MusclePharm TESTERS NEEDED: The Athlete's Stack!!

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  1. MusclePharm TESTERS NEEDED: The Athlete's Stack!!

    Here at MP it's been quite obvious that our users love to stack our products, as they get great results when doing so! Now with the release of RECON, we would like to introduce what we are now labeling as "The Athlete's Stack", consisting of Assault, Battle Fuel, and Recon! So to spread the word about MP's great products, and to expose Recon as one of the best post-workout products to hit the market, we want 5 testers to enjoy The Athlete's Stack, courtesy of MusclePharm!

  2. Holy **** lol what a deal, wish I could hop on this one. Good luck to everyone!!

  3. How do we apply for this? Holy &hit, I love Muscle pharm combat powder. Ive done a tester before for combat powder, and just recently bought some. Its the BEST protein out their, taste as well.

  4. That is a sick opportunity. Good luck to the applicants.

  5. How can one apply to this?
    Just inject.

  6. do we submit an app here?
  7. robkaige
    robkaige's Avatar

    awesome, how do i apply

  8. Great deal, MP! Good luck to the applicants!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  9. as mentioned above, how to do you apply whats the guidelines

  10. Holy cow! VERY impressive promo!

  11. ;D also hope to catch you guys at the Expo & WEC 47

    Age: 34
    Sex: M
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 188

    Current Supplements: Natadrol, hghup, orange triad, fish oil, jack3d, whiteflood

    Most recent preworkout products used: Jack3d, WF, animal pump, superpump 250, cryoshock

    Most recent postworkout/recovery products used: LG BC EAA, Purple Intrain, Purple Wraath, Intrabolic

    Most recent test booster products used: Natadrol, Hghup, T-911, MyoTest

    Training history: 3 sport HS athlete, College Wrestler, Wrestling Coach currently, Traning MMA/Grappling. I have been lifting on/off for last 19 years

    Current training routine: P90X for lifts (mon- back/chest, Wed- shoulders/arms, Fri- Legs/back), MMA 3 nights a week for cardio

    How is your diet? 2300 cals, 40 C/40 P/ 20 F

    Why should MP pick you? I've never used any MP products and as of recently am interested. I'm extremely dedicated and am currently training for the OTM grappling tournament at the Arnold Classic and my first fight in May. Always looking for something to keep me motivated.

    Can and will you post before and after pics? Yes




  12. Here is my application if that is what you need. This is an unbelieveable company and stack

    About myself:
    Age :38
    Sex: Male
    Height :5-11
    Weight :235
    Body type :endo/meso

    Training Experience :I have been working out since college (over 10 years). For the past 4 years I have been dedicated and workout on a regular basis. I work at a gym, so I have no excuses not to workout and train'

    Current Supplements:
    Fish oil

    Short term Goal:
    drop some body fat to lean out for the summer

    Long term goal:
    gain muscle, strength, endurance

    Supplement history:
    Superdrol, Halodrol, 1AD, 4AD, Intrabolic, IntraXcell, BCAA's, Animal Pak

    Links to past logs:
    Bluegene/blue up
    BoSox36 gets blue with controlled labs

    Mini blast
    Sponsored Mini Blast Tester

    Combat powder
  13. robkaige
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    if thats what they want..

    28yrs old, 5'8" 177lbs

    Mon- chest/tri
    tues- legs (quad focused)
    wed- Back
    thurs- off
    Fri- Legs (ham focused)
    Sat- shoulders/bi
    sun off
    All workouts are 4 sets of 4 excercise per part, 8-12 rep range to failure, lifting heavy. 20 min of cardio after workout at least 3 days a week and 60min on thurs off day.

    Experience: training for 15yrs on and off, mostly on till the last 2 yrs... now back on 7months. Fitness Trainer.

    Very experience with Supplements, have used many over the last decade.Creatine, BCAA's, ECA stacks, Proteins of all kinds, colostrum, PH's since old school andro and nor-andro, NO products, GH products, and much more...

  14. cont me in too! i have no points here for logs but i did a log for gen x mass for life, wich i detailed my log everyday faithfully..i know i dont have any status here but would like to start somewhere..thanks for your time...

  15. you can check my profile to see that my gains are good and im serious about lifting weights

  16. Quote Originally Posted by pdredman72 View Post
    you can check my profile to see that my gains are good and im serious about lifting weights
    Just put in an actual app. Follow pigpens example.

    MP is always very generous with their log opps. As I said on another board, my wife and I have done a number of logs for them and have not been disappointed.

    The Arctic Raspberry Assault remains the best tasting supp I've ever used. But I hear they've redone the flavoring, so that may have changed.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  17. Age: 23 years old
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 169 lb

    Current Supplements:
    ON BCAA's, EST Whey protien, IDS WaxyMaize, BULK beta alanine, ******** CREATure

    Most recent preworkout products used:
    SAN Launch, EST Plasmatic, EST MethylMass, HEMORUSH, Jack3d The Jack3d was actually the worst one I tried.

    Most recent postworkout/recovery products used:
    IDS Waxy Maize, Whey protien

    Most recent test booster products used:
    MHP T-Bomb, Tribulus

    Training history:
    Started out in high school, 16 years old, to get ready for baseball. It was not long before I was addicted to the changes my body was making. I then began to powerlift in the 165 lb class. Just recently I have taken up bodybuilding and am going to focus on gaining more mass on my frame.

