waited so long to try it. Just wanted to share with my bros.



    This isn't much, but I am only 5-6 days into it. Be patient, they're will be more.

    Started Febuary 19th, Saturday.

    Day 1 - Saturday, Feb 19th

    Morning, Starting weight 164ilbs.

    Worked out shoulders/triceps.

    Cardio today, and abs.
    Bad tasting burps so far to note.

    Day 2 - Sunday, Feb 20th

    Worked out Back.

    Took X-Factor with food, didn't notice any bad burps today.
    Got a good back pump, I rarely get those, usually only after a good back workout.

    Day 3- Monday, Feb 21st

    Worked Chest/Biceps

    Starting to get some real bad acne on my back/shoulders. (Gone now)
    Good pump in Biceps and Chest. Chest was REAL sore after the work-out. Almost unbearable.

    Day 4- Tuesday, Feb 22nd

    Worked Shoulders/Triceps.

    Strength seems to be increasing a bit, not much, able to do a few more reps with my usual

    Chest is still really sore, thats a first, hasn't been this sore since I started working

    Starting to feel "aches" in my wrists, and knee joints.

    Day 5- Wednesday, Feb 23rd


    Worked abs, they were pretty sore after I worked them out.
    Increased joint soreness a bit.
    Seems to be a decrease in bodyfat, and looking a bit fuller.
    No bad burps yet, as long as you take it with food, there shouldn't be any burps.

    Day 6- Thursday, Feb 24th


    Joint soreness is still there.
    Weighed in today, 166 Ilbs. 2 Ilb gain so far, and seems as if I lost a bit of fat.
    Nothing new to report.

    Hoping to be able to add more into my notes as I progress into this cycle, but since it is

    not even a week in there hasn't been to much that has been happening.
    So far:

    *Increase in workout soreness
    *Increase in pump
    *Icreased joint soreness
    *Look more full, seems like I lost a bit of fat.
    *A gain of 2ilbs in ~5 days.


    Here are my final results:

    Before and After Body Composition

    Weight: 224lb ----------- 214lb -10lb

    Bodyfat: 16% ----------- 11% -5%

    Before and After Measurements:

    * Chest - 48.25 --------------- 48.45 +.20"
    * Arms - 17.75 ---------------- 17.75 no change
    * Forearms - 14.25 ------------ 14.5 +.25"
    * Legs - 28.25 ---------------- 28.5 +.25"
    * Calves - 18 ----------------- 18 no change
    * Waist - 34.5 ---------------- 32 -2.5"

    Before and After Basic Lifts

    * Deadlift: 352lb x 6 ---------- 352lb x 8
    * Squat: 308 x 6 ------------- 308 x 8
    * Bench: 202lb x 6 ----------- 206 x 6

    Lifts have not increased significantly, but this can be attributed to a calorie restricted diet and less intensity in the gym as this was a cutting cycle. I'm considering another cycle while bulking in a few months.

    I am impressed with this product because it provided good pumps and steady fatloss throughout the cycle with minimal side effects. My results have been significant enough to consider this a worthy supplement and others have experienced more than satisfactory gains in strength and LBM while maintaining or reducing their bodyfat.

    This is a very new and innovative supplement, I share Bill's outlook in terms of the product's potential.


    i started out at about 178lbs. and that is when i started my bulk phase and the x-factor....

    so 8lbs of LBM was pretty much gained bc my bf scale is only showing like .5% increase so far...

    I'm tellin ya guys, THIS PRODUCT IS THE SHIZ!!!

    Actual Size

    MY overall Review on this product would be A+ by far the BEST product I have ever used.


    Weight plus about 5 pounds
    Bf% down 2%
    Arms + 0.6 inches
    Legs Same
    Chest up bout 0.5 inches (dunno how accurate it is)

    Abs look much more defined too even though i was eating like crazy and not the cleanes either, My girlfriend really noticed it though she was just like holy **** u look great. This is a great product and I will incorporate it into my next cutting cycle.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  3. acecombact1

    Measurement______Start_______E nd______Change
    Body Weight_______204.5______210___ ___+ 5.5lbs
    Body Fat__________n/a________n/a______- .5%
    Bench Press_______205 / 8_____225 / 8___+ 20lbs
    Squat____________265 / 6_____275 / 10__+ 10lbs & 4 reps
    Deadlift__________180 /6-8___ 205 / 6-8_ + 25lbs

    Truncated summary: “…Strength gains were very visible on all my lifts… Endurance was most significant gain from this experiment. I was able to go longer in the gym without being tired… I didn’t notice much of sides [effects]… My face skin became oily, other parts in the body the skin was dry and rough. I also noticed my joints were dryer, and noticed pain in my wrist and elbow. But I reduced dose of X-factor during last week, and added some MSM, and I was good after that. Bottom line: X-factor is very decent non-hormonal anabolic, and I think it has a lot of potential…”


    Measurement_________Start_____ _End________Change
    Body Weight__________165_______172_ _______+ 7lbs (+ 9.5 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat_____________11%_______9.5% ______- 1.5%
    Incline Bench__________-__________-_________+ 25 lbs & reps
    Squat________________-__________-_________+ 40 lbs & reps

    Truncated summary: “Body weight up to 172 this morning, up around 7 pounds. Bodyfat decreased by 1.5% total…I had raised calories up about 4/500 a day, to 33/3400. I had strength increases on all lifts; I was focused on bringing up my incline bench and squat. Squat is up 40 pounds, incline bench is up 25, all for reps… The pumps that I had noticed seemed to stick around till now, and the soreness I had in the beginning of the trial hasn't been an issue for the past 2/3 weeks. I think I had gotten used to it. Acne was an issue for me at the beginning for the cycle, but added vitamin b6 and using oxy pads quite often took care of that. I am very satisfied with this product. I'll surely be buying another run of it later in the year.”


    Measurement__________Start____ _End_____Change
    Body Weight___________207______210_ ____+ 3lbs (+ 9.2 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat______________16.6%____13.6 %___- 3%
    Dead Lift (still leg)______-_________-_______+ 15 lbs
    Incline Bench _________-__________-_______+ 20 lbs
    Lat Pull Downs_________-_________-_______+ 20 lbs
    Bent Over Rows________-_________-_______+ 15 lbs
    Shoulder Press_________-_________-_______+ 10 lbs
    DB Skull Crushers_______-_________-_______+ 5 lbs

    “Pumps have been unreal, better then any no2 I have taken. In October I was able to squat 238lbs 25 times. I just tried to get 225 as many times as I could, and at 12 my pump was so big and intense that I could not do anymore. My legs get a little more sore then normal. Other then that the soreness only lasts about 1 day longer then normal. Strength: is up on everything but legs.. (hurt my knee). Bi's are about the same. Right now I’m just trying to maintain their size and not get them any bigger. Overall I would say this product is working pretty damn good, and I wish I could say that for some of the other **** I’ve wasted $ on.”

    EME (Cutting Cycle/Contest Prep)

    Measurement___________Start___ _______End_____Chang e
    Body Weight ___________176___________163__ ___- 13 lbs
    Lean Body Mass_________155.59lbs______15 1.92___- 3.67 lbs (mostly water)
    Body Fat_______________11.6%_______ __6.8%____- 4.8%

    Truncated summary: “The goal of my training during this phase was to cut toward competition condition, while maintaining as much lean muscle as possible… I believe I successfully achieved my goal of cutting fat and maintaining muscle during the past 50 days, and I believe that X-Factor was a significant component in my success. The only side effect I noticed was increased soreness during the first few weeks. However, this soreness either went away, or I became more used to it, because I did not notice it after about week 3. I will definitely include X-Factor as part of my cutting programs in the future. I definitely feel it helped me maintain Lean Body Mass while dropping fat. I am also looking forward to including X-Factor as part of my mass building program in the off season...”


