AMS Clomidex Loggers needed (2)

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    AMS Clomidex Loggers needed (2)

    AMS is looking for 2 loggers to run the new CLOMIDEX from AMS. Post up your apps, the more detailed the better.. include links to past logs and available start date.

    Solving the Hardest 2-Piece Puzzle

    There are two main pieces to the anabolic puzzle, and these two pieces — testosterone and estrogen — are familiar to all. But what might not be familiar, is how these two pieces fit together and their relative ratio to each other. The premise seems simple enough: Keep your testosterone high while concomitantly working to keep your estrogen low. Simple, right?

    The “simplistics” of the endeavor get complicated real quickly, especially if you’re just coming off a cycle, if you have naturally overactive estrogen production machinery, or more difficult yet, if you have underperforming natural testosterone production machinery. Also, as simple as it seems, many of us tend to focus on only one or the other; invariable never getting a finished picture that looks exactly right.

    While each of us is unique in the minutia of our needs, the general overarching thematic is the same: What is the best approach to keeping T levels naturally elevated while simultaneously combating estrogen spillover?

    But there’s far more to this than smashing two pieces together and calling it a day. We need to be aware of how to influence and manipulate testosterone and estrogen to achieve a balance that is ideal. And many products available fail to manage the issue.
    Hit them, coming and going

    Clomidex is a unique spectral hormonal management formula. Through the application of a full scope of ingredients that biologically push and pull at natural endogenous production machinery, Clomidex incites a pro-anabolic cascade that readjusts your hormone trajectory and keeps you in the hunt.

    With 3,17-ketoetiocholtriene and 6-Bromo working to manage hormonal production through enzymatic disruption, HPTA up-regulation plus interfering with androgenic feedback mechanisms, your precious androgen production is primed and its activity is preserved all while estrogen rebound is disrupted.

    Clomidex also employs 7,8 Benzoflavone, a naturally occurring flavonoid, that shows promise in preventing suppression of the HPTA in addition to stimulating favorable testicular parameters.

    The final character in Clomidex is Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) extract. The active compound is known as 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran and has been shown to increase free testosterone levels by liberating it from circulating sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), a protein that serves to regulate the amount of active hormone in the bloodstream. If your hormones are bound, they’re not “free” to exert their influence. In addition, playing a dual role, this compound inhibits aromatase, the enzyme that converts your precious testosterone to estrogen.
    The Solution

    Clomidex, through its full spectrum approach not only offers a solution to the testosterone conundrum, but simultaneously offers a solution to the estrogen one as well. A holistic approach to hormonal management through enzymatic disruption, feedback up-regulation and SHBG binding, Clomidex is the Testosterone/Estrogen solution.
    Prudent Use, The Hallmark of Success.

    When manipulating the hormonal landscape for the sake of greater and longer-lasting gains, we always need to exercise good judgment and common sense. For these reasons, Clomidex should not be used for more than 4 weeks. You’ve all heard it before, but it begs repeating: More is not always better. Clomidex is best used at night for 3 to 4 weeks.


  2. sounds like this product is going to be a definite winner.

  3. I dont have a need to run a product like this right now but it def. has potential. Good luck to the two winners

  4. Would this need to be logged as a stand alone, or could it be logged in conjunction with other PCT supps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradleywiens View Post
    Would this need to be logged as a stand alone, or could it be logged in conjunction with other PCT supps?
    I would like to see it as a stand alone, but might be open to the idea of it a part of PCT depending on what the PCT includes... if your interested, put your app in.

  6. Get some!

    Age - 25
    Height - 6'1
    Weight - 220

    Training experience - 6 years, 4 of serious lifting
    Training schedule / Routine - 5 day split: Bis/Tris, Chest, Legs, Shoulders/Traps, Back. Rep range 8-10. Cardio 1-2x per week, limit to 20 min sessions. It's winter, time to bulk!