    Current training routine:
    3 day split
    Day 1 - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Day 2 - OFF
    Day 3- Legs
    Day 4- Off
    Day 5 - Back/Biceps
    Day 6- Repeat Day 1
    Day 7 - Off

    How is your diet?
    Diet is on!!! I am working with Alex Azarian right now and my body is make drastic changes. I am loving the diet. I will post meal by meal as EVERY one of the clients are different:
    Meal 1 : 80 gm oats, 20 gm whey, 5 egg whites (1 whole)
    Meal 2 : 5 oz rice, 7 oz chicken
    Meal 3 : 5 oz rice, 7 oz 93/7 ground beef
    Meal 4 : 5 oz rice, 7 oz chicken
    Meal 5 : 5 oz rice, 7 oz 93/7 ground beef
    Meal 6 : 7 oz chicken, 2 c broccoli, 24 almonds
    Night Shake : 50 gm whey shake, 30 gm walnuts

    Sometime one of the meals with replace with a 50 gm whey shake

    Why should MP pick you?
    I would be an excellent person to log MP products. I am VERY serious on my training/diet/rest. I give 110% to get the most out of this sport. If I was not as serious I am for doing a show, I would not be paying a man to control my diet/training. I want take this opportunity to the next level and absolutley ASSAULT the competition! I will give you my HONEST opinion on the product. With my determination/strong will/videos/pictures, there is going to be nothing I could give a false statement and get away with it. The results will speak for them selves!

    Can and will you post before and after pics?
    Pictures are a given for me, how about a some videos of Ass to Grass Squats and Grip-N-Ripin of deadlifts! Thats how I do things.

    I get particular about the products I put into my system. If I DO NOT think they will help me, I will not take them.

    No logs avalible as of date

    Close this out with the MP Song!
    YouTube- MusclePharm by Freeze

  18. PigPen, Hope you did mind if I used your application template you went by also.

  19. Just to clarify guys put an application in here, the better the app the better your chance. Please no PM apps.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by SmallTownIron View Post
    PigPen, Hope you did mind if I used your application template you went by also.
    looks great and love the bling

  21. Quote Originally Posted by SmallTownIron View Post
    PigPen, Hope you did mind if I used your application template you went by also.
    Awesome app bro.

  22. did my comment on FB have any effect on this? lol

  23. Quote Originally Posted by pigpen75 View Post
    looks great and love the bling
    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin R View Post
    Awesome app bro.
    Thanks guys. I like doing things that I enjoy to the best of my ability.

  24. Age/Height/Weight:
    25/5 ft 5in/148lbs

    Training: 3 years. Started at 160lbs dropped down to 123lbs and has currently built back up to 148lbs

    Mon: Chest/Tri (adding cardio)
    Tues: Back/Bi's
    Wed: Off/Cardio
    Thurs: Legs/Abs
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Shoulders/Cardio/Abs
    Sunday: Cardio/Abs

    Current and Future goals: eating about 2900 calories a day with 240-250 g's of protein in hopes to add muscle and get bigger and adding strength

    In a about a month or month and a half i was going to drop the calories to about 2600-2700 calories adding cardio in on monday to try and cut up alittle more for the summer

    Had planned on taking super cuts 3, jack3d, hghup and possibly testopro to keep strength and muslce while getting the more "Athletic" look

    Why choose me:
    Because from the start I always wanted the "athletic" look, never wanted to be a jay cutler looking monster, but never wanted to be the skinny kid with abs for lack of having enough food, you posted a picture of MMA fighters and you sponser them and thats the look i'm going for, i believe this stack with the name and i could really get along together

    I also will always give an honest review of everything, i've said it before if i like it i will let everyone on this site know along with ppl in the gym and any friends who may come to me in need of supplement advice, if i don't like the supplements you will get an honest review of everything

    I can update and log everyday, my job involves a computer, i'm also on after the gym so i will have the time to dedicate myself to updating on a daily basis

    and got the natadrol and psarm...might as well let some of us who didn't get something to have some fun with

  25. Here is more to my application:

    Current Training Schedule: 4-5 days per week
    1 arm dumbell isolates 3 sets of 10
    Flat bench or flat bench dumbell 3 sets of 8
    Incline nech or Incline bench dumbell 3 sets of 8
    Decline bench 3 sets of 8
    Dumbell chest flys 3 sets of 8
    Cable cross-overs 3 sets of 8
    Front Tricep pulldowns 3 sets of 8
    Reverse Tricep pulldowns 3 sets of 8
    Closegrip bench 3 sets of 8
    Dips 4 sets of 12
    Behind the back pulldowns 3 sets of 8

    Dumbell curls 3 sets of 8
    Hammer curls 3 sets of 8
    Incline dumbell curls 3 sets of 8
    One arm curls 3 sets of 8
    Cable curls 3 sets of 8
    Front Lat pulldowns 3 sets of 8
    Behind the back lat pull downs
    One are dumbell pulls 3 sets of 8
    Barbell rows 3 sets of 8

    Wednesday: Off/Cardio only

    Front military press 3 sets of 8
    Behind the back press 3 sets of 8
    Shrugs front and rear 3 sets of 10
    Front raises 3 sets of 8
    Side lateral raises 3 sets of 8
    Upright rows 3 sets of 8

    Friday:Off/Cardio only

    Squat 3 sets of 8
    Leg press 3 sets of 8
    Calf raises 3 sets of 10
    Leg extensions 3 sets of 10
    Deadlifts 3 sets of 8

    Sunday: Repeat week
    Cardio Schedule: 5-6 days per week
    Monday thru Saturday(sometimes) with Sundays off
    35- 40minutes either bike or elliptical

    I would make an excellent candidate because I train hard, and I write detailed logs


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