Recover.Protect.Grow - MST gives you a chance to rock RPG!!! (Ajinomoto BABY)

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  1. Recover.Protect.Grow - MST gives you a chance to rock RPG!!! (Ajinomoto BABY)

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    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  2. Oh yes people!!!!

    We are kicking out a few logs for you to test our brand new Ajinomoto bcaa/eaa/antioxidant product "RPG". There will be a few winners for this chance so make sure to get your application in ASAP!!

    There are NO specific requirements about your training/diet/sports involvement or anything for these logs. The only requirements are listed below and at this time we cannot ship products outside of the US. Thanks fellas (or ladies)....and good luck! ALSO, loggers can only log THIS product at this time. NO ONE can log these and run another log simultaneously.

    Tester Requirements:
    Please be as specific as possible on your testing information:
    - Must be 18 or older
    - Must have weight lifting & endurance sport experience and actively doing some aerobic activity.
    - Must be able to start logs immediately upon receiving the product and update them at least 4 days per week. Must be willing to adhere to MST's dosing suggestions.
    - Can not be allergic to any of the ingredients.
    - Must detail your workout routine and any sport or endurance activity you partake in on a regular basis. (Power lifting, bodybuilding, track and field, martial arts, baseball, football, climbing, cycling, running, biking etc.)
    - MUST post before/after pictures and measurements.

    Required Information for application entry:
    - Age :
    - Sex - M or F :
    - Height :
    - Weight :
    - Body type :
    - Training Experience (please be detailed) :
    - Current Training Schedule / Protocol (please be detailed) :
    - Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed) :
    - Current Sport Played (if any) :
    - Current Supplements (please list all product names) :
    - Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs :
    - Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed) :
    - Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) :
    - Current Daily Water Intake :
    - Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) :
    - Why should you be selected as a tester? (state your case) :

    Thanks everyone, lets see some awesome apps in here ASAP

    ***Winners must post a link to their log in this thread***
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  3. Thumbs up

    Very cool!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BiG in NYC 82 View Post
    Very cool!
    then lets see an app
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  5. awesome opportunity. From those that have tried it, I have heard some very promising remarks. Will be looking out for these logs
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  6. Sounds sweet, but running a log of FREE TEST(sponsored).


  7. equired Information for application entry:
    - Age : 26
    - Sex - M
    - Height : 5ft5
    - Weight :235
    - Body type :ecto
    - Training Experience (please be detailed) :5 years+ max 0t now have done dc training and max ot in the past also muscle stim something no one on here does and NO NOT SOME INFOMERCIAL TOY I mean a real muscle stimulator
    - Current Training Schedule / Protocol (please be detailed) : 5 day spilt 2 body parts a day
    - Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed) :Martial arts 2 hours -4 hours a day
    - Current Sport Played (if any) :n/a just martial arts
    - Current Supplements (please list all product names) :just vitamins minerals and protein and fish oil
    - Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : n/a
    - Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed) :no
    - Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) : 2000-5000 calories anabolic diet low carb during the week and during the weekend higher carbs. Mostly protein shakes with zero carbs as I am a vegetarian so its hard to go low carb with out eating meat. weekends pastas pizzas peanutbutter etc.
    - Current Daily Water Intake : half a gallon to a gallon
    - Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) : on a iphone so no copy and past sorry.
    - Why should you be selected as a tester? (state your case) : The current bcaa product I am using tastes so frekin bad and also this looks like a awesome post work out shake no carbs which works with what im starting to do no carbs post work out for 30 min to raise gh levels than 30 min later have my protein shake but in this case id do just carbs than a hour later my post work out shake. Also since I will be competing in October I will need all the help I can get and this actually looks like a decent product honestly.
    The weight class I will in is _Lightweight Class (Above 143 to 154 )
    Welterweight Class(Above 154 to 165 ) not sure which one.
    Its hard as I already have a hard time bulking but I know the power of bcaa's and free form aminos so this might be great for 50 days for me to use to help me gain more weight and when I mean weight I mean only muscle no fat. If I do log it and see results I may end up buying some. I already have bottles of bcaa's but the taste is so bad its not making me want to be constantly wanting to use it .

