Final Day of Sale - Whey Isolate 6lbs 39.99, Micellar Casein 6lbs 39.99

  1. Final Day of Sale - Whey Isolate 6lbs 39.99, Micellar Casein 6lbs 39.99

    TruNutrition Sciences Summer Sale!
    Isolate, Casein, Glutamine & Beta Alanine - Lowest Prices on the Net
    Sale Ends TODAY

    Whey Isolate - 6lbs Only $39.99

    Micellar Casein - 6lbs Only $39.99

    Beta Alanine - 1000g Only $24.99

    Glutamine - 1000g Only $24.99

    Flat-Rate Shipping $6.95 On All Orders

    Our Whey Isolate has the light & clean flavor associated with premium isolates. Some protein producers have recently been selling "isolate" that is goopy and thick - the reason being it IS NOT isolate. With TruNutrition Sciences, when you purchase our isolate it is in fact 100% pure isolate & many customer reviews substantiate this.

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    Our Casein is a great testing blend of Complete Milk Protein Isolates & Concentrates. So you're getting 80% (naturally occuring) Micellar Casein and 20% Whey. We believe Complete Milk Protein is superior to filtered Micellar Casein because many important protein fractions are lost during the filtration process. Additionally, Complete Milk Protein is superior to Calcium & Sodium Caseinates because no mineral salts are used to extract the Caseinates. Additionally, the studies supporting that Micellar Casein is digested over 6 hours ONLY apply to Micellar Casein - the results have not been replicated when using Sodium/Calcium Caseinates.

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    We also believe we produce the finest tasting Chocolate & Vanillas available. Many customers have written us telling us that they were "Blown Away" by our vanilla flavor and that "it tastes exactly like a McDonalds milkshake." Our Chocolate is also a nice, rich flavor derived from a double combination of premium cocoa powders.

    Our Micro-Pure Beta Alanine and Glutamine are also on sale for those that are looking to boost their workout performance using these compounds.

    Thank you!

  2. can anyone chime in on the taste?
    NOT an IFORCE rep, but their new VMS Protean is amazing. I also dropped 15lbs on the testabolan2 and rev2 stack last month.

  3. Hi bigbeef,
    we have lots of reviews on our subforum here at AM here

  4. Was just getting ready to order and noticed the sale prices were gone. Is the sale over already? I expected it to last till midnight?

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