ALPHA-T2 Samples!!!!!!

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  1. got mine thanks, havent tried it yet as im on other things, but im looking forward to it and hopefully purchasing a bottle.
    나는 2000년 10월 매들린 올브라이트 전 미 국무장관 매들린 사랑, 그 중 한 뜨거운 젠장!

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    got mine yesterday. popped 2 an hour before i worked out and one after. got me more reps at the gym than usual(chest day) but not much of a energy booster. i felt dead at the gym. if anything, id suggest a nice shot of beta alanine in it, maybe 2500mg just to feel like your doing somethin at the gym but good stuff. i grabbed a bottle today
    It is not too uncommon to have a paradoxical reaction to alpha yohimbe. I know I sure do.

    I got mine, 3 pills. Thought there might be a couple more there but not complaining.

    I took one and what I really felt was the heart flutter from the thyroid aspect of the pill since I am already on t3. Possibly stimulation from the synephrine because I am not familiar with how I react to that compound.

    Definitely killed my appetite. I didn't eat from like 11am till 4pm

  3. thanks for the samples
    Team Orbit

  4. i cant pm because I dont have enough posts... i usualy just read haha any samples left?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Adde86 View Post
    i cant pm because I dont have enough posts... i usualy just read haha any samples left?
    About 2 months too late

  6. I just send him a PM cause I just saw the words sample and PM and I didn't pay attention to the date! His going to be in a little shock when he logs in next time

  7. any left?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ezkape View Post
    any left?
    LOL, this thread is 2 years old!

  9. I just got mine. Will be starting my log on Monday.



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