  8. -age: 22

    -sex: male

    - Height: 6'2''

    -weight:aprox 194lbs and gaining

    -Body type: lean, low %bf

    -Training experience: ive been weight training consistent and seriously for 6 years now started because i was trying to build size and strength for wrestling but like many others became addicted also running cross country and wrestling training since about 8 yrs old

    -trainig scheduale:
    Usually train around 2 pm six days a week
    monday= push,chest shoulders and tries ,
    tuesday= pull,back and bies,
    wednsday=legs and core,
    thursday= chest shoulders and tries,
    friday= back and bies,
    staurday legs and core,
    (all days alternate with intesity and exersises)
    currently on bulk/recomp focusing on big compund lifts but still do some isolation
    i plan to use a pretty standard lifting plan durring log to eliminate any variables in results from different training methods so the products effectiveness can truely be logged

    -cardio:wrestling on mondays and wedensday nights usually a 2 hour session with heavy drilling just basic stuff and live wrestling plus occasional tournaments on weekends and runs on tuesday thursday and sunday atleast 3 miles at a time some times interval training or hill repeats

    -current sport: wrestling

    -current supplements:

    1. optimun nutrition amino2222,
    4 tablespoons/one serving in the morning

    2. USP labs jack3d,
    1 to 3 scoops pre workout

    3. BSN syntha-6,
    2 scoops a day, 1 post workout, 1 before bed

    4. SciFit krealkalyn-1500
    4 pills a day, 2 in the morning, 2 preworkout

    however, i will run out pretty soon and if i get the chance to log i will only stack with protein creatine and a mutivitamin to test the true effectiveness of the product

    -no perscription or recreational drug use

    -currently not being treated for any conditions

    - diet and macros: averages 3000 to 3500 cals a day with about 250g protein. lots of milk eggs and lean meat
    more cals on cardio days especially running to maintain gains
    5 solid meals every day each with a complete protein

    - water intake: about 10+ cups a day

    -Goal: gain mass while losing fat and retaining less water so the six pack is cut up in time for summer and perform better as an athlete

    -should be selected as a tester because i am unbiased to supplement companies and will write full review i judge supplement by value ingredients and results not the hype i have tried many other sups to give fair comparison to whatever i log

    will make a log that im proud of to link companys to when applying to do logs in the future

    im also studying nutritional science and kinesiology if that means anything as far as my level of knowlage

    Eric C

  9. awesome looking product CTD... MST never let me down with your arsenal of products so i'm definitely looking forward to these logs!!!

  10. Age: 28


    Height: 6'1

    Body type: Athletic build... mesomorph type.. 200 pounds just off a cut from 210.. now sitting at 200 6.5% BF measured 3 separate times over 3 days on a six point caliper scale to average for accuracy

    Training experience: Two Sport Collegiate Athlete (T&F, Basketball). I picked up marathoning right after college and dropped to 165. But two and half years ago decided I was tired of being skinny and stopped running long distance and hit the weights and ate my a$$ off. I strength/plyometric-base trained all throughout college.. then for a couple years after school was more running but kept full body strength workouts in their for core/tone.. then for the last 2.5 years hit the weights hard

    Current Training Protocol:
    Mon - Legs/Shoulders
    Tues - off/HIIT Cardio/Core
    Wed - Back/Bi/LISS Cardio
    Thurs - Chest/Tri/HIIT Cardio
    Fri - off/Cardio (Basketball League)/Core
    Sat - Full Body focusing on Compound lifts (Deads, Squats, Bench, Cleans, Pull-ups, Dips)/ Plyometrics
    Sun - Full Rest

    Cardio Protocol:

    Cardio schedule is listed per above.
    HIIT Cardio is usually 20 min of 30 Sec Sprint/1 Min rest with varied inclince from 2.0 to 4.0% grade or Hill Sprints (Fwd & Backward)/Stadium Steps once in a while a 30 - 45 min spin class

    LISS Cardio - 30 - 40 minutes walk on incline or once in a while the ARC machine

    Plyometrics - Box Jumps, Rope Ladder, Speed Hurdles, Sand Bag Sprints

    -No prescription or rec drugs, rarely drink (even one drink)

    -no current sports but train a lot like I did in college (as I mentioned before I played two collegiate sports)

    Current Supplements:
    Pre-WO Half homebrew of CL White Flood, 50 Mg Nutraplanet bulk 1,3 -dimeth (geranium extract),
    Nutra ALCAR
    Scivation XTEND (about to finish and would love to try RPG for my BCAA supp!!!)
    Dymatize Elite WPI
    SciFit Kre-Alkalyn
    Nutra Bulk ALCAR (5000 mg Split in 2 doses)
    Vitamin C (mega Dose),D,E, Fish Oil, Multi
    * Intense/long workouts or cardio session I use reduce XT for Cort control

    Current Diet and macros (as much detail as possible):
    7 Meals a day with Carb timing/Cycling. Only use 1.5 scoops of WPI/day and thats directly Post WO. Other than that its ALL whole foods.

