Logging Opportunity for LG Sciences Anadraulic Pump

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  1. Logging Opportunity for LG Sciences Anadraulic Pump

    Thats right guys!, the testers had there chance, and now we bring you another chance to log this highly reviewed Pre Work Out N.O Product, "Anadraulic Pump"!

    ANADRAULIC PUMP 405 grams
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (Approx. 6 grams)
    Servings Per Container: 68

    Anadraulic Pump Proprietary Complex 6,390mg
    ______________________________ ________________

    L-Aspartic Acid*
    L-Arginine HCL*
    L-Arginine AKG*
    L-Arginine Orotate*
    Quercetin (Standardized)*
    Geranium Oil Extract #105-41-9*
    ______________________________ _______________
    * Daily Value Not Established
    Personal Daily Values based on 2,000 Calorie Diet

    Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, N&A Flavoring, Acesulfame K,
    Sodium Bicarbonite, Sucralose

    Recommended Use: Use 1-3 servings 15 minutes prior to workouts.


    U.S Only -
    Age -
    Routine -
    Diet -
    How would ~AP~ benefit you -
    Past NO Products -
    Past or previous logs -

    We have 5 tubs to be handed out and logged. We are looking for consistency and dedication while logging this as far as the updates go.
    Loggers will use the format below with anything additional they would like


    Product Write up:

    Anadraulic Pumped gives amazing vascularity, huge pumps and great taste! You will love it and it will become a staple in your pre-workout arsenal! What's wrong with your current NO product?

    Let?s face it; as bodybuilders, we need to have an edge before we train. We?ve all tried to train without any help from energy and stamina products, and each time it?s the same; we?re slow moving, our strength is lacking, our focus is lost, and our endurance fails. We NEED that edge.

    Sick vascularity and pumps are what get you noticed. Women love to see a guy with roadmap-like veins popping out when he pulls his shirt off. Unfortunately, if you don't know this secret, you may be robbing your body of the results that will get you noticed.

    I?m sure you?ve realized that your current NO pre-workout product doesn't make your veins pop. Sure, it may give you some great energy, but do your muscles throb? Does it feel as though your skin is about to burst at the seams? Chances are it doesn?t. You may as well just be taking a stim-pill, as it?s obvious that your pre-workout drink isn?t doing what it was meant to do; deliver key nutrients for growth. Well, we have a solution to that, and it?s Anadraulic Pumped.

    Anadraulic Pumped isn?t like those other pre-workout drinks that claim to get you ?jacked? yet offer little more than some stimulants, nootropics, and creatine, which I might add, is quite counterproductive to the pump we?re trying to achieve.

    I admit, we got caught up in the frenzy of mixing creatine with NO to give people a false pump that defeats the total purpose of NO products. The original Cold Fusion was arguably the absolute best NO product on the market; it was a liquid that had nothing but NO potentiators and co-factors that gave amazing vascularity and mind-blowing pumps. Sadly, we got caught up in the hype by adding creatine to the mix and it was never the same; never causing the roadmap-like veins that will get you noticed.

    So, why is it you don?t want to mix creatine with your NO products?

    Have you ever noticed that the vasodilatation products that are out now don't do a thing to give you the eye-popping veins and pumps that help deliver those key nutrients to your muscles? To make it short, the main issue is the slowing down in absorption that goes with taking creatine along with your NO factors. This is why we have announced Anadraulic Pumped, the most advanced, TRUE nitric oxide product since the introduction of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG).

    Why did we go with a powder?...

    The fact of the matter is that pills just aren?t going to do it. Simply put, pills take a long time to dissolve, and in addition, to get even a decent amount of NO boosting agents you would need to take 6-8 horse sized pills. So, our Anadraulic Pumped powder hits you fast, which is exactly what you need 15 minutes before you workout. (you can take your creatine and amino's 45-50 minutes before a workout)

    Make sure you take your Anadraulic Pumped fifteen minutes before your workout, and you?re set!

    Unlike creatine that needs time to get into the muscle cells and recharge ATP, NO factors work in the bloodstream, which is why you need to take them at different times. If you take NO with creatine, one of them is going to be wasted. You either wait for the creatine to get into the muscles (taking it 45 minutes before working out) and peak too early on your NO product, OR you take it right before a workout, wasting the ATP charging effect of creatine. This is why we developed a two-phase approach starting with Anadraulic State 45 minutes pre-workout, and Anadraulic Pump 15 minutes pre-workout, to make sure that the creatine uptake, NO pumps, and extreme vascularity hit you at the most ample time.

    How does it taste?

    We heard you loud and clear, you want it to taste like soda-pop...mission accomplished! Anadraulic Pumped has an amazing taste to compliment its strategic blend of NO ingredients. It is a refreshing citrus that my employees are just drinking "because it tastes so good".

    What's in it?

