(So first off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't quite sure where to post it. Feel free to move it or notify me and I can repost it elsewhere)

In any case, I write for 2 growing health and fitness sites (www.physiqueaspeak.com and Vivastic | Home to Healthy Living, Diet & Fitness) and have been asked to see if any supplement companies would like to have their products promoted via a sponsored giveaway. The sites feature a drawing among the participating readers each week with the winner receiving the promoted product. If any companies would like to sponsor a giveaway for the week, please feel free to contact me or the site editors directly. (The former is focused on fitness and nutrition, the latter on general health and wellness)

We also write occasional reviews on specific supplements as well, if you would like to send a sample to be tested.

Here are a couple of sample articles that were just released :
Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Worth the Hype? | PhysiqueSpeak
The Essentials for Gaining Muscle- BCAAs | PhysiqueSpeak
Saturated Fats- Common Enemy or Just Misunderstood? | Vivastic

and the most recent giveaway - PhysiqueSpeak Giveaway Wednesday: HINT Flavored Water | PhysiqueSpeak