PINK MAGIC goes live in 5-4-3-2-1 and Action!

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    PINK MAGIC goes live in 5-4-3-2-1 and Action! Time to get Chingon Time!

    PINK MAGIC CONTEST--Prizes are off the hook and entry is simple as it can get.

    Win the Asteroid stack (PRIME-PowerFULL-Anabolic Pump, T-shirt, gym bag filled with samples) PLUS PINK MAGIC, a Training DVD by World famous strength and conditioning mind John Davies, and NEW flavor of Jack3d!

    this package is valued well over $300! I will probably be gifting a few, depends on the quality of the responses posted.

    Winners chosen Friday June 11th!

    Simply, Tell us your favorite exercise that improved your physigue or health the greatest and be entered into a lottery!



    He was doing 20 rep squats before your parents even met. He was deadlifting, cleaning & snatching his pro athletes to Olympic Gold & World Championships before it was cool to be a strength coach. Even just a few years ago, he was ridiculed for using tires, sleds, bands & chains. He's forgotten more about training than most of us will ever know. And he could care less how big his biceps are or if you "like" him. But if you're smart and you want results, you'll soak up every word he says as if they were rain drops in the desert. His name is John Davies. He's known as "The Renegade". He IS Training.

  2. Its for sale?!

  3. hey Jacob, whats going to be the IC price? Or is that going to be a secret till the 9th?

  4. Is June 9th the IC or public release date?

  5. thats a nice poster...seriously. very creative lol

  6. subbed
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopem6 View Post
    Is June 9th the IC or public release date?
    IC release and hint, Option 3 is a steal!

  8. is there any way you guys will discount prime also on pm's to know so i have both in stock?
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    Quote Originally Posted by willib View Post
    is there any way you guys will discount prime also on pm's to know so i have both in stock?
    There will be an option for PRIME cause, the stack of Pink/PRIME is going to spread like wild fire.

  10. im gona get some PINK.
    you get it? lol
    yeah im immature so what?
    but seriously im gonna get some Pink magic too
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  11. awesome

  12. Can't wait! I just joined IC a few days ago just for this!

  13. Delicious!

  14. LOL at the ad, I must buy some just for that lmao
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    Contest added!

  16. An incredible bunch of goodies!
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    An incredible bunch of goodies!
    no joke!...that's hot.
    hey, is it only one entry per person?

  18. CONTEST!?


    Keith has always been in shape since he joined the US Army in 2005, enlisting as a Cannon Crewmember. He was always fairly small though, capping it at 140 lbs. A few short months ago, while in Iraq, Keith decided to get more serious about being in shape, and to get huge instead of just "in shape" so he googled a bunch of routines, and stumbled upon After reading for hours upon hours, he finally decided on an HST full body routine to strengthen his body in preparation for a more serious routine. In just two months his DEADLIFT went from 100 lbs being difficult, to 250lbs being easy. All of his other excercises increased drastically as well, but his DEADLIFT is by far his favorite, because he can, for the first time ever, see a huge V starting to develop. His back is growing off the hook and outpacing the rest of his body, when he faces the mirror his back sticks out on the sides and makes his chest look puny. Keith is in love with the DEADLIFT and thinks that if it was a woman, it would have the looks of Pamela Anderson, the brains of Natalie Portman, and the attitude of Reese Witherspoon. Keith will never stop the DEADLIFT

    In 2 months I have gained close to 8 pounds. In addition, not only does the DEADLIFT just make you look like a badass in the gym, just the name DEADLIFT evokes a certain badassery every time you say it...

    ^ I couldn't tell if the John Davies was the "example" entry or not lol, so I just made mine in the same style! Deadlifts are the ****, and I have seriously seen the most impressive gains of my life doing them

    Edit: After a closer read I can tell that it was not the example. But I like how my little story reads, so I will leave it like that

    Edit2: Also, if I won that pile of goodies, I would log the crap out of everything, even the gym bag :P

  19. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    hey, is it only one entry per person?
    I think so, to maintain fairness and consistency, but Jacob has the last word.
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    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.

  20. seated dips

  21. meant to ask here, or usp site?

  22. i dare someone to top votum.
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  23. The exercise that helps me most with my grappling and athletic career is definitely SQUATS. I have been doing sets of 20-25 rep squats for at least 4-5 years and there is no going back. I love the burn one gets from doing them not too mention the crazy pumps you get when your legs finally go somewhat catabolic. I do not know what it is but if I am unable to squat at least 3 times a week I feel like something ain't right. Squating gives me a sense of athletic security, it lets me know that I am working hard and it pushes me to the next level. I also tend to sprint pre/post squats to enhance the fast twitch muscle fibers, all my squat reps are quick reps as well. I have noticed that I am able to keep up easily with collegiate wrestlers due to my leg strength, this goes to show me that squats are a MUST!
    doing my own thang!

  24. My favorite Exercise is one i semi-made up, but i know others have probably done it before.

    I used it for golf, to have a more stable base as well as strengthen my back and improve my traps.