    First off, there are no artificial colors or fillers like other NO products, so it will hit you fast and hard. Also, there are no carbs or anything that will interfere with the absorption of the NO cofactors, or those of you on ketogenic diets. The ingredients are perfect to give amazing pumps and energy, yet carry none of the dietary failures of other pre-workout products. It?s just the edge we need!

    3 types of Arginine:

    Arginine HCL - Hits you fast and is the ingredient shown to cause the most immediate release in nitric oxide
    Arginine AKG - Arginine bonded to alpha ketoglutarate, which is a di-peptide that increases cellular uptake
    Arginine Orotate - Arginine bonded to orotic acid, which may boost athletic performance

    Amino Acid Co-Factors - To increase recovery and stamina

    L-Aspartic Acid

    Quercetin Flavonoids - To increase athletic performance

    Geranium Oil Extract #105-41-9 - Focus Factor - Giving you the insane focus you need to get the most out of each and every workout

    Anadraulic Pumped is the perfect blend to give you insane vascularity and amazing pumps in the gym. Start taking your workouts, and your looks, to the next level with Anadraulic Pump!

  2. AP!

    Age - 25

    Routine - 5 day split consisting of Arms, Chest, Legs/Abs, Shoulders/Traps, Back/Abs. I am currently limiting my cardio to 1-2 20 min sessions per week. It's winter and it's time to bulk!

    Diet - High protein, moderate carb. I aim for at least 4000 cals right now, with 280-350g protein. I am not really watching my carbs right now, as I am trying to bulk. My diet is however fairly clean.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you - I am currently on the last week of a 6 week 1-Andro/4-AD/DecaVol cycle. I would be using AP as a part of my PCT. I have not been on any N0/PWO sups for the past 6 weeks, and miss the energy/pump that my previous PWO gave me. I lift at 5am, and AP would give me that boost I need in the morning to power though my workout.

    Past NO Products - N.O.-Xplode, NaNoVapor, SuperPump250, White Flood, Black Powder, Jack3d, Vassive NO, Hemodraulix, Maximize.

    Past or previous logs -

    Currently logging: AMS 1-Andro/4-AD/DecaVol log: B-DUB's getting huge! A 1-AD/4-AD/Deca Log

    Will be logging AMS Body Mortar as soon as it arrives

    Logged a 12 week Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX/Hyperdrol/Trisorbagen cycle, but the AX page has since been removed from AM.

    I am an experienced lifter, and am very motivated to get big and share my results with others! I would be using AP 5 days/week, and would post updates at lest 5 times/week as well. I would love the opportunity to log Anadraulic Pump!

  3. yeah get on this guys... i bought some on the presale and its a great preWO, stand alone or stacking it, its very versatile.

  4. jump on this people.. defientely a great chance to try an amazing new product. I would apply if I didnt already have 4 containers of AP here.. that and I already logged this for LG.. dont wanna whore it up with another app.. but everyone else needs to apply for this stuff.. it is great!!!!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  5. dam it! i just grabbed 3 tubs from your site

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GettingStrong View Post
    dam it! i just grabbed 3 tubs from your site
    Apply.. U could always use more

  7. U.S Only
    Age - 34
    Routine - p90x, 3 days cardio, chest back on mon, shoulders arms on wed, friday legs and back

    Diet - ckd 30 carbs 5.5 days a week and 700 friday night ad saturday

    How would ~AP~ benefit you - i've been using noxplode for a while and need a change. this will help to keep me motivated and fit

    Past NO Products - noxplode, samples of sumperpump and whiteflood

    Past or previous logs - n/a

  8. LG - you guys must be doing great, always providing some great opportunitites for everyone!!!

  9. U.S Only
    Age - 28

    Routine - 4 day a week split with 1 other day a week of light jogging for 20 minutes

    Diet - clean but bulking right now so alot of food. Generally stick to a 40/30/30 split but my metabolism is so high I can almost eat anything I want and not put on fat.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you - just finished my PCT and have been using nanovapor samples and some white flood samples I got, would be interesting to compare them. I work out at 5:30am also, so some pre workout is almost required. hahah

    Past NO Products - nanovapor, NO-xplode, white flood.

    Past or previous logs - see my sig below for my recent aas log.

  10. nice apps so far guys!

  11. LG strikes with the awesome opportunity again! Good luck guys!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    LG strikes with the awesome opportunity again! Good luck guys!
    you mean to say no APP?

  13. Age -24
    Routine -Currently, 4 day split with cardio
    Diet -Currently 40/40/20 P/C/F
    How would ~AP~ benefit you -Looking to add creatine and BCAA's as a staple and a good pre-workout supp would be a great addition
    Past NO Products -NO Xplode, NaNO Vapor
    Past or previous logs -Would be my first but would love the opportunity and would give an honest and detailed log if given the chance.