    My diet is not really broken down into Macros. I just slowly eliminated portion sizes when I didn't see a decrease in BF or increase in leanness. Before I cut, I was already 10% BF so it was more of a cut to just get shredded and have the abs poppin' for the lake!

    Here is a sample day (pretty much the same day to day)
    Meal One

    1 whole Egg
    9 Egg Whites
    1 Cup Old Fashion Oats
    2 packets Stevia

    GYM for workout

    Post Workout Meal 2
    1.5 Scoops WPI in water

    1.5 hours later Meal 3
    6 OZ Sweet Potato
    1 cup Broccoli
    6 OZ Chicken Breast

    Meal 4
    8 oz Chicken Breast
    2 Cups Green Veggies

    Meal 5
    10 Egg Whites
    2 Cups Green Veggies

    Meal 6
    8 Oz Salmon or Lean Steak
    2 cups green Veggies

    Meal 7
    8 Oz chicken
    (sometimes 1 Tbs. Natty Almond Butter too)

    That's a normal day, I cycle carbs on my off/core/cardio days with cutting my meal 1 oats to 1/2 cup and no post workout carbs

    Every Saturday has a heavy carb meal PWO of sweet potato cookies (its a recipe from No Nonsense Mag Beverly Int'l)

    Sunday is only trace carbs from green veggies ( no oats or starchy carbs)

    No added fats excepts for Fish Oil Supps or the occasional almond butter in meal 7 if i feel its necessary

    Current Daily water intake:
    1.5 gallons daily

    Short Term Goal:
    2 - 4 lbd lean mass gain

    Long Term Goal:
    210 while staying at the same BF percentage (6.5%), balancing out my bench strength to my row/back strength, and maybe one day gather the courage for a competition!?!?!

    I am very meticulous/disciplined in everything I do. I rarely cheat, I RARELY drink (even one), and I do not miss workouts. I am currently a victim of the economy and have a lot of free time on my hands to get complete workouts/complete rest/complete nutritional intake. I'm using this free time to get in the absolute best shape I can (after all maintaining is a lot easier that changing once I get a hectic life again with the job). This would be my first log, but I am really interested in getting involved in logs, both sponsored and non-sponsored. I think we as peers with real time experience are each others best source of knowledge

  11. Mmmm looks very nice good luck appers!
    Follow me on instagram for:Workout advice and tips, Diet pics, Inspirational pics, And of me!!!! haha

  12. When do we find out?

  13. great apps so far people....let's get some more in here!!!

    I never post when i'll be choosing keep checking the thread
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  14. Get in on this, guys! This should be a staple!

  15. Hmmmmm.... I may have to get my App in.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.

  16. Bump, Bump

    Why isn't this slammed with apps yet? Lets go guys and get them in!!!! I would love to log this if I wasn't logging some of MST's products already

    Best of luck to everyone that applies!!!!!!!!

  17. When is the cut off date?

  18. Im gonna be logging glycobol, my would be application has already been terminated

    GL fellas
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  19. Required Information for application entry:
    - Age : 34
    - Sex - M
    - Height : 5' 11 3/4"
    - Weight : 170 lbs
    - Body type : ecto
    - Training Experience (please be detailed) : Began resistance training (well actually exercise in general) 15 years ago after having been an obese kid/teen. I've mostly utilized higher volume training/longer frequency b/t sessions...but more recently have been using lower vol/higher int/higher freq...supplementing for such and have been progessing nicely.
    - Current Training Schedule / Protocol (please be detailed) : Currently using a modified DC training set up (began about a month ago). 3 day split m/t th/, slow negatives, static holds & extreme stretching....loving it!
    - Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed) : will toss in some Hiit stairmaster prior to training legs, and will do 1-2 (seperate) days of either kenpo/cardio plus or PlyoX from the p90x series.
    - Current Sport Played (if any) : none
    - Current Supplements (please list all product names) : USP Prime, USP jack3d, USP AP, AN's RPM, LGs Natradrol, whey protein, BCAA's (almost out, hint, hint , fish oil, mulit vit/min.
    - Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : none
    - Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed) : noppers...<who said that????><I did><ohhhh ok><that's cool>
    - Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) : eating at and slightly above (fluctuates) maintenance cals to add some LBM, ratios roughly 40/40/20 c/p/f spread out over 5-6 feedings...carbs mostly taken in/around training, which is at 5:30am. (utilize the AP/BCAA's for fasted training)
    - Current Daily Water Intake : 1-1.5 gallons daily
    - Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) : located at
    - Why should you be selected as a tester? (state your case) :
    The profile on this looks fantastic, I would be excited (dare I say 'ecstatic'?) to try it out and would no doubt benefit from incorporating it into my training. I've been using plain BCAA's the past several months, really would like to try a 'designer' such as this one. Choose me and I'll provide you with honest, consistent feedback/logs...and promise no new tax hikes.*

