OK my AM bros its time. The Mrsupps.com Product give away!

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  1. OK my AM bros its time. The Mrsupps.com Product give away!

    So 2 weeks ago we made a huge slash here at anabolicminds.com with out NTBM.com products give away.. Well its time to make yet another big slash and do our Mrsupps.com product tester/give away!!!!!!!!

    O yes total NTBM/Mrsupps.com domination!!!!

    In this thread I would be looking for testers and people to do product reviews on.

    5 bottles of Epi - Strong
    5 Beastdrol
    5 Helladrol
    5 Dieselbolan v2.0
    5 Forma Stanzol
    5 Katanadrol v2.0

    and also close to 10 testers to help us do bata testing on our newest product. Chlorathoxy!!!
    A topical 4-chlor and 13-methyl-methoxy product. Yes it will work and we will prove it...

    Let it rain free products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  2. this thread should have 20 pages already!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by needtogetmuscle View Post
    this thread should have 20 pages already!!!
    Lol it will get there. many people still at work...

  4. dang that is an incredible deal and give away!!

  5. holy sh1t Nate has done it again... No one wants free products??

    Can I apply Nate lmao

  6. Hell ya lets see what people think now.

  7. Get on this guys!!!!!!

  8. zomg.... im debating how much i hate my liver already cuz i using stuff right now haha!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  9. woot woot!! Where do i sign up!?!?!?!?!?!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by blackbee View Post
    woot woot!! Where do i sign up!?!?!?!?!?!
    Well, what do you want??!!

  11. Dude I got to have the epi, I have been planning a run with epi for like a month now, I will much appreciate it and thank you by giving you a very detailed and promising log on it!
    This is a great operunity for me, and the people I've been talking to about epi no why.
    In my current situation this would be the best chance I have.
    Plz hook a brother up

  12. i would love to log some epi or katanadrol. this would be my first run of either so i would hopefully be a good responder. i can keep a detailed and honest log. i'm looking for a nice cutting supp and know that these 2 are great for that. i have all support supps and p.c.t. already lined up (hint-hint) just looking for something to run. thanks guys.

  13. I want some Forma Stanzol for PCT haha.

    But ya blackbee tell us what u r looking at trying man.


  15. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    I want some Forma Stanzol for PCT haha.

    But ya blackbee tell us what u r looking at trying man.
    I would like to try beast, epi, or the katandrol.

  16. i would have jumped on this but I am in the middle of an hdrol cycle, bummer.

  17. Woooooo now she's blowin up

  18. Damn, you guys are bringing your A Game!!!

    As it so happens, I was just planning a cycle for when I wrap up the Need2Slin/GEAR log I'm running for you here and on MFF!

    I'd be interested in pretty much any of them, but particularly the Dieselbolan V2.0 or I can do a stack with the Katanadrol V2.0 and Helladrol (or one of my own PH/DS). Forma Stanzol looks delish too!!!

    I've been interested in these, and can log them here, MFF and PHF.

  19. Epi epi epi
    Nuff said lol

  20. I would definitely love to try the Forma Stanzol. Looks like a really solid product that could definitely help me out in my meet prep right now.

  21. Sweet! In! Would LOVE to do a log for your Beastdrol!

    I'll do a very detailed log with progress pictures, informative/funny videos about the cycle, I always log my workouts, and a very detailed layout of my diet that I post sometimes on my current logs.

    If I was chosen to test Beastdrol then I'll be sure to bridge it into the Epi-Strong I got saved up. Also considering doing N2Guard on cycle

    Already have a big log on Forma Stanzol that I'm currently working on right now and I ordered 2 bottles of Epi-Strong that I'll be logging in a couple of weeks.

    Here's my Forma Stanzol log if you want to take a look as well and see my logging style:
    First log for MRSupps FORMA STANZOL Yea baby!

    Pick me! Me! BEASTDROL WOOOOO!! Thank you MRSUPPS!

  22. Awesome opportunity guys...... Better get in on it

  23. I will hate myself if I let this pass on me, so I figure ill let my name pop up a third time
    Pick me 4 epi

  24. So glad to see this promo taking off.


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