  14. Anyone who wants a killer PreWO get in this now! Its by far the best PerWO you will try!

  15. ^^ Yes sir

  16. aw man, I only got to test it, woulda love to of logged it haha would of gotten more. Get on this people very good stuff.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    you mean to say no APP?
    I would love the chance to log this for you guys. Do you have it where this will need to be the only supplement? I still have another 3 weeks on my cycle and I know you prefer to have the logs as focused as possible.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    I would love the chance to log this for you guys. Do you have it where this will need to be the only supplement? I still have another 3 weeks on my cycle and I know you prefer to have the logs as focused as possible.
    No, go ahead an put an app in

  19. Ill toss in an app since not alot have and im out of preWO stuff right now.
    Age -23

    Routine - 2-3 sets, 8-10 reps, focus on contractions and negatives

    Diet -Mostly protein, carbs are ended at 8pm, I start witha big breakfast then the meals stay small

    How would ~AP~ benefit you -Pumps will keep me in the zone and let me know im targeting the muscles the best i can. I am in a grow phase right now. I started a short while ago for about 3-4 weeks just eating anything and powerlifting type routine. Now im dieting down very very slowly and could use the little extra push.

    Past NO Products -Ragnarok, NO-Shotgun, WTF Pumped, Cold Fusion, Animal Pump, NO-Xplode, Nitrace and maybe a few others i cant recall as well as bulk powders.

    Past or previous logs - all can be seen here => http://anabolicminds.com/forum/searc...arch****4409063

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Cpo View Post
    Anyone who wants a killer PreWO get in this now! Its by far the best PerWO you will try!
    word brother! Amen!

  21. Figured I would throw in my app here to see if you guys would consider me. I am currently on a cycle of EFX and Furaguno for 3 more weeks, but the dosages will be basically the same the last couple of weeks so I should be able to get a good idea of how the product works. After 3 weeks I will be doing Clomid only for 2 weeks so there should be no conflicts in products and I should have a great idea of how your product works. I will be honest, objective and detailed with the log as I have been with every other log I have done on AM.

    U.S Only - Check
    Age - 35 years young
    Routine - 4 day split (Chest/Tri, Back/Abs, Shoulders/Bis and Legs/Abs. I lift in the 6-10 rep range and focus on heavy weights with most lifts. I also hit cardio 3-4 times per week.
    Diet - I have been doing CKD for 2+ weeks and I am really enjoying the benefits I am getting from it with leaning out while still gaining some weight and strength. I still look forward to my carb up days, but so far the diet is going great and I have plans to continue it through February.
    How would ~AP~ benefit you - The main reason that we workout is to look good and it is hard to look good without the PUMP. The feeling you get while in the gym and shortly after your workout where you have all your muscle bellies full is the best feeling. I crave the workouts/pumps where you can hardly take your shirt off because your arms are dead and so swolen.
    Past NO Products - I have used Ragnarok, Jacked, WTF Pumped
    Past or previous logs:
    Silver is taking TKD to the next level with TestoPRO (Thx Anabolic Innovations)

    I have several more logs that I have run if more data is needed, but you guys know me pretty well and know that if chosen I will fulfill my obligations.

  22. Oh Man I am running logs until February but I so wanted to try this stuff out. Is a month away too far out. Don't want to spend too much time on an app if I don't qualify due to time constraints.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  23. 22 years old
    I hit the gym 4 days a weeks right now.
    I run a 3 day split, 4 days a week
    I hit abs 3 times a weeks.
    I take all my sets to failure with my first set being a set of 6-8 and then dropping 10% for the next couple sets. These workouts are by far my most intense and I am always having to have someone there to spot me when I am forcing for additional reps.

    meal 1- 40 gm oats, 15 gm whey, 11 egg whites, 1 whole egg
    meal 2- 50 gm whey shake
    meal 3- 6 oz rice, 8 oz steak
    meal 4- 6 oz rice, 8 oz chicken, broccoli
    meal 5- 6 oz rice, 8 oz lean ground beef
    meal 6- 8 oz chicken, broccoli
    meal 7- 50 gm whey shake, 24 almond

    Will I benefit?
    The Anadraulic Pump could possibly give me the needed boost that I would like to have further my PR's every day I hit the gym.

    Past NO products
    No shotgun
    Super Charge
    Redline RTD's

    No previous logs.

  24. 28 years old
    been back into lifting serious for past 3 years
    242 lbs, around 16%bf and am beginning recomp
    used noxplode, nanovapor and superpump250(my favorite)
    lift mon(chest and bi's), tuesday(legs), wed(abs and calves),thurs(shoulders), friday(back and tri's)
    Do 15 min cardio at home upon waking. I also do 3 sessions of HIIT in the evenings during the week.
    Diet will consist between 2500-3000cal/day with 40/40/20 ratio
    I hope AP would just give me an intense boost in the mornings when I hit the gym so I can destroy things at the gym. I lift in the mornings and need something to really get me going

  25. Man with the geranium in this alone your energy and focus will be off the chain with no crash in sight.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -


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