    Diet/Break down - 3500-4000 cals/day. 280-350g protein. Not really watching carbs now as I am trying to bulk. Eat approx. every 2 hours.

    Links to past logs & Reviews - AMS 1-AD/4-AD/DecaVol log: B-DUB's getting huge! A 1-AD/4-AD/Deca Log
    I reviewed an 8 week Mass FXMS/Hyperdrol cycle on the Anabolic Xtreme page, complete with pre and post cycle labs, however, this page was removed from AM.

    Why should you be selected as a tester? - I am currently 2 weeks into my 6 week AMS 1-Andro/4-AD/DecaVol cycle. This is my fist PH cycle and I am really liking the results so far. I think Clomidex would fit perfectly into my PCT. I was planning on using AMS Arom-X along with AI Post Cycle Support for my PCT, but would replace Arom-X with Clomidex. I am consistent at the gym, going 5 days/week. Will update log at least 5 days/week complete with breakdown of impressions, workout, and diet to include accurate # of cals, and protein. I will also include before and after pictures. I am fairly new to AM and do not have many posts, however, I am an experienced lifter, and am very motivated to get big and share my results with others! I would love the opportunity to test out Clomidex.

  7. I am coming off a cycle of creatine, would this be a good pct for me?
  8. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmoe65 View Post
    I am coming off a cycle of creatine, would this be a good pct for me?

  9. Unfortunately, the most intense things I'm taking right now are ZMA, Coconut Oil, and Fish Oil...I guess I'm out.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    Why are you lol? I was using Cell-Tech and Im shut down hard.

  11. Male
    bf% 12
    I have been lifting for about 17 years And I'm still a little new to this board I have logged Avant (napalm) and generic labz stack. I'm always looking for new companies and products to try this would be a great opportunity to do that. Lifting is 5 days a week 2 on 1 off 2on 1 off 1 on. No cardio for the time being until after the holidays. Good luck to all that apply.
  12. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by bigmoe65 View Post
    Why are you lol? I was using Cell-Tech and Im shut down hard.
    that **** is hardcore man I hope your alright. Get some bloodwork done...

    Age: 21
    Weight: 184
    Height: 6' 4"
    Bodyfat %: 14%
    Training Style:
    4 day split. 2 days on, 1 day off.
    Mon/Tue, Thur/Fri. Utiizing a alternating push/pull routine (Push on Mon, Pull on Tue) using mainly compound lifts and full body workouts. 3 sets each exercise using enough weight that I can perform no more then 8 reps. Typically average about 20 sets per workout day. Warmup cardio before weightlifting and 10-15 minute moderate intensity cardio after weightlifting. Also cardio on off days varying between moderate running or swimming for 10-30 minutes.

    Anabolic Diet.
    Mon-Friday High Fat/High Protein/No-Extremely Low Carb.
    Saturday-Sunday Low Fat/Low-Moderate Protein/Extremely High Carb

    I am currently logging a fat burning supplement and will be done on Dec. 18th. If you'd like this to be completely standalone I'd be able to start logging it on the 20th. I can post up anything that you require as well as lots of my own input. I'm also trying for your vapor-xt logging opportunity so I hope I get a chance at one of these two!

  13. age- 51: weight- 230+-5: height- 6'1: bf 14-17%:training- 3 days weight resistance, 5-7 cardio:diet- i pretty much wing it, but keep protein high:i started trt 8/28/09 and currently use no ai, right now i am logging a free test product and would like to run this after. i get blood test done at around the end of every month.

  14. Bigt! Solid
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Bigt! Solid
    thanks, my estrogen has gone from 30ml/pg to 40ml/pg since starting trt, it is still well within range but i worry it is creeping up. i feel i could benefit greatly by adding an ai, and the profile of clomidex looks solid.
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    BigT and BradleyWiens, PM me your address

  17. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    BigT and BradleyWiens, PM me your address
    woohoo. i am excited to try this out. thank you!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    woohoo. i am excited to try this out. thank you!
    As am I!


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