    Measurement________Start______ __End_______Change
    Body Weight_________217_________223 _______+ 6lbs
    Body Fat ___________n/a__________n/a_______nc
    Strength____________-____________-_________Significant Increases

    Truncated summary: “…I ended the cycle at a total of only 42 days on X-factor due to some nagging shoulder pain. I felt that I had to give my body a break for a week or two to prevent further injury. This is an on going problem that has plagued me since I've started lifting weights. I don't believe it is any way related to the X-factor… Total weight gain at about 6 pounds. For me this is quite good. I do feel that this would have been more had I increased my calories… Overall I would give this product my thumbs up. I think this product helped me increase strength more than anything… I will definitely use it again. I feel to get the most from it you have to eat more calories to get the most from it. I do not know if the increased caloric demand is from protein synthesis or what but I do feel it is definitely there.”


    Measurement________Start_____E nd______Change
    Body Weight_________193______204___ ___+ 11 lbs
    Body Fat____________n/a______n/a_______n/a
    Strength____________-________-_________Significant Increases

    Truncated summary: “Overall my results have been really satisfactory. Remember how I started with my bodyweight of 193lbs? - Well after eight weeks I now weigh 204lbs. - that's an 11 lb increase. My wife and kids have really noticed my muscle size development. I love it. Every workout I did there was an increase in strength. And all I did was increase my intake of protein- whatever I could find - protein shake, chicken sandwich, tuna, etc. Needless to say, my workout intensity really improved. Even now, I can still feel the flu-like soreness on my muscles after working out. And the muscle pump is really great… I'll probably cycle off for a month and then resume for another eight weeks.”


    BEFORE Measurements.................. ...........AFTER
    Chest - 46in.......................... ..............46.5 inch (outer chest is more ripped and developed to the negative eye)
    Forearms - 12 1/2............................. ...13 in ( new exercises were introduced when i started this supp, bc my friends did them and it became an ego contest)
    Arms - 15 1/2............................. ........15 3/4 (biceps seem the same, but triceps are much bigger and well defined, yet still undersized)

    Calves - 15............................ ..........15 1/4 (pretty much back to the size it should be)
    Quads - 24 1/2............................. ....same (i blame the groin injury, but no biggie)

    Waist - 35.75......................... ...........35in
    Weight - 191........................... ..........196lb ( i was on a clean, lean bulk)
    Bf% - 14.9% .............................. ...... 13.7% (around the ab region, I looked more ripped, top abs are showing for the first time since early last fall)

    .....................BEFORE... .................... ............AFTER:
    Bench press: 1 x 7 - 185........................... ......1 x 5 - 225
    Lat pulldowns 1 x 8 - 120........................... .....1 x 6 - 150
    Pull ups.........1 x 13............................ ............1 x 22
    Squats..........1 x 6 - 225........................... ......1 x 4 - 225 ( 1 x 1 - 285) This was all due to my inability to train my legs from my groin injury
    Bent over calf raises: 1x 15 - 320.......................1 x 15 - 360
    Seated Smith bar Raises: 1 x 8 - 105..................1 x 4 - 125

    Other lifts were about the same, those are the ones with the major differences. In not a single lift did anything go down.

    -X-Factor was never a problem for me to consume, the capsules were the size of Vitamin E caps.
    -I did occasionaly forget (2-3times) usually at night at the beginning, but once i got in the habit of consuming it was not a problem.
    - I never experienced any pumps they ppl were talking about, only pumps were in my arms as usual.
    - did help increase in my strength
    - Also seemed to help with fatloss more so towards my image in the mirror than in the actual numbers itself
    -My girlfriend noticed a tremendous increase in my size and thought i needed to upgrade my polo shirt sizes even though she dug the sleeves looking like there were about to rip
    - My pecs are more finely tuned conditioned wise, esspecially the outer and have a more ideal shape
    - My forearm size went up mostly due to the new exeercises introduced at the beginning of this log when i started having 2 workout partners aka the ego contest or pissing contest

    -2nd week i experienced some burps that seemed like X factor, only happened after the morning dose but subsided after a couple days.
    - acne did increases slightly on my back, it cooled off but still there was a slight increase
    - Cant take pain meds, there was about 4 times i had a real bad headache and just pulled through it without the pain meds
    - I limited my consumptiop of Omega 3s, only consumption was olive oil when i bake my chicken or to coat my steaks before cooking.
    - This is not really a drawback, but for most of us it might be. I am used to creatine/NO products and these are products i can "feel" working or whatever, this is one product that requires patience and evaluations in the mirror each week to properly assess the progress
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  4. EME

    I was one of the X-Factor testers. My full log can be seen here:

    I have been training for more than 20 years, and have prepared for competition many times. In fact my current contest prep is my fourth in the last two years.

    I definitely feel that X-Factor made a difference in my training and contest prep. The only significant difference between my preparation this time and my previous preps over the past two years was the use of X-Factor.

    Right now, at 11 days out from my show, I'm 14 pounds heavier than at this same point last year at the same bodyfat %.

    I'm a natural competitor. No prohormones, steroids, etc...

    Although diet and nutrition certainly played a significant role in the gains I have made since last year, I feel X-Factor was another critical component my progress. I will definitely include in my future contest preparations.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    - EME


    drewkowsky (Cutting Cycle)

    Measurement_________Start_____ ___End________Change
    Body Weight__________231_________23 5________+ 4 lbs (+ 8.62 lbs Lean Mass)
    Body Fat______________-___________-__________- 2% (est. by 2” waist reduction)
    Waist________________40”______ ____38”________- 2”
    Bench Press_________265-240_______280________+ 15-40 lbs

    Truncated summary: “This stuff has blown me away.”


    Measurement____________Start__ __________End_______ __Change
    Body Weight_____________180________ _____187_________+ 7 lbs (7.9 lbs Lean mass)
    Body Fat_________________-_______________-___________- .5%
    Squat___________________-________________-___________+ 30 lbs
    Deadlift__________________-_______________-____________+ 20 lbs
    Pullups___________________-_______________-____________+ 10 lbs
    Curls____________________-________________-____________+ 3 reps
    Triceps Extensions_________-________________-____________+ 10 lbs

    Truncated summary: “No increased acne. Pumps during workouts were amazing, freaking amazing. BTW what’s most amazing is that for most of this cycle I was eating maintenance calories. Good product, and I recommend it. So far all the Molecular Nutrition products I’ve used, I’ve liked. Thanks William for the opportunity and kick ass results!”


    Measurement_____________Start_ ___________End______ _______Change
    Body Weight______________175_______ ______170___________ __+ 5.5 lb Lean Mass est*
    Body Fat_________________19%_______ _____16%____________ _- 3%
    Thighs____________________-_______________-______________+ .5”
    Bench Press____________155 / 10_________195 / 10___________+ 40 lbs
    Squat_________________255 / 10_________300 / 10___________+ 45 lbs

    * Scale reported .5 lb lean mass gain when fat loss was accounted for. Tester discontinued creatine supplementation mid-cycle, which normally causes him a loss of 5lbs water weight. User reported significant gain of lean mass during cycle. 5.5 lb figure is an estimate based on final weight, fat loss, and creatine loss adjustment.

    I haven’t updated in a long time because I haven’t really had anything different to say about X-Factor. The gains continue. It’s that simple. I noticed that the increased amount of soreness also tapered off with continued usage. Either that or I just got accustomed to the soreness. X-Factor also seems to have good nutrient partitioning effects. Although I was eating huge amounts of food and definitely not eating clean everyday, I still didn’t put on any extra fat. Actually, I think I lost a small amount of fat, which is amazing considering I wasn’t trying to lean out…My lifts all skyrocketed during the first month of supplementation… and after a one week plateau, they are just starting to go up again…. My body weight now is basically holding steady at 170 pounds but I’m noticeably leaner. For me, the coolest part about X-Factor (aside from the great gains) is the intensity it gave me. Maybe I was just psyched up to be making such great gains, I don’t know. But when I was on X-Factor, I was so focused and so ready to hit everything hardcore… the mirror doesn't lie. What I see is reduced body fat and increased mass.