    *please note, this individual has no influence or authority now or in the future on any given tax law revision or reduction within the legal governing bodies in any of the 49 continental states or Hawaii including but not limited to Puerto Rico.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by WarcraftJJS View Post
    Hmmmmm.... I may have to get my App in.
    the only person you're hurting if you dont, is yourself ...literally...this stuff will boost your recovery tenfold.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  21. Quote Originally Posted by CTDeuce View Post
    the only person you're hurting if you dont, is yourself ...literally...this stuff will boost your recovery tenfold.
    I'm going to get it in on Friday.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
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  22. I'd love too

    Hemavol log = no-go though o.O

  23. This stuff is awesome.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by CTDeuce View Post
    the only person you're hurting if you dont, is yourself ...literally...this stuff will boost your recovery tenfold.
    Outstanding!....exactly what I'm needing right now....recovery just hasn't been the same since the PM run...

  25. Age : 29
    Sex - M or F : Male
    Height : 5' 10"
    Weight : 215
    Body type : Mesomorph
    Training Experience : Began training in high school for football, wrestling, and baseball. After High School didn't change to much for College, but after College slowed down alot got a job and married. Then it hit me one day I was looking at a picture of me and my wife and said "Who the Hell is that Fat A$$" It was me. So about 6 years ago I started my fight back to healthness and about 4 years ago I have really been training hard. For myself and my kids.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol :
    Elliptical / Cross Trainer:
    Barbell- Close Grip Bench Press
    Cable- Tricep Pushdown
    Barbell- Close Grip Bench Skull Crusher
    Barbell- Curl
    Dumbbell- Incline Curls
    Flat Bench Crunchs

    Stationary Bike:
    Barbell- Full Squat:
    Machine- Leg Extension:
    Barbell- Romanian Deadlift:
    Machine- Lying Leg Curls:
    Machine- Seated Calf Raise:

    Elliptical / Cross Trainer:
    Barbell- Behind Neck Overhead Press:
    Dumbbell- Standing Upright Row:
    Dumbbell- Lateral raise:
    Dumbbell- Lying Rear Lateral Raise:
    Barbell- Shrugs:
    Dumbbell- Shrugs:
    Flat Bench Crunchs

    Cardio Day or Swimming

    Elliptical / Cross Trainer:
    Pull Ups- Front:
    Dumbbell- Bent Over Row:
    Wide Grip Front Lat Pull Down:
    Cable- Seated Row:
    Cable- Pull Downs - VBar:
    Dumbbell- One Arm Row:
    Flat Bench Crunchs
    Elliptical / Cross Trainer:

    Elliptical / Cross Trainer:
    Barbell- Incline Bench Press:
    Dumbbell- Decline Bench Press:
    Dumbbell- Flyes Incline:
    Machine- Pec Dec:
    Barbell- Bench Press:
    Flat Bench Crunchs
    Reverse Crunch:
    Oblique Crunches:
    Cable- Crunch:

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed) : 20 to 30 mins after every workout and at least 7 mins of warm up. Always between Treadmill, Rowing, Stairmachine.

    Current Sport Played (if any) : Just the gym but sometimes basketball and Motorcycle Racing (Track), chasing my kids.

    Current Supplements :
    Jacked 3D, Fish Oils, Fiber, Protien ESA for now, and Animal Pak Vit.

    Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : None

    Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed) : Nope

    Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) : Not sure on this never did the macros.
    Breakfast: 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg, Ek. Toast
    Snack: handfull of Almonds or walnuts.
    Lunch: 1 Breast of Chk, Vegs or Fish and vegs. and a small saled with both
    Snack: about 1.5 hours before gym 1 breast of Chk and Vegs, 1 Protien Shk.
    Dinner: Changes a lot from Chk to Fish to Lean Red meats.

    Current Daily Water Intake : 1.25 to 1.50 gal water.

    Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) :
    1: WarcraftJJS's FinaFlex N.O. Ignite Log
    2: WarcraftJJS going to war of fat
    3: WarcraftJJS got a Sliver Can
    4: WarcraftJJS dropping War on the iron with the help of "The One"
    5: Clif 20g Protein

    Why should you be selected as a tester? :
    I like the look of the Product and I have always wanted a good way to put some BCAAs into my diet. Have used the raw stuff from NutraPlanet by just putting some of into my Protien Shks. But I like the idea of a drink just for BCAAs. I just need something for a good recovery.

    I'm also very meticulous with my logs, for pics and sizes check out my log number 2.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.


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