1. Thumbs up [CONTROLLED LABS] The big TWITTER Giveaway and FLASH SALE!

    Twitter... what a revolutionary concept... It's like a blog but with 140 character entries. Some see the magic of updating their every move. Some still don't understand the usefulness of the bird.

    Whatever you think about Twitter. You have to admit that it is an information highway. You can tweet, retweet, and get tweets in a matter of seconds from the original post right to your phone.

    Controlled Labs is eager to fully utilize Twitter's ability to quickly distribute information. We want to do this by first awarding our Twitter members exclusive information on new product releases and other great promotions.

    controlled labs (controlledlabs) on Twitter

    Here is the plan for all our loyal Twitter followers.

    Promotion #1
    We will run the first promotion for the month of June.

    Every week we will be giving away random FREE CONTROLLED LABS GEAR AND PRODUCTS for the first couple of people who RE-TWEET our original twitter comment.

    This means you will need to be one of the first to respond to our twitter. To keep it fair, we will do a random count of the first re-tweets within one hour of the original tweet.

    The plan is to give away one of every product by the end of the month. (One product per person, one win per person)

    Promotion #2
    After promotion #1 is over, we will be doing flash sales for the rest of the year. These flash sales will be completely random and last only for a few hours (they could be everyday for a week or once per month: it will be completely random and unexpected.

    Random products for ROCK BOTTOM prices. It does not get better than this.

    What's the catch?
    All you need to do is have Controlled Labs favorited on Twitter and keep an eye on our account activity. It doesn't get easier than that. You can even set it so our tweets are txted to your phone.

    How do I use Twitter?

    Watch my video walkthrough: Controlled Labs Twitter Promotion [Sneak Peak] | {365} Days


    1) Go to Twitter
    2) Register an account
    3) Go to controlled labs (controlledlabs) on Twitter
    4) Click the follow button
    5) Click the button next to follow to have tweets sent to your phone (optional)
    6) To retweet, just click the button near the bottom of one of controlled labs tweets

    Good luck all!

  2. Someone want to turn this into an RSS Feed?

  3. following...looking forward to the contest

  4. Giving away over 20+ products. Plus flash sales can't hurt

  5. you should post in here too! I have logged into my facebook account twice since i made it...

  6. Facebook? You mean twitter?

    You can have the updates sent straight to your phone via sms.

    Also it starts in 7 days.

  7. i retwittered the mssg on the CL twitter page

  8. open to canadians?

  9. It has begun

    Email. Tank[@]controlledlabs.com to post here if it is open to canadians.

  10. how many tweets a week will you guys be doing?

  11. how many people on the west coast have won? every time i log on twitter i see your tweets that were done at 6 or 7 am on the west coast,lol.


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