    Summary: Amazing gains in strength and size. Nutrient partitioning effects cause leanness even while bulking. Increased drive and focus in the gym. Increases strength but not recovery. Therefore: be careful about overtraining. Useful while cutting and bulking. I can sum it up even better. X-Factor is certainly the best, most effective supplement I have ever used... EVER. (he is right, he should have been paid for saying that!)


    Here is my trial summary. It should be noted that I was stacking X-Factor with a absolute BARE MINIMUM of other supplementation, in order to objectively review the results FROM X-FACTOR ALONE... in my opinion, the average user could expect MUCH better results if stacking X-Factor with other quality supplements / cell volumizers.. etc..

    A few key things about X-Factor... I recommend it for both cutting AND bulking... "bodybuilders", "athletes", AND "powerlifters"... BUT I would wait until you hit a plateau in your progress / training, and I would buy 2-3 bottles.. minimum for best results.

    Size Gains:

    "Before" measurements

    Weight: 236

    Neck: 16.5
    Chest: 44
    Bi unflexed: 16.5
    Bi flexed: 17.5
    Forearms: 13.5
    Waist: 36
    Quads: 25.5
    Calves: 17
    "After" measurements

    Weight: 243-245 (gained 7-9 lbs)

    Neck: 16.5
    Chest: 45.5 (gained 1.5 inches)
    Bi unflexed: 17 (gained .5 inch)
    Bi flexed: 17.75 (gained .25 inch)
    Forearms: 13.75 (gained .25 inch)
    Waist: 35.5 (lost .5 inches while bulking ! !)
    Quads: 26.5 (gained 1 inch)
    Calves: 17.5 (gained .5 inch)
    Strength gains:

    Deadlift: Up 40lbs for reps

    DB Shoulder Press: Up at least 4 reps for sets

    BB Military Press: Up 4-6 reps for sets

    Squats: Up 10 reps for sets but no accurate 1RM

    Seated Leg Curls: Up 25+lbs

    Abs: Up 15lbs and up 5-10 reps for sets

    Calves: Up 90+ lbs for reps.... very noticable improvement, peak and vascularity.

    Legpress: Up 100lb+ for reps...very noticable improvement / definition

    Grip: Improved noticably during the beginning of the cycle.
    Link to my detailed log: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=502145


    I was just asked about my experience with X-Factor. After I wrote my response, I thought it would be a good idea to post it, so that others could possibly benefit as well...

    I did a cycle a couple of months ago. My improvements were clearly visible, and I've gotten a lot of compliments as a result. In particular, my shoulders have begun popping out nicely. Additionally, X-Factor helped me regain strength I lost during a cutting phase (that went wrong). My opinion is that this is one of the few supplements out there that actually works. But you have to keep a few things in mind:

    - No anti-inflammatories. Because X-Factor seems to work by creating inflammation, you need to remove as many anti-inflammatory foods/supplements from your diet as possible. On the food side, this includes e.g. olive oil, salmon, EFA's, etc. On the supplement side, this includes e.g. green tea, NAC, lecithin, fish oil, sesamin, SAMe, and some joint support supplements. If you don't remove these, then you will be neutralizing the effects of X-Factor and waisting your money.

    - Inflammation is generally a bad thing and is the cause of many diseases, so use only as directed. Don't go longer than 50 days, then cycle off for 2 months up to a year.

    - You'll know it's working when you feel ongoing muscle soreness (DOMS). If you don't, check your diet and/or adjust the dosage.

    - If you're not getting the gains you expect, you'll need to up your calories.

    - I have bad knees, and X-Factor can exaggerate the problem. I use a joint support supplement that is not anti-inflammatory, and I trippled my normal dosage. If you have and/or get sore joints from X-Factor, off-set this with glucosamine, condroiton, and MSM. Otherwise, you'll be miserable, and your ability to lift will be limited.

    - Lastly, keep in mind that different supplements work for different people, because each person's biochemistry is different. You can only find out by trying it and seeing if it works for you. (Many people get pissed off when they don't respond to a supplement and assume that a supplement is just junk.)

    That's about as much as I know. I hope that helps. I'll be starting another cycle myself next month.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  5. AznBB

    Well I'd like to give you guys a little insight into my cycle of X Factor... as of now, I'm starting my 5th week using X Factor. First of all, I'm usually very skeptical of these supplements that have some ridiculous claims and because of that I usually just stick with the basic ones like whey, fish oil, multivitamin and thats pretty much it. Never the less I decided to give this a try. So far I am extremely pleased with the results received thus far.

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'10

    Initial Weight: 174lbs

    Bodyfat: ~ 9-10%

    Supplementation: Prior to starting X-Factor, I had been using whey, multivitamin, fish oil, and Omega Thunder/Bulk CEE. I had already been on Omega Thunder/Bulk CEE for about 6 weeks prior to starting X-Factor so I attribute my recent gains to X-factor being that it was the only change to my regime.

    Training Background: I've been training pretty seriously for at least 3 years (probably more as you can see from my forum join date) starting initially at 119lbs. Currently doing a 4 day split as follows:

    Day 1: Chest/Abs
    Day 2: Back/Traps
    Day 3: Off
    Day 4: Legs/Abs
    Day 5: Bis/Tris/Shoulders
    Day 6: Off
    Day 7: Off

    Progress as of the start of the 5th week:
    This is probably the part you're more interested in rather than sh!t about myself . In terms of strength, I have been EXTREMELY impressed. I'll get to the numbers in a little bit, but the strength gains alone have been enough for me. I've experienced noticeable size gains in my chest especially where I lacked it the most(the upper/middle chest midline) as well as my legs and shoulders. My weight has gone up from 174lbs to 182-3lbs as of now. I have noticed no increase in fat gain and in some areas fat loss. The pumps have been exceptional as well sometimes not even during workouts! Concerning increased soreness and inflammation, that has to be the only part I can consider a hindrance. Starting around the 3rd-4th week, I started to really get increased soreness. I could hardly move around normally and I'm in that state right now. It hurts if someone just pokes me or if I move around too much which can be a little annoying. I did notice an increase in inflammation in my wrists and elbows especially during skull crushers where this was most evident. However, so far I have been more than impressed with this product and am still looking forward to continued progress.

    Total Gains as of now:
    Weight: 174 --- >182-3
    Incline Barbell Press: 225 x 6 ---> 245 x 6
    Incline Dumbell Press: 95 x 6 ---> 110 x 6
    Squats: 315 ---> 355
    Leg Press: 540 x 8 ---> 600 x 6
    Skull Crushers: 110 ---> 120
    Dumbbell Rows: 95 x 6 ---> 100 x 6


    Ok, my closing thoughts on XF.

    XF has been a really good product. I have noticed really nice size and strength gains while on it, especially size.

    The pros: Wonderful for muscle gain. Does a great job on giving you one hell of a pump, not just a pump but a visually noticeable pump. My workouts have been very strong and intense while on XF. The muscles react to it on every set and every rep. At times I felt my muscles were gonna pop open they were so pumped. XF is a kick azz product and I will buy it again in the future, it is worth every dime.

    The cons: With every good thing there must be a bad thing. What I noticed with XF is that the pumps are often painful, depending on the individual, they can be very painful and make you very sore. I felt sore all the time, even as I type this I am sore. I wake up in the mornings and feel like someone has beaten the hell out of me with a baseball bat. Is it worth it, hell yeah. I strongly suggest that if anyone decides to take XF, that you be prepared to be sore as hell for days even weeks at a time. The soreness will vary between people but for me it was a rough ride. I still have about 30 days left and then I will be off XF for a while to recover. It is hard on my joints but nothing you cant massage out and work through.

