Anadraulic State GT: A Physician's Perspective

  1. Anadraulic State GT: A Physician's Perspective

    LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT: A Physician’s Perspective

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    Dr. Todd Lee is no stranger to a chemistry set, nor is he an amateur in the matter of physical training. Dr. Lee has been thoroughly involved in the field of medical science, is a practicing physician, and currently holds the title of Lightweight Mr. Western Michigan.
    Dr. Lee has forgotten more about workout supplementation than you could ever hope to know. This coupled with the fact that he actually uses the products himself, runs trials, and produces blood work makes him a great source of information for the experienced and inexperienced weight lifter alike.
    Today, we asked Dr. Lee about Anadraulic State GT, and to elaborate on what makes it so special. Please forgive us for the transitional cuts in the footage. We have to tell Dr. Lee when to stop or he will take you into a world of science that one could only hope to someday understand.

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  2. x 2

    on that.... Definitely a staple
    Eat clean, piss dirty

  3. That is a great video.
    I will work for supplements!

  4. Wow, after watching that I watched a bunch of reviews on youtube about it and im this close to buying some for the first time! lol

  5. Can't watch it here in the lab, but you should have left the science in, if only for my sake!
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  6. Lol the science is still in. It just had to be cut down for time.
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  7. Cant wait for my sample. Seems to be a real supplement for people who actually do research on nutrients, assuming that it's all well dosed.


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