Pink Magic by USPlabs--Mechanisms of Action-CONTEST-Big Prizes offered!

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    Pink Magic by USPlabs--Mechanisms of Action-CONTEST-Big Prizes offered!

    I'm posting some important MOAs (mechanism of action) of Pink Magic that play a crucial roll in the dieting process...

    Pretty simple contest and one entry per person.

    Give me 2 scenarios why it would be a perfect addition to a fat loss or muscle building routine..

    The best answers will be entered into a lottery. Please think it out and take your time. ideally I would like your answers to educate the audience and please recommend stacking with other supplements, diet and exercise, etc..let the imagination run free!

    Winners get!

    The Monster Muscle stack!

    Pink Magic-PRIME-Super Cissus(for its anabolic actions)-Jack3d Grape bubblegum or flavor of choice-AND-Mystery product-and a Hug from Mulletsoldier and belly rub from Casey.

    -Winners chosen Next Friday the 13th--ooooooo!

    ----------------------Pink Magic Mechanisms of Action contest-------------

    Amino & Glucose Transport

    In addition to these effects, by inhibiting other subtypes of phosphodiesterase a vasodilatory effect can occur, allowing for increased amino acid and glucose transport to skeletal muscle, as demonstrated in various animal & human studies & review papers (2,14-17).

    Pumped To The Gills While Cutting?

    In addition, this vasodilatory effect can potentially lead to greater "pumps" and the feeling of fuller muscles, while also potentially increasing lipolysis (2,18).

    Keeps Going Like That Bunny

    Unlike various nitric oxide (NO) products which can lose their effectiveness over time, these compounds won’t follow in their footsteps.

    Synergystic with Nitric Oxide Products?

    In fact, as demonstrated in animal models, these compounds may prevent N.O. products from losing their effectiveness in the first place (19-23).

    Additionally, these compounds may even increase or potentiate the effects of nitric oxide products(24).

    How so, you ask?

    Well, to answer that, we must look at how the beloved nitric oxide (N.O.) molecule allows for vasodilation and the subsequent benefits...

    N.O. is involved in the NO/guanylyl (guanylate) cyclase/cyclic GMP-dependent cascade...

    In effect, it is thought that the N.O. molecule works by binding to and activating soluble guanylyl (guanylate) cyclase, which in turn catalyzes the formation of cGMP from guanosine triphosphate (GTP).

    Once the previously mentioned second messenger, cGMP accumulates intracellularly in the given cell/tissue type (in this case smooth muscle), activation of cGMP-dependent protein kinase (protein kinase G or PKG) occurs and eventually leads to vasodilation, in this particular case.

    So, again, how might these ingredients prevent N.O. products from losing their effectiveness and possibly even potentiate their effects?

    Well, it appears that one mechanism behind the reduction of N.O.'s effectiveness is an increase in the activity of cGMP-phosphodiesterase, which as we discussed earlier, is responsible for degrading cGMP...

    Since the body can't stop you from ingesting compounds designed to increase N.O., it does the next best thing by increasing the expression of enzymes designed to reduce the downstream effectiveness of N.O....

    In effect, it decreases levels of cGMP and thus reduces the level of vasodilation and other potential benefits...

    However, since these compounds have demonstrated the ability to inhibit cGMP phosphodiesterase, this can not only work to prevent the decline ineffectiveness of N.O. products, it may even potentiate the effects of them through the same mechanism...

    You'll have that N.O. product working to increase cGMP levels, while the key ingredients in Pink Magic prevent the degradation of cGMP, allowing you to maintain and even increase the beneficial effects seen with NO products!

    Yet, unlike most N.O. products, these compounds won't succumb to decreased effectiveness through decreased cGMP levels.


    If this weren't enough, one may also notice an increase in resistance to fatigue as a result of direct effect upon skeletal muscle (i.e., cAMP accumulation in both type I [slow-twitch] and type II [fast-twitch] can result in a resistance or decrease of fatigue) and the diaphragm; furthermore, by increasing cGMP accumulation in other cell types, one can potentially increase blood flow and the contractility of the heart, also resulting in greater resistance to fatigue as demonstrated in specific animal studies (14,25).