    I want to thank Molecular Nutrition for the opportunity to try out XF alone, but I am sure that by adding ActivaTE and Rebound XT to the mix, my gains are gonna get ALLOT better. Thanks to everyone that posted on my log, I hope you will continue to follow my XF/NHA stack log and post your support. Heres the link http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...09#post9226709


    Just realised I posted this in the wrong forum yesterday, meant to post it here, I suppose it won't hurt to have a copy here for people searching this sub-forum.

    Well, I've just started my 50th day of my first X-Factor cycle. There's been many threads on this product lately, but I figured one more wouldn't hurt, and also hope to perhaps spark further discussion on the product.

    First off, the raw numbers - my height is 6'3", and starting weight was 225. Weight last night was 240, so a total BW increase of 15 lbs. I didn't get my BF% measured at any point, but I didn't have any noticable increase in BF throughout the cycle. Current estimated BF is around 11%.

    My experiences during the cycle:

    - DOMS increased rapidly, so rapidly in fact that I assumed it was placebo effect as most had said XF takes a good 1-2 weeks to kick in. Soreness had increased markedly by about day 4, got a little worse over the next week but didn't increase after that. Overall it was only slightly higher than normal and certainly not close to unbearable as some had reported.

    - Appetite increased as well. As the cycle went on I ate more and more each day, and it wasn't force feeding. I tried to keep my protein intake high throughout cycle - at least one good serve of protein-rich food a day, plus anything from 2-4 shakes depending on when/if I was training that day. Oats and eggs formed a large part of my diet. Luckily I love them both so eating 2 big bowls of oats and honey a day was not force feeding.

    - My sleep patterns changed. I have had mild insomnia lately, although I cannot conclusively put this down to XF. My mind was racing many nights though, even after not consuming any stimulants for over 8 hours.

    Dosage was 4 caps/day, taken 1/morning, 2/pre-workout and 1/night on training days, and 4 spread throught the day on rest days.

    Apart from the usual whey protein and multivitamins, I was taking CE2, Zinc/Magnesium supps and GNC BCAA caps with the XF (if you're going to ask about why I was taking CE2 or BCAA caps, I didn't pay for either).

    In conclusion, the cycle was a success and mass/strength is up markedly. I plan to keep a much stricter log of my next cycle, with regards to calorie/protein intake and training patterns. Next cycle is planned in 50 days, and will be stacked with some crowd favourites - Green Bulge and Xtend to replace the CE2 and GNC BCAA caps I have lying around here now.

    I still have this idea in the back of my mind to increase dosage to 5 caps/day as an experiment. Hopefully weighing in around the 245+ mark by then, I don't see it as an "overdose" considering the recommended jump from 3 to 4 caps, but will happily take any and all advice given by the MN reps and other knowledgable folk.

    Overall, I highly recommend this supplement and look forward to posting a complete and detailed log of the next cycle in 50 days.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  6. CanadaBBOY

    My log is here - http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=725088

    Canadabboy’s final review of Molecular Nutrition’s X-factor

    General thoughts and feelings of my gains:

    Overall I felt that my gains were minimal, however I did have excellent pumps while taking x-factor pre-workout, and I felt a bit stronger and bigger in general. I find that when I look at myself in the mirror I feel and look bigger, and although my body fat has increased I still felt that I made some visible progress in my physique.

    Strength gains, endurance gains, and any other sort of gains:

    Near the end of my trial at around day 50, I had one excellent workout where my strength went way up on all of the exercises I did (I believe it was day 51). The next workout I felt as though my strength went up a little bit, but nothing too spectacular, and then after that there wasn’t much change. Near the end I tapered off my dosage of x-factor and felt the effects diminish (especially the pumps), and my strength seem to be fairly normal. Unfortunately I only noticed the one great workout where my strength was way up, and having done that same workout again on my last day of x-factor (day 61), my strength was similar to that excellent day, however it didn’t seem spectacular and was a bit lower. I didn’t really notice any endurance gains really. I was eating well over maintenance (as proven by the fat gains) during the whole 61 day ‘cycle’.

    Side effects:

    Below is a list of common x-factor side effects, or side effects that I experienced (a few are unique to me so far I believe, perhaps 2 of them). This supplement had by FAR the most side effects, and the most prominent side effects. I suppose the benefit of this is that you know it’s doing ‘something’, and that it is not just a placebo effect. The bad side is that the side effects were very pronounced and kind of ‘sucked’.

    Acne: I generally experienced no increase in acne.

    Joint pain: My knees may have been a tiny bit more sore, but I generally experienced no increased joint pain.

    Headaches: I experienced headaches for a few days but after increasing my potassium intake via 3 banana’s a day they went away and never came back.

    Accelerated hair loss/shedding: I do believe that I experienced this effect. It’s a hard thing to measure quantitatively and I may have just been paranoid, however I think it was noticeable. These effects seem to have subsided since I’ve decrease/stopped my dosings.

    Increased hunger: I may have noticed a slight increase in hunger however it was not significant.

    Rapid strength gains/muscle gains: With the exception of 1 workout (which could have been entirely mental) I did not notice any exceptional strength/weight gain.

    Insomnia/disturbed sleeping: I did experience disturbed sleep during the first month or so of this trial. My sleep was more restless and my mind was much more active. Once I awoke in the middle of the night to sleep, I would still be tired however it would be hard to get back to sleep and my mind would be racing. Also even when I did sleep it seems to be much less restful and would leave me more fatigued during the day.

    Vivid dreams: I did experience more vivid dreams around the first 2 weeks of my ‘cycle’. It was as if my sleep was very deep, however it was not very restful as noted above.

    Red inflamed/itchy rash like skin lesions: I did experience these and they are very weird. They’re like insect bites, but not from insects. They mostly occur around my hands (bit on forearms), and my ankles (bit on calves/shins).

    Prolonged sickness and development of allergies: The effect noted above could have been due to this in some way. It seems as though immediately after starting x-factor I developed allergies. This is coincidental because right when I started x-factor, allergy season also began. I’ve never had allergies before however it is possible that I somehow aquired these allergies independently of x-factor. It’s also possible that the enhanced inflammatory response and decreased immune function (I’m assuming due to the effect from x-factor of prolonging sickness) I was more susceptible to allergens and had an over reactive immune response to a particular allergen. Unfortunatley there is no way to tell what the source of my new allergies are, and even if it was x-factor that caused/aided in their development, I will never know because once you develop allergies you don’t loose them. The T-memory immune system cells have been formed and the mast cells have become tissue fixed, just waiting to be activated by an allergen for a huge histamine release/inflammatory response. It’s also possible that I was already slightly allergic to certain things and had just not noticed it before due to it being very mild, and then the enhanced inflammatory response from x-factor made it much more prominent so that I started to notice… who knows, but either way it sucks, and it can make sleeping much more difficult.

    Increase DOMS/muscle soreness: I did begin experiencing doms into the second bottle (maybe around day 40 as an estimate). They are not insane, but they are noticeable.

    Alteration of mental state/mood/concentration/well being: I felt during the beginning that my head was more ‘foggy and cloudy’ and that my concentration/state of mind was slightly altered. As time went on it seems as those these effects subsided, or perhaps I became used to them. I defiantly felt a bit different while taking x-factor, which would make some sense because my body was used to low levels of arachidonic acid and high levels of omega fatty acids, and then I suddenly pulled a switcheroo on it.

    Measurements before:

    * Forearms (L / R) - 13.5' / 14'
    * Arms (L / R) - 16.5-17' / 17' (left maybe a tiny bit smaller)
    * Legs (L / R) - 26' / 26'
    * Calves (L / R) - Just under 15.5'' / 15.5
    * Waist - 34' (I’ve had a lot of carbs the last few days, maybe a tad over 34)

    Measurements After:

    Note: Just over/under means maybe 1/8-1/6 of an inch? Very approximate.

