PROMO: Torrent Zero - Get Shredded. Stay Big.

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  1. Exclamation PROMO: Torrent Zero - Get Shredded. Stay Big.

    It's here, Universal's answer to a low carb post workout solution that will help you get big and stay big without using all the extra carbs.

    Dieting is rough. Eating clean, cardio and supersets galore. It takes a special breed to push on undeterred in the direction of your physique goals. Sacrifices have to be made. For some this might mean giving up strength on your big lifts or maybe feeling skinny in your favorite t-shirt. For others, the diet gets super strict, the morning cardio begins and the cheat meals go out the window. Read more...

    We have 6 - 1.57 lb tubs of the new Torrent Zero to give away to selected loggers here at 3 Watermelon Wave and 3 Apple Jacked flavor.

    We are mostly interested in individuals who are or will be running a low carb diet to clean up for the summer or for an upcoming contest. You may also be chosen as a logger if you simply are tired of the bloated fat stores you are currently getting from your high carb post workout solution and would like a low carb post workout product that will give you what you need without all the extra carbs.

    If you feel you would be a good candidate to receive a tub of Torrent Zero to run a log with here at AM then tell us why right here in this thread.

    I'll be selecting loggers for this just as soon as we receive enough entries to choose from so hurry up and get your entry in. Tell us what your goals are why you would like to run a log with Torrent Zero here at AM.

    Standard rules apply:
    Must be 18 or older...
    Cannot have won any other Universal/Animal Promos in the last 30 days...
    US Addresses only...


  2. First in on this...

    I have never won any type of Animal product contests so thats a start. I am a dedicated, very hard working competitive bodybuilder with commitment to the sport unlike any other.

    You wouldn't be getting a guy who works out one day, then comes back 3days later and lifts another with half arsed reviews. You'll get someone moving some serious weight, pounding some serious iron making some solid reviews on a daily basis!

    I won't bail on my log like some do. I've done two other logs you can source or ask me for the link just to see the type of coverage I can deliver for Torrent Zero. If information can be provided via p/m and yes I am of age and on the US East Coast

  3. this is an awesome opportunity, and I am really enticed about the flavors. I happen to be on a low carb diet
    Mr. Supps Board Rep
  4. Thumbs up

    Gimme!!! Thanks!!!

    On a serious note, this is an awesome opportunity to get your hands on a great product!!! I sampled it vigorously, at the Arnold (the Cage...), and loved both flavors!!!

  5. I wouldn't mind giving this a shot, I loved Shock Therapy. The grape tastes great and it mixed well. I was always afraid to try torrent because of its high carb content and i tend to stay on the low end most of the time. Two previous logs in my sig if you would like to check them out. Also over 18 and east coast USA.

  6. I would love to add the Torrent Zero to my current log, found in my signature.

    The log has conjured up numerous discussions, and without being even half way through has over 150 posts going.

    I am currently on a decent amount of carbs, but they are by majority, mostly complex. I am not currently cutting carbs, but I will have to be shortly as I will be leading out of the Pink Magic into a cut using Clenbuterol.

    Besides Animal Pak samples I received from a store years ago, I have never had an animal product. Would be willing to give a detailed review in my log.
    Just inject.

  7. I see some good entries coming in already. This is going to go quick so get um in!

    Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    this is an awesome opportunity, and I am really enticed about the flavors. I happen to be on a low carb diet
    Is that an entry?

    Quote Originally Posted by MrDead View Post
    Gimme!!! Thanks!!!

    On a serious note, this is an awesome opportunity to get your hands on a great product!!! I sampled it vigorously, at the Arnold (the Cage...), and loved both flavors!!!
    Got mine in bro, Crazy! I used the Watermelon Wave after working back on Saturday and tonight I'll be using the Apple Jacked after chest and shoulders.

    The Watermelon Wave was smokin good tasting so I'm stoked to try the Apple Jacked.


  8. I'd love to give this stuff a try, I'm currently lean bulking with carb cycling, have been eating carbs only pre-wo. My goal was for 210, reached 209 yesterday, so should be at 210 soon then I plan to slightly drop my cals to make this more into a recomp and hopefully drop a little bf%. Training is Full Body heavy DC style 3 days a week and working in abs and cardio on the off days.

  9. Great opportunity. For someone.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.

  10. I would love to give this a go as i am right smack dab in the middle of my cut. I would love to compete next year so i am cutting and getting down to around 7% to see where i stand, current diet is low carb, around 150gms a day at 185lbs. Carb ups go once or twice a week depending on how i feel.

    Could keep a great log no problem and even add in pictures if need be.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  11. Have never tried the ZERO but am a big fan of the green apple torrent. Would like to give this a run since it is summer and see how it stands up against the regular product. Also I have never won any Universal/Animal promos

  12. I would love to give this a try. I have tried alot of Post WO drinks and never really thought much of them. If this would help with my recovery(which has been low lately), then I would love to log this. I am in the beginning stages of a cut/recomp. I hope to be down to 220-210ish by the end of summer. I hold true to my word, and thats pretty much all I got these days.


  13. Great promo!

    I am not entering this promo because I need the carbs. Torrent is a solid post-training supplement - and it tastes amazing. There are plenty of logs started on the FORVM that show some positive results.

    Good luck to the entrants.
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  14. Oh sweet...I love Torrent and now this Torrent Zero.