    Strong Like Bull

    As if all that wasn't enough, as shown in animal models by inhibiting one of the phosphodiesterase subtypes, the contractility of skeletal muscles is increased. It is thought that this is accomplished by increasing the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction while also sensitizing it to acetylcholine. (26)

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    If your answers blows the judges AWAY, you can become an instant winner but please no judging by the audience...

  3. Good offer, jump on this peoples!!
  4. Smile used it so i can say this!

    It is great for what ever you feel like doing! If you want to cut well is it not true the higher your test the more fat you burn? Well in using this product it feels as tho my test levels are higher and my fat melts right off so much i sweat profusely when lifting and using PINK MAGIC! Also let me see ..........Facts are facts with this new version alone i was lifting much much more at week three and my muscles felt and looked fuller! Now i state my vase for burning fat but now i have to say this!!! TEST=MUSCLE !! So if this boosts test or mimics it i am not sure i am no chemist! But it makes your appetite well my appetite soar and every thirty minutes i was eating and never once was it junk always slow digesting nutritious foods. Being that PINK MAGIC+Proper training+diet equals muscle building fat burning power house being ALPHA male up in this mofo !! I rest my case

  5. Sounds like the perfect lean bulk product possible the greatest recomp product, heck it sounds perfect all around but i gotta say i think this would be an awesome bulk product to get people completely swollen. And i would personally would want to use it on a bulk. With all the carbs and protein i take on a bulk and this increasing amino and glucose transportation sounds like it would cause some serious pumps and some serious growth on feeding my damaged muscles and helping them growth. Also on bulk i tend to use nitric oxide supplements and preworkouts to help with pump and make me feel solid during workouts adding this to that would seem like a great 1-2 combo to cause major pumps during workouts and prevent me from deflating after workouts which usually happens with most Nitric oxide supplements. And the part about Pink Magic increasing lipolysis is really appealing to me because i tend to put on some fat when im on bulks and and increasing lipolysis is really kinda amazing when you combine it with the previously stated benefits and all of its muscle promoting properties.
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Good offer, jump on this peoples!!
    Good? Nooooo, GREAT!!! Now I need to break back into college essay mode....hmmm....pssst, hey Mullet, can you write a 'paper' for me dude?

    It's about time to crack open my stash of PM here pretty quick and 'turn on, turn on, the ignition' ....bam, bam & BAM!!

    Will def. come back n toss in an entry for this....thanks Jacob!
  7. lol

    i like the college one lol

  8. i may get in on this just for the belly rub from Casey
  9. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    i may get in on this just for the belly rub from Casey
    ummmm no im still in it for the magic lol

  10. First I would like to touch on the Amino transport, I take my amino acids quite religiously and still feel it is a product with no physical effect. It would be great to know even though I am not getting any physical awareness from my amino acid products that it is being helped along by Pink Magic.
    Extra Pump?
    This could be amazing because I am one carb manipulating fool and on carb robbery days my pump is dry and lacking. The extra pump could be amazing since I dont take N.O. products, but these compounds will not loose their effect over time like N.O. products? Hell yes, im tired of the long lasting pumps that are promised on labels and fall so short giving you a 20 minute work out and 30 minute lag.
    Lets say I have some un-named N.O. product in my cabinet though and pills just dont hit my stomach like most peoples. I take that N.O. and the Pink Magic actually helps it last longer, for more simple terms?
    I could always use the extra Endurance!
    This product, " Pink Magic" has caused mass hype across the internet and even in small town's like mine, I would love to be able to stack it with prime, super cissus, and jack3d!
    I ran one go of Prime and was extremely pleased!
    I havent ran supper cissus but mm11 gave it two thumbs way up!
    Jack3d? need I say more about that product, nahhhh.....Grape Bubblegum People!
    If this stack was my own I would honestly feel in top form, having my best potential ahead of me. I would only tweak it somewhat, not removing but only adding.
    On top of the Pink Magic, Prime, Supper Cissus, Jack3d, and " Mystery Product" ( trust me the mystery products enough to get the peoples blood itching in the first place ) I would only add the basics! Wich would be BCAA's, Protein,Creatine Mono, Fish Oil, and Multi-Vitamins.
    I would load carbs like saved games, and never look back haha!
    This stack should promote nothing but PR's and better physiques!
    That is why I would use for a lean bulk! With a air tight diet full of carbs and proteins, and these products to help motivate and push me through them long nights in the gym or home fitness area's I am certain that I could not loose. That simple,
    I take the doses
    Put in the work
    Gain the Benefits
    Something this good shouldnt need much more science behind it, if you couldnt make success out of this then your idea of a good workout must be doing pillates to a richard simmons tape!?
    I dunno, But with all my carb loading and the proteins and the creatines this would stand high above the rest and help guide me to my goals, The way I felt on Prime was unbeleivable.... With the rest of the products I can PROMISE a succesfull LEAN BULK!! and you can qoute me on that one!