    * Forearms (L / R) – no change
    * Arms (L / R) – just under 17' / just over 17'
    * Legs (L / R) – 26.5' / 26.5'
    * Calves (L / R) – just over 15.5'' / just over 15.5
    * Waist – 35.5’

    Personal Stats before:

    * Height : 6'0/6'1
    * Weight : 208-214 (changes during the day)
    * Body fat % : My digital calipers were broken/out of batteries at the start, however I got them working part way through on day 27 and it was 9.5%. To be fair I will estimate it back to day 1 to 9.0%.

    Personal Stats After:

    * Height : 6'0/6'1
    * Weight : 215-222 (changes during the day)
    * Body fat % : From an average of 11 readings (10.0, 10.3, 10.9, 10.3, 10.9, 10.0, 10.6, 10.0, 10.0, 10.0. 10.3) = 10.3% If assumed to be 9.0% on day 1 that yields an approximate fat gain of 1.5%.

    Evaluation/interpretation of body composition change:

    My weight range for day 1 was 208-214, yielding an average weight of 211. My weight range for the final day (day 61) was 215-221, yielding an average weight of 218.5. Using 9.0% as my initial body fat (being a bit optimistic here), I gained approximately 1.5% body fat, meaning that the amount of fat I gained was approximately (218.5 * 0.015) = 3.3lbs. My gains all seem to have come well into the second bottle as I was a ‘late bloomer’ with x-factor.

    If you subtracted the amount of fat I gained from my final weight (218.5-3.3lbs) it yields a total gain of 215.2-211 = + 4.2lbs.

    Overall progress:

    *Legs = +0.5 inches
    *Calves = + approximately 0.25 inches
    *Arms = approximately 0.1-0.2 inches
    *Waiste = + 1.25 inches
    *Lean muscle mass = + 4.2lbs
    *Body fat change = +1.5% (3.3lbs)


    I just wanted to say I did not expierience or I expierenced very little DOMS and joint pain. I gained roughly 10lbs on this product. I thought it was a very good product if you were cooking for yourself and you had all the resources to make this work ( high protein etc.) I feel it is good for bulking but when i started to do cardio at the end of the cycle, I feel it REALLY worked well becuase now I can see my oblicues(sp?) and abs well with 10 lbs.

    During around day 30-40 I put on a good 6lbs(very weird I know) and didnt put on too much during the last days. My strength on certain lifts went up but Iit might have been my training since I am only allowed to the gym monday through friday (pullup bar at home and bed to lift on weekends.)
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  7. Redvision

    My 40-day cycle of X-Factor is now over. I had great times using it @ 1250mg/day, with barely any sides, except sweating.

    During those 40 days, my caloric intake remained constant around 5000-5200 cals/day with at least 400g of protein and 1.5 gallon of water.

    I mostly did all my cycle with a 4-day split training routine in the 10-12 rep range and my main focus was adding some quality mass, which was a success

    I'll let the review speak by itself:

    Starting weight: 226 pounds
    dropped fat down 2lbs
    Ending weight: 232 lbs


    I look fuller overall, especially in my legs, and also more vascular!!

    Mesurements (day 1 VS day 40):

    Arms: 16.75 - 17 1/8 (+3/8")
    Chest: 48 - 48.5 (+.5")
    Waist: 35.5 - 35 (-.5)
    Neck: 17 - 17.25 (+.25)
    Thigh: 27 - 27.75 (+.75)
    Calf: 17.5 - 18 (+.5)!!!!!!

    Detailed final review, in chronogical order:
    Increased appetite at day 2 (!!!)
    Noticeable lethargy at day 4
    Began to feel warmer and sweat more at day 6
    occasional numbness in my arms since day 6
    Increased pumps at the end of week 1
    Fuller look at day 7
    Leaner in my mid-section since day 10
    A bit of back acne since day 14 (oily skin)
    First DOMs at day 16 (triceps & biceps)
    DOMs became worst since day 19
    Noticeable strenght increase since day 21
    Constant sweating since day 22 (a nightmare at the gym...)
    Increased vascularity around day 25
    First headache at day 26 (only when my water intake was too low)
    Worst DOMs since day 33

    No sleep issue at all and barely any back acne!


    X-Factor Final REVIEW


    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/stang03/x.jpg">

    1st Bottle Side Effects

    * Increase in appetite, I was hungry all the time.
    * Amazing Recovery. I don't know if it was because I was consuming more protein, but I felt fully recovered very quickly.
    * Increase in weight
    * At the very end of the first bottle I was starting to notice my strength increase and then I got a bad sinus infection and it stopped


    * Acne/Oily Skin- nothing too bad, took Gillette Compleye SkinCare Cleansing Wash Fragrance Free and PlexionSCT (sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5%) to help rectify the situation.
    * Headaches- had a couple every week, I was drinking enough water
    * Never had any joint problems
    * Never had any insomnia
    * Never had any DOMS

    2nd Bottle Side Effects

    * Increase in appetite, was hungry all the time.
    * Amazing Recovery
    * This finally "kicked in" the very last week full strength. I have had great pumps, improved endurance, continuing to get great recovery, pretty substantial increase in strength, increase in weight, and I look fuller/harder


    * Acne/Oily Skin- this got less and less frequent, and the acne has been gone for a while
    * Headaches- still had a couple for the first week, but they ended up going away completely
    * Never had any joint problems
    * Never had any insomnia
    * Never had any DOMS

    Ok, as you can see by the last update I was pretty disappointed with this product for much of the duration. This really did not "kick in" for me until the final week. I feel like I need another 25 days on this product to truly get all the positive effects. I think I would make some amazing gains if I had more time. I honestly don't know why it took so long for me. I did take Scviation Sesamin for the 1st week, 3 caps a day, but stopped after day 7. Right at the end of the 1st bottle I got a bad sinus infection and had to take a 3 day antibiotic Zithromax. I also took Tussionex for 3-4 nights which contains hydrocodone, and took Mucinex D for a week. I also took a few Excedrin that week. It took me a while to get over the infection.

    Other than the mediciation listed above I had no NAC, CLA, ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol, flax or fish oil, or peanut butter. The last week I also increased my consumption of coconut oil. I had fish maybe 5-6 times in the 50 days. Highest weight today was 194.5. When I wake up in the morning before breakfast I'm usually 185-186. I started at 177-178lbs. I need to have my bodyfat measured again, but it was 10% on 5/15/06. I think it is 9 something now.

    I also had my bloodwork drawn at the end of my first week on the 2nd bottle.

    I'll share the portions of my blood test that were brought up in the new clinical study:

    Clinical Markers of Safety
    No changes were noted in immune and serum clinical safety markers in subjects taking X-Factor. This included immune markers (white blood cell count, neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, and neutrophil: lymphocyte ratio), red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit, liver enzymes (alanine aminotransferase, gamma-glutamyl transferase, serum albumin, and aspartate aminotransferase), and kidney function/catabolic indicators (blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, and BUN:creatinine ratio). The results demonstrated that X-Factor supplementation during an extended period of resistance training is physiologically well tolerated and does not alter whole blood, liver or kidney clinical safety markers.

