SALE!! 6 (SIX) LBS WHEY ISOLATE (Choc/Van) $38.99 [Ends Friday] !!!

  1. SALE!! 6 (SIX) LBS WHEY ISOLATE (Choc/Van) $38.99 [Ends Friday] !!!

    SPECIAL!!! SALE ENDS 6/11 (FRIDAY)!!!!

    Six (6) pounds of Whey Isolate (either Chocolate or Vanilla) for ONLY $38.99 with $6.95 flat rate shipping on your entire order. This is THE best price for isolate anywhere on the net.

    Maybe you don't need this sweet deal for yourself because you've got 5 tubs of whey in your closet already (smart man!). If so, please forward this along to your buddies either in other forums or at work, school, etc. As the new guy in the block, we need all the help we can get to spread the word!

    Our SelectPro Whey Isolate is rich and full-flavored, and it's available in either Double-Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla.

    We especially formulated this isolate to be good in both water AND milk. As you know, most proteins taste great in milk, but not so hot in water. Well, this protein comes about as close as you can get to tasting great in BOTH water and milk!

    If you have ANY questions, shoot me a PM, or better yet, give us a call at the number on our Contact webpage

    We'll also be throwing in some free samples with your order so you get to try our other products as well.

    Click here to order

  2. that looks scrumtious, unfortunatly i have 30lbs of protein already waiting to be opened, otherwise id be all over this

  3. wow! i'm ordering fo sho.

    thanks Greg

  4. btw- is it 2-3lb tubs? 1-6lb? or bags?...

  5. Hi, its in a large 6lb FDA-approved resealable 6mil bag, exactly like the picture on the website. It seems as if most everybody has extra tubs that can be reused if they prefer them over the bags. It also keeps the cost down.

  6. Just wanted to point any newcomers to this thread to some reviews that AM-members Rodja and AZMIDLYF posted at our sub-forum. Thanks guys!

  7. Last day of the sale. Ends tonight.


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