Amphetlin by Applied Nutriceuticals is renamed "BLACK CATS"!

  1. Exclamation Amphetlin by Applied Nutriceuticals is renamed "BLACK CATS"!

    Ok it’s time to clear up some confusion:

    The stim product we originally promoted as AMPHETALIN will now be called BLACK CATS.

    Due to an unintentional oversight in our name vetting process, we overlooked the product AMPHETALEAN, which is a registered trademark of Beast Sports. We regret any inconvenience it may have caused Beast Sports and we respect their intellectual rights. Since the names are indeed very similar for similar products, we agreed that it would be appropriate for us to change the name and settled the situation amicably.

    Nothing other than the name has changed…so if you tried a sample of Amphetalin, Black Cats is the exact same thing. The mockup below gives you an idea of what it will look like; the new labels will be in next week and once that happens we’ll be ready to ship.

    Thanks for your time and in the meantime, we’ve got samples available at
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  2. Meow?

    (Someone had to say it.)

  3. pretty bad new name dosent represent the product in any way

  4. should've named it "Black AMP" lolz

  5. Quote Originally Posted by one8seven View Post
    should've named it "Black AMP" lolz
    doh! back to the drawing board



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