Alpha-T2 & 6-Bromo Stack (1 + 1 Units) By: Performance Enhancing Supplements


Each Stack Includes the Following:

1X Alpha-T2 (90 caps)

1X 6-Bromo (60 caps)

Alpha-T2 & 6-Bromo Stack: EXPERIENCE TRUE RESULTS!

Are you tired of that loose, soft, bloated look around your abs and lower back? If so, this stack is for you!

High levels of estrogen promotes fat storage, especially in the stomach, neck, chest, lower back regions. This fat storage is often very unattractive and hard to get rid of even through regular diet and exercise. Why? Because it is hormone related, and as long as your estrogen is too high, fat will be storing there.

With this stack you tackle fat loss at a whole new angle. You lower your estrogen which shuts off this fat storing mechanism. Perfect, right? Almost!

Now that your body has shifted away from a fat storing state with 6-Bromo, lets shift it into a fat BURNING state with Alpha-T2.

When combining 6-Bromo with Alpha-T2, your body will not only stop storing fat in those regions but TARGET fat burning in the stomach/abs, lower back, chest, and neck regions. That’s right..Alpha-T2 specifically TARGETS fat loss in those areas.

But wait! Alpha-T2 doesn’t stop there, it will also shift your metabolism into a fast fat burning machine along with a non-targeted full body fat burning mechanism.

This stack is perfect for those in a bridge between cycles, cutting, recomping, and lean bulking.

Recommedations on Stack Dosing: Take 2 capsules of Alpha-T2 in the morning on am empty stomach and 1 capsules later in the day. Take 25mg 6-Bromo every morning.