Hey guys,

in case no one has heard of EST or their lineup, I would like to present to you the greatest innovation in the bodybuilding and fitness supplement industry.

EST Plasmatic:

State of the Art Nitric Oxide and Cell Volumizing Technology is Unleashed utilizing Patent and Patent Pending Technologies; including licensed GlycoCarn® in a Lipo-Matic Liquid Cap Delivery.

PLASMATIC™ is the first NOS & Plasma Nitrate Igniter to exclude “Old School” L-Arginine. EST’s exclusive Lipo-Matic Delivery System™ partners with Nicotinic Acid to synthesize NADH. This combination produces the energy to increase Vasodilation and Endurance. PLASMATIC’s main component, GlycoCarn®, increases Nitric Oxide that stimulates the generation of new Mitochondria, as well as an increase in oxygen and blood flow. From PLASMATIC, you can expect an overall increase in Performance, Endurance, Strength, and Mind-Blowing Pumps, while maintaining Cardiovascular Health.

- Promotes Nitric Oxide Levels & Maximizes PUMPS!
- pH Balanced, Optimizing Metabolic Efficiencies
- Promotes Performance & Recovery
- Promotes Cardiovascular Health
- Promotes an Increase in Blood Plasma
- Improves Strength, Power & Endurance
- Induces Muscular Hydration

If anyone has any questions regarding Plasmatic, please post here and I will answer your questions, thank you for taking the time to read my post and good luck to everyone in their fitness endeavors!