    If you couldnt make a dramatic change with these products then maybe your not worthy!?! Or you would rather just get fat waiting on the 140 dollar miracle products to sweep you off your feet and onto a stage overnight?
    Thats completely fine by me, but if your up for a challenge then heres where its at.

  11. USPlabs Pink Magic:

    One of the biggest drawbacks of “cutting” is the unfortunate decrease in strength associated with weight loss. Are you tired of having to sacrifice your hard-earned strength gains for a noticeable loss in stubborn body fat?

    Nelumbo Nucifera
    , one of Pink Magic's three active ingredients, has been shown to stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown, or destruction of fats) in visceral adipose tissue. Subsequently, muscle mass is preserved while abdominal fat is selectively targeted and eventually broken down.

    Is it possible to lose weight, and feel good doing it? Do you want to rapidly increase libido, protein synthesis, and testosterone production?

    Studies suggest that Massularia Acuminata, Pink Magic's primary ingredient, is capable of raising endogenous testosterone by up to 60%. Increased testosterone not only improves one's sex drive and strength, but also helps potentiate fat loss.

    When adhering to the rigorous dietary regimens associated with fat loss, it is often difficult to make strength increases. However, with the addition of Pink Magic to a calorie restricted diet, it is now possible to simultaneously lean out and build muscle.


    Furthermore, my supplement stack of choice for a fat loss/muscle building routine would be OxyElite Pro, Pink Magic, and Prime. I believe the muscle density, recovery, and strength aspects of Prime would interact synergistically with Pink Magic's aforementioned mechanisms of action (i.e. Increase in testosterone, and nutrient uptake). In addition to Pink Magic and Prime, OxyElite Pro would help perpetuate fat loss even further by providing appetite suppression, consistent "non-jittery" energy, and inducing thermogenesis.

    My proposed dosing scheme:

    OxyElite Pro (90ct.)

    Monday - 3 capsules
    Tuesday - 3 capsules
    Wednesday - 3 capsules
    Thursday - 3 capsules
    Friday - 3 capsules
    Saturday - 3 capsules
    Sunday - 3 capsules

    Twenty-one capsules per week for four consecutive weeks

    Pink Magic (180ct.)

    Monday – 8 capsules
    Tuesday – 8 capsules
    Wednesday - 6 capsules
    Thursday – 8 capsules
    Friday – 8 capsules
    Saturday – 6 capsules
    Sunday – OFF

    Forty-four capsules per week for four consecutive weeks

    Prime (120ct.)