    Clinical Marker of Inflammation
    In addition to being “pro-inflammatory”, Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is the primary stimulus for the hepatic production of C-reactive protein, and is associated with a number of adverse health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, and cancer.

    fTEST significantly decreased (p=0.03) in both groups over time with no differences among groups (AA: -2.99 ± 6; P -2.60 ± 8 pg/ml, p=0.88). There was no significant group or main effects for tTEST or CORT

    The #'s inside [ ] are the LIMITS

    I'll just post a few of the results

    •Testosterone, Serum 513 ng/dL [241-827]
    •Free Testosterone (Direct) 18.7 pg/mL [9.3-26.5]
    •Estradiol 25 pg/mL [0-53] Adult Male: <54
    •IGF-1 323 ng/mL
    Age Range
    20 years 127-424

    •DHEA-Sulfate 195 ug/dL [280-640]
    ^^^ LOW

    Lipid Panel:
    •Cholesterol, Total 200 mg/dL [100-199] HIGH
    •LDL Cholesterol Calc 135 mg/dL [0-99] HIGH
    C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac
    •C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac 2.20 mg/L [0.00-3.00]
    Relative Risk for Future Cardiovascular Event
    Low <1.00
    Average 1.00-3.00
    High >3.00

    AST (SGOT) 38 IU/L [0-40]
    ALT (SGPT) 55 IU/L [0-55]
    ^ These are normal but you can see they are at the high end of the range
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  8. ophidian

    Hello all, I just completed a 2 bottle cycle of X-Factor and here are my experiences with the product. For objective data, my weight went from 195 to 201. I tried getting measurements, but the ones I got don't make a lot of sense (probably user error on the measuring device) so take these with a few grains of salt. My upper arms went from 14.5 to 15.0 inches, quads from 22.0 to 23.0, chest from 42.0 to 43.5, and waist from 34.0 to 35.0. The waist is what confuses me - I don't see how there was an across the board increase but such a small increase in overall mass. For strength increases, my flat bench press went up 25 lbs, squats went up 40 lbs, deadlifts went up 50 lbs, bent rows went up 20 lbs, and incline press went up 20 lbs.

    As far as subjective data goes, I was using the product for mass / strengh gain. No other relevant supplements were used - creatine but it has little effect on me and I was using it long before I started this cycle. The mass gain was minimal, but I can't complain about the strength since those are the best gains I have seen since I started lifting (started about 1.5 yrs ago). I did just start 5x5 while on this plan as well, so it is hard to say which was responsible for the gains, but bottom line is that I saw sizable gains in strength. There was no substantial change in body fat. My diet could have been better and that may be a contributing factor, the reason being that I was having trouble getting 4000+ calories a day without peanut butter. As far as side effects go, they were minimal. Muscle soreness was not an issue, my joints did not have an appreciable change in their degree of soreness, and acne was unchanged at roughly zero. I would not rule out buying this product again, but I am going to continue to monitor my progress on 5x5 to determine how much of my gains are attributable to a more solid workout plan and the remainder must be this product. The cost is the reason for that monitoring.


    I had just finished leaning out on an 11 week low carb run and my fat was down to 4%. However, I was down 30lbs - and 15lbs from my healthy weight of 185. As i began introducing my complex carbohydrates and boosting my protein intake, i began taking X factor. It took about 14 days to see/feel any significant results, at which point i began gaining, on average, 2lbs per week while staying leaner than i have ever been. I was able to come back to 185lbs from 170lbs and remain at 4% body fat in just one bottle of X factor. My strength was almost as high as it was in the fall when i was powerlifting. The best part about it is there is no crash after the cycle and you will keep 100% of your gains!
    If you are nervous to take any methylated products and you're not getting any mass from monohydrate creatines... or if you're an endomorph and you're having trouble balancing your strength with your body fat ---> i am telling you - take X factor!
    When i'm pumping with X factor - first off i was frustrated because i literally could not get sore at the gym. I was pumping ridiculous amounts of weight in high reps and there was very little pain. It wasn't until i felt how swollen i was (1 3/4" in my arms pumped out!) and how sore i was the next day that i realized this was something exciting.

    Da Main Man


    Molecular Nutritions X-Factor

    Supporting Supplements @ Time Of Use

    Animal Pak Multi-Vitamin
    Purple Wraath
    Generic Fish oil + B Complex + C Vitamins
    Dymatize Elite Whey Protein
    Bronx Plain Tri-Creatine Malate

    Stats @ Start Of Use

    215lbs @ 12-14%


    Every serious bodybuilder knows the awesome feeling of training in the zone. Banging off reps with a serious stack of plates on the bar, your muscles burning with a pump so intense you swear your skin is going to rip. Yeah, being in the zone is a big time thrill, and for sure helps you build freakish muscle. But, the zone is nothing without the "X". The zone is how you train. The "X-Factor" is how you grow!

    ...up to 15 lbs of muscle after just one 50 day cycle!
    If a powerful physique is what you want, then nothing is more important than the "X". What we are talking about is revolutionary. It is the single greatest anabolic discovery of the new century. It will take your body to a new dimension, with more muscle, reduced body fat, and freaky pumps that will shred your clothes into a pile of threads. We are talking about a serious discovery made by one of the only men on the planet capable of such a powerful discovery. A man so dedicated to anabolic research that he literally wrote the book on it. We are talking about William Llewellyn, performance-enhancement scientist, ANABOLICS 2000 - 2005 author, and CEO of Molecular Nutrition. He is no lightweight when it comes to anabolic research and discovering new muscle building substances. Holder of several U.S. Patents on anabolic compounds, Llewellyn adds his newest and greatest anabolic discovery to the list. - "X-Factor"

    Ingredient Profile

    Serving Size: 1 Stock
    Servings Per Container: 100

    Amount Per Serving:

    Arachidonic Acid: 250mg

    Other Ingredients:
    AA Oil (a proprietary blend of arachidonic acid, palmitic acid, steric acid, linoleic acid, y-linolenic acid, dihomo-y-linolenic acid, myristic acid, arachidic acid, behenic acid, lignoceric acid, and other fatty acids), gelatin, glycerin, water, caramel color, and carob.

    Direction Of Use

    Directions: Take 1 softgel 3-4 times daily for 50 days (2 bottles are required for a full cycle). Do not exceed recommended dosage. Take 50 days off before repeating. To maximize benefits, avoid supplementing omega 3 fatty acids, or other anti-inflammatory products, while taking X-Factor.


    You would think N/A but in fact if you have ever experienced Fish-oil Reflux burps, they have nothing X-Factor burps...NASTY!



    Final Thoughts

    I really had High hopes on this product considering the price and the high praise it gets on some forums, i though id give it a shot.

    the first week was nothing special, until i jumped on the scales, i was up a few pounds, which i though was either carb loading, sodium or maybe just full bowels.

    i never got any severe doms/soreness/joint pains above the norm.

    I used fishoil, and high amounts of fat on cycle, i got sick of reading countless threads about what not to eat blah blah. Phosphate said there may well be some synergy with the fishoil so i gave it a shot.

    i never got extreme pumps, i never do even with so-called pump products, i did however get the muscle fullness i was expecting.

    after 50 days i went from 215lbs to about 227lbs + a few % increase in BF. i cant complain, im the heaviest and strongest i have ever been and with in inclusion of the fish oil + high fat diet (reletivly low carb) i think the product worked well.

    Web Store Link

    Overall Rating

    Top Product, pricey, but in the end worth it.
    not a newb supp.

    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  9. wenglo111786

    Just wanted to type up a quick review on X-factor, I'll follow this up when I finish the second bottle with a final review. Hopefully some of you find this useful. Let me give some info before I review:

    Supps: X-Factor - 1 w/ breakfast - 2 an hour before work out - 1 hour after workout
    AST pro 32x - 1 w/ breakfast - 1 w/ dinner
    no fish oils and no creatine
    as a side note i'm also taking minocycline for acne, shouldn't have any effect though

    Backround info: Alright there are a lot of things here hindering my review so this is important. First off i've always battled acne in the past, i've had to take minocycline on 3 seperate occasions in order to clear my skin, all 3 times it worked and then 6 months to a year later would hit me again. Also, very important to note prior to taking X-factor I had spent 2 weeks in the field doing a training exercise. We were living off of crappy meals and I had no way of lifting. Prior to this though I had just finished a cycle of white blood and green buldge and saw some good gains and finished off weighing about 169 lbs.