    So you stand in golf posture and do BentOver Rows, then when you hit failure, you do shrugs till failure, then you do deadlifts to failure. When you fail with the Bent Over Rows, you tend to cheat less on the traps IMO, then Deadlifts to keep the cardio so i would not have to do cardio!

    I called it the TriRow. Yea kind of corny, but i got 4th in 2007 Golf state championship shooting 73 70 and i attritube my stable base and strong back to helping get out of the rough! as well as keep my CV ability due to the deadlifts in tact, making walking 18 holes with clubs on my back a breeze!

    So yea thats my story No homo/hate


  25. Wow this is serious promo.

    The best exercise for me is squats. Now I have a love hate relationship with them. When I first started lifting 5+ years ago I didn't take them serious. I would just rep 135 and call it a day. But now I focus on them and put in the energy. Slowly got up to 225 and now I'm hitting well over 350. I have seen and increase in over all muscle development since I have made squats my focus. The width in my legs has enabled me to add serious weight to my frame and IMO the best overall excerise one can do to add the size they are wanting. They are fastest growing muscle in the body so put them to good use an I love walking like I nee a wheel chair the next few days after leg training.

    Thanks for the AWESOME promo. Good luck to all!

  26. My favorite exercise has to be the BarBell Flat Bench Press:

    No I'm not a "what are you doing today" "oh chest" guy, nor do I favor chest over any other bodypart. The reason the Flat BB is my favorite exercise is because it truly pits you against the Iron! Other exercises there are so many ways to bail by safely dumping the weight. Squats, you bail out through the back and duck out. Curls you can just drop the weight into the rack, deads you can just drop the weight to the floor etc etc. With the Flat BarBell Bench, there is no where for the weight to go but UP! The strongest muscle in the body is your mind and you have to create the connection with the weight in order to make sure the weight goes where it belongs. Knowing you can get buried by the BarBell when benching, you have to have a powerful mindset! It all begins there...

    The Flat Bench is the "King" of exercises also because it is a full body equalizer. Just about every muscle and bodypart from your feet, to your glutes, to your shoulders tris and chest (there are more) are involved in a proper press! When done correctly, one can garner some serious mass and total body power!

    So many people shy away from the Flat BB Press (because they dont know how to press properly), or think they are getting everything out of it when there is so much more to be gained. I was never a fan of this exercise untill recently. Reason being, it always hurt my shoulder, I was very weak in this movement compared to "any" other exercise and I just didn't feel comfortable doing it. After realizing this is such a "bread and butter" movement and that I am truly missing out by not utilizing this exercise in my regimine, I went to the drawing boards and spent hours digging deep into the "basics" of how to bench taught by powerlifters that would explain the difference between benching for power and benching for bodybuilding or hypertrophy (yes there are differences between benching for raw strength and creating hypertrophy). Not giving up on this as I'm always looking to improve my physique, I've spent numerous days taking steps back and leaving my ego at the door. Dropping weight to very light numbers so I can find the "perfect position". Getting looks and stares, "thats all he can lift?" I knew in the back of my mind though, this was happening for a reason so I kept at it. Sure enough, after slowing things down and taking it step by step, I was then able to find that "perfect position" and get locked into the bench.

    Since then...this has been the number one exercise to improve my physique overall!

  27. For me the exercise that changed everything that I am is the Barrel Curl... let me explain:
    in Iraq in 2004 I discovered that I was near 30% BF and was a mess. One day I picked up the barrel to our .50 caliber machine gun. I started doing curls with it. This activated muscles that hadn't been used in years. I was re-addicted and recommitted. I did these curls for the rest of the deployment, and have since moved to BB curls... So this is it for me, not that it changed the muscles as much as changed my life
    Working on living

  28. Man this is hard to come up with one exercise BUT I know what it is after a short perusal of the mind.

    Incline DB Press - This was something from age 14 on I was told I would never be able to do (any chest exercises but specifically incline) because of the impingement problems I have in both shoulders (congenital defect that I have fought my entire life and more so during my swimming/water polo career). That being said, once I started seriously training with my friend [who has mentored me from day 1] I told him I can't do chest exercises; he looked at me and smiled. From that point on, he taught me how to start light, build strength in the joint and be patient most importantly. My 8-10 rep max has gone from 70 DB to 105 in two years (110 if I'm doing 5 reps, see pink magic log). This is really what I use as a major motivator in my training because I [one] was told I could not do it and proved that wrong and [two] have since surpassed my friend in weight that I can move at that rep level. It is something special when you surpass a goal and the student starts to outlift the teacher; let's just say he is quite proud of his protege. Also, I used to have some serious man boobs at 235, now my chest is proportionate to the rest of my body and expanding to be lean and mean (enough that my GF is pissed my chest is bigger than hers!).

  29. I would have to say squats. My senior year of high school my wrestling coach would have us do 20 rep sets of squats. Before that I would do decent squats considering I was in a high school weight training class. But after squatting with my coach I would get that low perfect squat. Then I knew what it meant to squat. Hell after that I knew what it meant to train. My coach made my life hell at practice but I thank him for really getting me to squat and kicking my ass daily at practice. U have to have a great base to have great body and that starts with the legs.


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