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  1. I think im too late but I am
    25 yo male
    Willing to write an indepth review consisting of a 1-10 rating on pump, vascularity, endurance, drive, and overall effects.

  2. i was probably to late also.

  3. i just think he forgot

  4. yep think he did...pretty gay
    Follow me on instagram for:Workout advice and tips, Diet pics, Inspirational pics, And best....pics of me!!!! haha

  5. pretty damn gay indeed

  6. I would love to try this..I'm hooked on axis labs hemodraulix, I would love to make the switch and see how this stuff is. I'm 25 and will give a great honest review..I know I have very few post here it is just because I'm new to this site I have been on other sites and have a lot more post under this name or jakedown

  7. If this actually happens I would be glad to test it and give you my honest thoughts on it. 28 here and currently running a log on here already so adding my thoughts there and in another thread are not an issue. Curious how this compares to L-arginine based products.

  8. I didn't foget guys...the 10 winners were PM'd for their shipping info, and the samples were shipped out.


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