    Review: I started taking X-factor the day I got out of the field and weighed in at 164 (lost 5 lbs in the field). My first time in the gym was very upsetting, all my lifts were down due to my inactivity. After about a week and a half I was back where I should have been and almost back to full weight. Now after completing the 1st bottle in just under a month I have made very impressive gains. I am lifting heavier than I ever have in the past and I now weigh 174 lbs. The most i've ever weighed in my life. This could also be acredited to adjustments in my diet and increased protein intake as well though. I am very happy with this supplement so far and for the 2nd bottle i think I will begin taking 5 pills a day.

    Sides: Keep in mind I have had acne problems in the past. While on x-factor my chest flared up with TONS of acne. My face stayed the same w/ mild mild acne but my chest is the worst it's ever been. There is a little on my back and shoulders but the chest is the main spot. Also while taking minocyline to clear my acne there has been little improvement and i'm wondering if it's because the x-factor is pretty much coutering that. I have swtiched to a more potent acne medication and am just now starting to show some good results. I definetly experience some delayed onset muscle soreness the first 2 weeks or so but that has subsided to a minimum now. I haven't had any trouble with sleeping beyond normal, i've always had alittle trouble, but nothing major.

    Conclusion: So far to me X-factor has definetly given me great gains and results and I think it is totally worth it. Maybe for some people the acne would detore them from using it again, but being stationed with the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan I don't have any girls to impress, because there's like a 100:1 guy:girl ratio (you think i'm joking). I hope someone finds this review somewhat useful and i will write up a better one upon completion of the cycle.


    You can see the log here:


    Initial Bodyweight and Current Bodyweight


    158 lbs


    161lbs +3lbs

    I weighed myself both times after the ****, shower and shave, but before eating anything.

    Initial Measurements and Current Measurements


    Neck: 15.5 inches

    Shoulders(all the way around, middle of delt): 45.25 inches

    Right Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.75 inches

    Left Bicep(flexed at peak): 13.5 inches

    Chest(across nipples, exhaled): 38 inches

    Waist(1 inch above belly button): 30.5 inches

    Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 32 inches

    Right Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.75 inches

    Left Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.5 inches

    Right Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches

    Left Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches


    Neck: 15.5 inches No Change

    Shoulders(all the way around, middle of delt): 45.75 inches +.5 inches

    Right Bicep(flexed at peak): 14 inches +.25 inches

    Left Bicep(flexed at peak): 14 inches +.5 inches

    Chest(across nipples, exhaled): 38 inches No Change

    Waist(1 inch above belly button): 31 inches +.5 inches

    Abdomen(1 inch below belly button): 32 inches No Change

    Right Quad(8 inches above knee): 23 inches +.25 inches

    Left Quad(8 inches above knee): 22.75 inches +.25 inches

    Right Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches No Change

    Left Calve(4 inches below knee): 14.5 inches No Change

    My Final Thoughts On Molecular Nutrition: "X-Factor and Fish Oil"

    -Strength and Size-

    Strength was really good throughout this log. I didn't make any extremely impressive numbers but I moved some lifts back to where they should have been and even broke a few PR's on things like Bench Press and Rows. I finally started moving my Squat numbers back up after struggling with back problems for a few months. Unfortunately I struggled with a wrist issue the entire log and even had to stop for 3 weeks. This most definitley held me back. I gained 3lbs over the past 2 months which isn't incredible but my diet is just too inconsistant. I'll do real good for 3 weeks and then just screw up for the next 2 or something. I increased a few of my measurements and you can see the difference in my arms even though it was only .25-5 inches gained on them. Strength took presidence over size gains in this log.

    -Vascularity and Pumps-

    Vascularitity was pretty good throughout this log as well. Biceps and Upper Chest and Neck were noticeably more vascular especially when pumped from a workout. Speaking of pumps I had pretty good pumps going considering the rep range I was in (5). And when I did the isolations at the higher rep ranges, 8-10, my arms got swollen big time. Lats always seemed to be pumped during this log too. I did not notice that they got any better or worse throughout the log though. They seemed to kick in about the 3rd week but never really got better from there.

    -Mood, Aggresion, Appetite, Etc.-

    At first I seemed to be fairly mellow for most part, yet intense when I wanted to be. During a workout for example I felt really agressive but when just doing my day-to-day more mellowed out. Appetite was very strong for the first few weeks but seemed to taper off the last 2 or so.


    Man, X-Factor really kicked my ass here. The first 30 days were the worst/best depending on how you like DOMS. I was pretty much sore non-stop for the first 30 days but again it started tapering off after about 4-5 weeks.

    -Miscellaneous, Side-Effects, Etc.-

    Acne and Lethargy. I experienced a slight increase in acne on my upper back area for the bulk of this log. My hair and skin seemed a bit more oily as well. Maybe its because of my 2 jobs and school but I was also tired a lot during this log. Other than the slight acne and lethargy though I had no other sides. No headaches, no sleep trouble, nothing really. I doubt the Pro-Inflammatory properties of X-Factor helped much with my wrist though.

    Strength: 9

    Pumps: 7

    Vascularity: 8

    Overall: 8


    This product is awesome! This is my second cycle of X Factor and I plan on taking one more for maximum gains and results. Since taking it, I have added almost 15 pounds of muscle (I'm 19 years old and weight about 190 pounds). I can be seen on the Evergreen fitness website during the month of february at evergreenfitness.net. I am the February success story. Anyway I have added inches to my arms and massive gains to my bench. I have gone from doing my 5x5 at 225 to 260 lbs on Bench. I recommend it to anyone
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  10. BuckeyeMuscle

    Day 1- 198 lbs
    Day 25- 202.5 lbs

    So far I have made a 4.5 pound increase in bodyweight, which is phenomenal. Now, I realize that because I did increase my daily calorie intake that not all of this is from the X-Factor, but I believe it played a huge role. As far as bodyfat is concerned, at the beginning of the cycle I could see a "4 pack." Now, I can still see that "4 pack," and the top 2 are peeking through a tad more.
    Also, the pumps I have been getting the last few days have been very pronounced. I have also noticed a decent increase in vascularity, especially in my delts and chest.

    This was the hard part about X-Factor for me. Although I know that a lot of the foods that were originally banned from using while on X-Factor are now cleared for use, I decided to stay away from them. I have eaten no peanut butter, fish, olive oil ,etc...Since going on X-Factor I have been eating about 3500-4000 calories a day, mostly from beef, chicken, oats, rice, milk, eggs, veggies, and protein powders. Before X-Factor I was eating more in the 3000-3500 range.

    Really nothing to complain about here. I have noticed a few errant pimples on my back/shoulders, but nothing too bad.

    So thats my mid-cycle review, and I cant wait for the second half of this cycle, hopefully it goes as well as the first half!


    So far I am pleasantly pleased with my X-FACTOR cycle. The 1st 2 weeks were really intense after lifting because of the increased soreness I experienced. It makes you addicted to the feeling... haha. Also my weight has been steadily gaining rapidly compared to when not taking it. My body has been leaning out while gaining weight . I have been tracking my bodyfat% and weight on my scale at home.

    Before cycle I was around 160 in the morning with a daily range of 159-164. Now I'm waking up and weighing in around +/-165.5 with a range of 165-170.

    I have about 22 days left in my cycle and I hope that I can continue to lean on it while gaining more weight. If I could end around 170 in the morning on this cycle I wil be happy at the end of it. I am also taking the rest of my E-BOL bottle on these last few days of XF.


    My diet was very very clean throughout the whole 50 days. I always do clean bulks, and cheat about once a month(pizza usually). But I decided not to cheat during my X-Factor cycle. I ate around 3,500-4,000 calories a day (depending on how busy I was with class/studying). My diet mainly consisted of chicken, 90% lean ground beef, skim milk, oats, veggies, eggs, and protein powders. Prior to my X-Factor cycle I was eating about 3,000-3,5000 calories a day.