    Monday – 6 capsules
    Tuesday – 6 capsules
    Wednesday – 6 capsules
    Thursday – 6 capsules
    Friday – 6 capsules
    Saturday – OFF
    Sunday– OFF

    Thirty capsules per week for four consecutive weeks


    An example of what my diet might look like while utilizing Pink Magic during a cut:

    Breakfast -

    2 hard-boiled eggs
    2 cups of organic steel cut oats
    1 tbsp. of peanut butter
    1 banana
    2 scoops of Dymatize Elite WPI (mixed with 10 oz. of skim milk) *pre/post-workout

    Brunch -

    1 cup of Greek yogurt (honey, and walnuts, added to taste)

    Lunch -

    2 tuna fish sandwiches (two 5 oz. can of white albacore tuna, 2 slices of whole-wheat bread, 1 tbsp. light mayonnaise, 1 cup lettuce)
    1 cup of low-fat strawberry yogurt
    1 cup blueberries

    Afternoon Snack -

    8 sticks of celery with peanut butter

    Dinner/Pre-Bed -

    2 8 oz. boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
    1 large salad (1 cup diced cucumbers, 1 cup diced green peppers, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1/2 cup shredded cheese, and 2 tbsp. of light ranch dressing)
    2 scoops of Dymatize Elite Gourmet Whey/Casein Blend (mixed with 10 oz. of skim milk)
  12. lol

    theres some real good reasons here damn people even if i dont win i will see some good logs

  13. Well I have a pretty good feel for what the beta does and reason number 1 why it would be good for fat loss and muscle gain is that it is an ultra string nutrient repartition-er. That's the reason you feel the 24 hour pump. This makes the product so versatile it's not funny. You the consumer control what the product does for for you whether it be cutting, bulking or my recommendation recomp or lean bulk. I think I will eat around 250 - 300 grams of carbs a day to accomplish this. The key is to get diet under control cuz this stuff is just too strong to go at it half azz... I am not trying to be egotistical but the reason I do so well on herbals is I know how to diet properly and make the adjustments necessary to compliment the products I am using.

    Number 2 for me is added strength (with the proper diet) will always add lean mass, always!! I'm am fuggin tired of reading posts saying "I got good strength gains but no mass", well sorry that's your fuggin fault. Lean mass gain helps to burn fat period. Now we come back to diet. These stronger herbals use up carbs!! You have to eat more than you normally would to attain said goal. You have to learn the language of your body.

    Now I know this is not as scientific as some might be looking for but my science is experience and it's worked pretty well for me so far...

    Now this would be and is an excellent stack with Prime or maybe even Testopro and DAA, in this case would add in an AI for estrogen 6-bromo, Formestane (my choice) or maybe stoked.

    Prime - added strength and anabolism
    Testopro -increase free test
    DAA increase total test
    AI - If your going to be increasing test lets keep the estrogen low

    Believe me this would be one nasty stack, I have wood just thinking about it...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  14. I am not as educated / learned as many (most) on this forum. I have been lifting for several years steady now and have realized that I am fighting my body type and age. I have awoken the sleeping metabolizm of my teens - twentys and while I love it; its also a curse. I can maintain very easily now and maint. means I get to eat more at this point. I do not think I will ever be the "big man on the block". Momma nature is not having it. What I can be is a very lean strong 42 year old with a great body, endurance, and strength.

    How the Pink can help me get that? I can see two scenarios playing out:

    1) Lean bulk (slow). Carbs fuel my gains for sure and the repartitioning helps to get my diet into my system and usable better in theory. I have never played with a repartitioner and would love to. I am on a 5x5 program and carb up on training days (train in the evening). I have a problem with putting on fat too easily if eating much over maint at this time. I am certain that part of that is me not knowing what my body is wanting. I tear the hell out of my joints while going heavy and the Cicus would be a god send. I have heard good things about Prime but again not experianced them myself. The ability to eat over maint., lift heavy with joint support, and have the N.O effect driving fuel into my blood stream tickles me Pink... OK, Bad joke!

    2) Recomp. This is where I am at at the moment... Recomping on a 5x5 (weird I know). I have to agree with DW... I would use the same formula from above but change up the eating a bit. Reduce carbs, up some of the protein and fats (fishoils, almonds, etc) and throw in some Formadrol to keep is LEAN.... I know there are several companies that put out some great products but Formadrol is on hand in my place. On cardio days (needed for the recomp) I would dip into what I feel is USP's greatest product to date.... OEP. Lovethe thermogenic / stim sensation and can bike for miles and miles like a beast.

