BBS - Carnivore and BCAA stack

  1. BBS - Carnivore and BCAA stack

    Guys, just an fyi I finally received my supp's (BCAA & Carnivore) this week. Also got some nice extra's in gym bag & t-shirt. I'll be throwing up a log next week. Just wondered if anybody else received their's.

    By the way, started a new thread because old one had been locked.

    BBS came through

  2. you might want to post this in the logs/reviews section... you'll get more looks maybe.

  3. i got mines too bro, u tried either yet?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sanchezgreg18 View Post
    i got mines too bro, u tried either yet?
    Not yet, plan on starting April 1st. How about you?

  5. Are we allowed to log this here? BBS is no longer a sponsor...

    ...Got a log going elsewhere already.

    MOD EDIT: No. Since they are no longer here then their sponsored logs can't be here as well.
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