    Starting Weight 198.00lbs
    End Weight 207.50lbs

    Cycle Timeline
    Days 1-10- I started off at 198 pounds. Around day 8 and 9 I started notice a minor increase in my pumps, and also an increase in hunger. No extra DOMS was noted.

    Days 11-20- The pumps got even more intense around day 14. Around day 18 I noticed that I was losing a bit of bodyfat around my abs. My lower and upper abs started showing more clearly. I also had a bit of elbow pain around day 20, but it went away the next morning, never to return. A slight raise in DOMS was experienced.

    Days 21-30- Day 25 I weighed 202.5 lbs in the morning on an empty stomach. I was very happy about this, especially because I think my bodyfat had decreased. This is also when I started noticing the strength gains. My incline barbell bench went up 10lbs, incline dumbell went up 5lbs, and squats went up 20lbs(all by day 30). I also started to notice a slight increase in acne on my upper back and shoulders. DOMS was definatly noticeably increased.

    Mid-cycle Review

    Days 31-40- My strength gains continued to come, and I added weight to almost every single lift. The pumps were very intense, especially when I worked out my biceps and chest. I definatly noticed an increase in vascularity with each workout. I was also very hungry and very thirsty all day. Not more than hour after I would eat, I'd be hungry again. My abs definatly look the best they have now since last summer. DOMS was about the same.

    Days 41-50- Strength was still on the rise on all my lifts, and the pumps stayed about the same, but still very intense. My vascularity was definatly at an all time high. I had a few people comment about the vascularity in my forearms and biceps, even when it wasn't back/biceps day! The acne on my back actually started to go away, which surprised me. But the hunger and thirst remained. The day after my cycle ended, I weighed myself in the morning on an empty stomach, and I now weigh 207.50 pounds. So overall I gained about 9.5 pounds and lost a bit of bodyfat. DOMS was increased a tad more than the last 10 days.

    Unfortunatly I did not take before and after pics, which I regret now, but I plan on running X-Factor again next fall, and I definatly will then. In the fall I plan on doing a 40 day cycle @ 1250mg a day, combined with Jungle Warfare and BAM (I'll be 21). Overall I'm very pleased with my cycle of X-Factor, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to bulk, or do a recomp. I'm also pleased with the fact that my strength and weight went up, while my bodyfat decreased. Although I will not contribute ALL of my gains to X-Factor since I bumped up my caloric intake by about 500 calories, I will contribute most of my gains to it.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  11. Hartley53

    Alright here is a brief overview of my recent X Factor cycle set-up:

    Goal: Days 1-40 Bulk.....Days 41-50 Cut (Ill explain later)

    Training was most powerlifting with some hypertrophy workouts for the smaller bodyparts. Worked out 6 days/week.

    Other Supplements: Multi Vitamin (Animal Pak), Whey Protein (Body Fortress)
    X Factor was dosed at 4 softgels/day (1 AM, 2 Pre Workout, 1 Before Bed)

    Diet: Bulking- 4000 cals (~250g protein), Cutting 3000 cals (~300g protein)--basically just cut out alot of carbs and fat.

    Side effects: Very Few! My face was more oily than usual but by washing my face frequently I kept my acne in check. I experienced only 1 headache while on this cycle. Did have trouble falling asleep ~25% of the time. It helped if I took my last x factor of the day 2 hours before I went to bed. Did not experience extreme DOMS like many others have reported.

    Starting Weight: 228.6
    Ending Weight: 227.2
    (Weights were taken in the morning on an empty stomach.)

    Week 1: 228.6
    Week 2: 230.2
    Week 3: 231.6
    Week 4: 232.4
    Week 5: 231.0
    Week 6: 234.0 (Began Cutting a few days after)
    Week 7: 228.4
    Week 8: 227.2

    1 rep Maxes:
    Bench Press: +20 lbs
    Squat: +10 lbs
    Deadlift: +40 lbs!!!

    Body Comp: All body measurements (arms, quads, chest, etc) are up or remained the same. I feel and look alot leaner but at the same time, more muscular. People actually said that I looked bigger now at my current weight (227) than I did when I was in the mid 230's! I have always had some fat around my belly and big love handles and I have watched them shink considerably in the last 10 days. By Back looks wider, thicker and more defined. Quads are huge and hard, Very little fat there.

    Conclusion: I purchased this product with the goal of putting on alot of mass and strength for football. I wasnt feeling that x factor was helping me gain mass as much as I wanted it to. I was getting alittle fat from eating alot of carbs. I decided to cut for the last few days of my cycle and it has worked GREAT. I really cut down on the carbs and fat and increased my protein intake. I think I look alot better than I did when I started (More muscle, Less at). I would really recommend this product for cutting but not so much for bulking. With that said I will give it 2 grades

    Bulking: 6/10

    Cutting: 9/10

    I will consider using this product again when I cut after football season. At $100/cycle I might look for a cheaper alternative. I believe a cycle of xfactor is worth ~$60-80

    Thank you Molecular Nutrition for a solid product!



    Time Ran: 50 day (2 bottle Cycle) at 1000mg per day.

    Other Supps:
    Gaspari SizeON
    CL White Blood
    Animal Pak
    Scivation Xtend

    Starting Weight: 190lbs
    End Weight: 200lbs

    Review: i really enjoyed using this product! I would say that shows in me gaining 10lbs of lean muscle. I went from 10% bf to 7% bf which was really suprising. My max bench went from 300 to 315. I am definately going to be all over this again in another 50 days
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  12. I hope this thread helps many potential X-Factor users who are on the fence about making the purchase.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    I hope this thread helps many potential X-Factor users who are on the fence about making the purchase.
    duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is awesome!!! I have definitely been on the fence about making this purchase but I'm thinking I might have to do it.

    scratch that... I'm doing it.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by tbarrows View Post
    duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is awesome!!! I have definitely been on the fence about making this purchase but I'm thinking I might have to do it.

    scratch that... I'm doing it.
    glad to hear it, I cant wait until I can add your review to the thread!
  15. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by tbarrows View Post
    duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is awesome!!! I have definitely been on the fence about making this purchase but I'm thinking I might have to do it.

    scratch that... I'm doing it.
    Awesome man, if you have any questions hit us up anytime.
    Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    glad to hear it, I cant wait until I can add your review to the thread!
    Awesome Thread Tim, I know this took some time but is very well worth it. This ought to answer alot of questions to potential customers.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by fitcopforlife View Post
    Awesome man, if you have any questions hit us up anytime.

    Awesome Thread Tim, I know this took some time but is very well worth it. This ought to answer alot of questions to potential customers.
    Ya in only a few days Ive heard three people thus far say they bought a cycle of XFA after seeing the overwhelmingly positive feedback!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post

    o snap
    Lol, what, I thought you loved X-Factor?!?! (there is the possibility I have you confused with another poster...)

  18. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    Lol, what, I thought you loved X-Factor?!?! (there is the possibility I have you confused with another poster...)
    I often show my love by lashing out.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    I often show my love by lashing out.

  20. Surprised you didn't pull out the original "study" that we did over at Mind and Muscle. Some decent results for you there as well.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Surprised you didn't pull out the original "study" that we did over at Mind and Muscle. Some decent results for you there as well.
    oh snap! dsade just got old school

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    oh snap! dsade just got old school
    Hey, it was my first shining moment in the industry...and we provided some good data and feedback, actually bringing the product some glory.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Hey, it was my first shining moment in the industry...and we provided some good data and feedback, actually bringing the product some glory.
    Dsade, I was never active over there, care to fill me in?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    Dsade, I was never active over there, care to fill me in?
    I'll try to grab you a link. Basically we took 6-7 testers, gave half placebos, and tracked them for like 8 weeks.

    They took measurements, weight, posted complete diet, and gave subjective feedback.

    Results were positive and subjective feedback was very valuable.


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