    I think I would opt for version 1 and make another attempt to put on some mass. It is hard fought but an NO driver and a repartitioner might just do the trick (with the right diet)!

    Is this the greatest entry of all time? NOPE... It is however, me; and me is trying to be the best me I can be. Throw some Magic my way and I will tear it up with and for you!

  15. Ok, so most likely my college essay courses have failed me to the extent that I would like....however, I hope this comes across as a layman’s outline to PM. He who absorbs, retains & utilizes the most nutrients in skeletal tissue, wins (provided weight training is effectively breaking the tissue down). Pink Magic will shine when utilized for a scenario involving eating at or below maintenance calories when one’s goal is to cut fat while sparing muscle tissue. Not only does it aid in the transporting of amino acids & glucose but has its own vasodilator effect within the muscle and will work synergistically with NO type products to further potentiate their effects. Now, typically when one is dieting training endurance and strength suffer as a result of lowered calories. In addition to Pink Magic being a strong nutrient repartitioner (which will lend itself nicely to cutting fat alone) it also has the ability to successfully reduce muscle fatigue in both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers as well as provide more forceful contractions within these fibers. Both of these attributes aid not only in keeping the muscle you have, but also help in adding more more muscle, you boost your metabolism and in turn burn more calories while at rest = win.
    Now, another situation in which Pink Magic will ALSO shine is when you are in a calorie surplus, trying to add some LBM. Every point made in which it works for cutting, is why it’ll work for accomplishing this goal. The only difference is that due to its multiple MOA’s, you’ll be able to not only gain some LBM but be minimizing fat gain at a maximal rate = win. ....Essentially Pink Magic is recomp in a bottle.

    A ‘deliciously’ potent (dream) stack would include:

    Pink magic
    DAA (w/an AI)
    (PreWO hug from Mullet*)
    (PostWO belly rub from Casey*)

    All working harmoniously together to increase overall Test levels, Free Test levels and keeping Estrogen levels at bay.
    Combine with some heavy compound resistance training alternated with a GVT style workout every 1-3rd workout (to throw your muscles a ‘curve ball’), proper nutrition and you’ve got a recipe for greatness.


    Edit: Alternate Mechanisms of Pink Mag:
    1. twist cap off
    2. pop 2 caps
    3. Lift heavier objects than you normally lift
    4. Beware of onlooker accidents & delays due to swollin pumps
    and bulging veins.
    5. Eat, rest & repeat.
  16. peeps are nuts if they dont get in on this

    Did everyone die?? jk

  17. 1. It works.

    2. Anthony Roberts will claim it doesn't and he'll post videos of himself smoking ciggs and his gut flying around aimlessly in an attempt to prove how much more steady of an athlete he is than anyone at USP. - Oep is awesome.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete
  18. it will work

    V1 worked and its one ingeredient so this one is a for sure success!
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    With some many give aways on the board, i thought my prizes would bring the competition.

    Some good answers but I guess thats what I get from making you guys work for a prize

  20. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    With some many give aways on the board, i thought my prizes would bring the competition.

    Some good answers but I guess thats what I get from making you guys work for a prize
    No joke!! Your prize packages are always chocked full of goodies....when I read through this initially, I was thinkin 'ah man, he's gonna make me actually THINK for this one'....I almost just posted up a pic of me giving a bro-hug to a bottle of pink magic and called it an entry
    ...I'm closing in on my 4th week of using Propadrol EP (DAA supp) and tossed in some PM recently....loving it & life!! They definatley compliment each other well...can only imagine what adding in Prime/Super Cissus would further add...