    I know I'm kinda new on here but been lifting seriouly for over 5 years. Diet is very imporant to me, i have been working at this new diet ever since coming off a long bulk over the winter and then a serious cut where I dropped over 15 lbs but sadly lost some of strength. So now I'm staying lean while regaining my strength and it's paying off big time. Feeling so much better in the gym and looking fantastic in the mirror. So I'm lean bulking and new a solid postworkout supp without all the carbs to keep me lean.

    I can do a great log and post everyday. I train 5 days a week with AM cardio.

    Can't wait to see the winners, good luck

  15. I would love to try out some of this Torrent Zero. I havent tried to many Animal Products but my friends have and by the looks of things definitely some good stuff so very interested in this.

    I need to cut up about 10 pounds for the summer and I'll be happy I will do before and after pics if needed. Thanks
    Follow me on instagram for:Workout advice and tips, Diet pics, Inspirational pics, And of me!!!! haha

  16. Damn, this is an awesome opportunity. I'll more than likely pick this up and log it.

  17. Just went and looked at that little write up and must say I am interested. I have to stay away from carbs or else I just bloat out so a great muscle building postworkout shake that is carb free but still provides the pro-insulin response is more than welcome in a world of high carb postworkout shakes.

    My goal right now is to drop weight and body fat. I am in the mist of planning a mini vacation and I dont want to look too bad with my shirt off. Carbs have been cut off and will soon be dropped even more.

    I do a DC style routine 3 times a week so a tub will last me 5 weeks which will be more than enough time to fairly judge this new supplement.
    I have done a number of reviews and will let them speak for themself.

    Oh I live in the US another East coast member and Im over 18 and have not won a promo by yall before.

    Thanks again for this opportunity and let the best men win!

  18. Age :29
    Previous Universal Log ran : none
    Usa : New York

    Ohh i would love to run this, im actually in-need of a great post workout product, and i searched for reviews of this, and haven't read one bad thing about. I usually don't apply to logs much, b/c i am very picky at sups .. but i think if this product does what it says and from the reviews i am confident i will love this ..this would become a regular for me .. and the ingrident profile is one of the best i've seen so far. The only product from universal i have tried is animal pump which i loved it. I am willing to log it here and on other forum which i am a rep there.


  19. i'd LOVE to log Torrent Zero!!!

    i've never used any other Animal products aside from the vit paks, and this product is right up my alley! and I'VE NEVER WON ANY ANIMAL PRODUCTS

    age: 31
    loc: San Diego CA
    height/weight: 5'11/226lbs
    bodytype: endo
    bodyfat%: TOO DAMN HIGH
    goals: wanting to get lean while maintaining mass as much as possible. will be utilizing HIIT sessions for my cardio in order to avoid burning too much muscle. will continue to lift heavy on lifting sessions because... well... why would you NOT lift heavy??
    supps: i will be running Scivation Quake 10.0 for preWO, and the usual whey/multi/omega3s combo. i also have BCAAs but i'd want to run Torrent Zero for recovery as a stand-alone.
    diet: consisting of lower carbs, early in the day, in the form of oats in the morning and veggies early on in the day. will cut carbs off completely by 4pm. high protein from quality sources (chicken breast, tuna, salmon, occasional lean beef and pork) and a solid intake of healthy fats to get rid of this spare tire

    i train 5 days a week usually.
    lifting split constantly changes, but here's an example:
    monday- chest/back
    tuesday- legs/abs
    wednesday- off
    thursday- shoulders/traps/calves/abs
    friday- bis/tris/forearms
    saturday- calves/abs
    sunday- off

    cardio is done early (5am) monday/wednesday/friday

    some example of recent logs are located in my sig for review.

    thanks for the consideration-


  20. If i wasn't 3 weeks post contest and shoving my face full of junk food I would be all over this.

  21. winners are in for a treat, i have a tub of watermelon n its friggin delicious!!! nice job yet again Universal!!!!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Greek Elite View Post
    winners are in for a treat, i have a tub of watermelon n its friggin delicious!!! nice job yet again Universal!!!!

  23. If I am able to log this (I won the Animal Pak Giveaway thing a little while back) I would love to enter.

    I've done logs on here in the past, It's summer season and I'm looking to get Cut!!

    My goal honestly Is just to get my Six Pack to show more. I've dropped about 20 pounds in the last month, still keeping most of my size (Thank you Natty Stack) and now its time to hit it full force. I will be following a very low Carb diet, and including a carb day once a week. No carbs after 4pm of course, but the thing is I lift at 4pm everyday. So pretty much I'm done working out around 6pm, and then I have a nice Carbo enriched Post Workout drink, awesome right? Wrong.

    I've tried many Post workouts before, (Postal and Dark Matter to name a few) and I'm more than willing to give it a fair review and comparison.

    I'm more than happy to take pictures, record my progress (Calipers & Body taping), keep the log frequently updated, and review the product on the basics: Taste, Smell (I need to include this now due to Muscle Marinade, ugh.), Mixability, and Effect (Will add more if need be). I usually sample out a serving or two or whatever products I get, but this I might have to keep as a secret to myself.

    I will be running this product along: Animal Pak, Animal PM, Animal Cuts, Animal Flex, Animal Omega, Sterol Complex, LG's BCAA's, ASGT.

    Edit: Few more stats:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 176
    BF: Estimated 12%-14% (I dropped nearly 20 pounds since my Cut log's picture)
    Training: I lift 5 days a week, cardio and abs the other two. I slam two body parts a day and I usually stick to HIIT cardio or Plyometrics (Sounds gay but it really does work!).

  24. BigBeazy and i are log buddies. no homo.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    BigBeazy and i are log buddies. no homo.
    so if both of u win just share 1 tub buddies lol


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