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jrmuscle11 View Post
    Did everyone die?? jk
    Shhh!! the better chance of us winning ...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  22. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    No joke!! Your prize packages are always chocked full of goodies....when I read through this initially, I was thinkin 'ah man, he's gonna make me actually THINK for this one'....I almost just posted up a pic of me giving a bro-hug to a bottle of pink magic and called it an entry
    ...I'm closing in on my 4th week of using Propadrol EP (DAA supp) and tossed in some PM recently....loving it & life!! They definatley compliment each other well...can only imagine what adding in Prime/Super Cissus would further add...
    My PM/Prime/Formestane/HGHPro/Stoked run starts labor day!! How appropriate is that!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug
  23. Cannot pass up adding my two cents

    Where to start with Pink Magic, it is more versatile than Prime and that speaks volumes. The two scenarios I would focus on are one I have already done, in a cutting situation and the second in a lean bulk/bulk. Do to the amazing nutrient partioning effects and increases in cAMP production, this lends itself to be a perfect addition to any cutting stack. It worked amazingly well for me when stacked with OEP in it beta form, now with the additional two ingredients it presents new stacking options. Also, knowing how it works with carbohydrates I am going to present a modified diet that will incorporate more carbs than I would use on a cut without PM.

    USP Pink Magic - dose per bottle
    USP Recreate - 3-4 per day Taken for the forslean content to utilize the increase in cAMP production, freeing up more fat to be burned.
    Option 2 (instead of Recreate) - Bio Forge Pro Max dosed per the bottle for additional test increase and more so for the forslean content.
    PP Sustain Alpha - Proven and potent AI with an effective delivery system to maximize absorption.
    USP P-Slin - Dosed with PWO meal to shuttle large amounts of carbs to fuel the workouts.
    LG Postal - 2-3 scoops post workout to refuel glycogen stores

    *Notice I have no additional NP like Anabolic Pump, I do not feel with Pink Magic it is needed outside of the P-Slin for pre-workout.

    50% Protein
    25% Carbs
    25% Fat

    Carbs are to be focused around workout and in one additional feeding throughout the day (to meet the 25% macro if needed). PM trainers this would be at meal 1 or 2, AM trainers this can be at meal 3-4, though no later than 5-6 PM. Fats will be kept high to optimize hormone production and protein is at 50% due to the increases in protein synthesis from Pink Magic. Calories would be around 2200-2400 for me in this situation.

    HST 3 day split or another full body workout like the one I use, the Warrior Workout. Cardio 2-4 times per week dependent upon weight loss/fat loss; start at 2 sessions on off days and increase as needed. This would leave the weekend for recovery if you hit all 5 days each week for a workout.

    Lean Bulk/Bulk
    USP Pink Magic - Dose per bottle
    USP Prime - 6/9 Protocol w/ 1 day off per week
    USP Anabolic Pump - 2-3 per day
    USP P-Slin - As needed for large carb feedings
    LG Postal - 3 scoops post workout w/ AP
    PWO drink of choice - creatine content (Jack3d or LG AS-GT)

    This stack is kept simple, diet is the main focus on a lean bulk. This will give test boosting, amazing overnight recovery, shuttle nutrients to the muscles and keep you pumped 24/7. It is meant to be ran for 8 weeks or ideally up to 12 if you run the freak workout. Postal has proven to be perfect for post workout nutrition, gives no fat gain even with the small amount of carbs.

    40% P
    40% C
    20% F

    In my case I would take calories up to 3500-4000 and adjust as needed to stave off fat gain. The carbs need to be kept high due to the combo of Pink Magic and Anabolic Pump and to feed the growing muscles! Since this is a long run, there is no need to take calories crazy high, its a marathon not a sprint and this is meant to build LBM not fat!

    DC Training or the Asteroid Freak workout - Both are extremely challenging but with the amount of recovery this stack provides and the increased calories, there is no reason this will not yield amazing results. With the freak workout, it would need to be a 12 week stack.

    There is my two cents on how I would stack Pink Magic in two very different situations.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Shhh!! the better chance of us winning ...
    quick! Close the thread!! CLOSE THE THREAD!!!! AGGGHHHHH-CHI-WHA-WHA!!!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    My PM/Prime/Formestane/HGHPro/Stoked run starts labor day!! How appropriate is that!!
    Oooh-hoo! Nice DW, nice!


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