We need help to make people a "supplement expert"

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  1. We need help to make people a "supplement expert"

    We are going to be putting out a test to get people on board with sports supplements. We are looking for people to submit questions that every "average" bodybuilder should know to be considered qualified to help others with supplements. Can you guys help us an post some questions that we can include in the test?

    Format is multiple choice like

    Fast absorbing proteins like Whey should best be consumed A) before a workout B) after a workout C) before bedtime

  2. The answer is A lol
    doing my own thang!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    The answer is A lol

  4. how about: when is the best time, or "window", to use creatine?

    A) 1st thing in the morning B) pre and post workout, or C) before bedtime

  5. Your endocrine system is fully developed
    a)When you feel like it is
    b)When your coach says so
    c)probably soon enough
    d)I like steroids and im 14.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by redline2101 View Post
    Your endocrine system is fully developed
    a)When you feel like it is
    b)When your coach says so
    c)probably soon enough
    d)I like steroids and im 14.
    LOL... u guys arent taking this seriously... but i cant help laughing at that!

  7. Alright how about:
    1) Define a macro-breakdown and identify the optimal ratio.

    2) True or False: The more you train, the bigger you'll get.

    3) You grow...
    A) In the gym.
    B) When you rest.
    C) When you take your latest supplement.

    4) Proteins are built with...
    A) Amino Acids
    B) Glucose
    C) Myostatin
    D) Fat

    5) Squats help the whole body grow because...
    A) They don't.
    B) Your arms are strenuously worked while squatting.
    C) They release large amounts of Growth Hormone, Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone.
    D) Creatine is a steroid.

  8. what is the best tbooster out there
    a. mdrol
    b. tren
    c. creatine
    d. t-911

    hows that for a question?

  9. come on seriously...

  10. What makes a complete protein?

    What are the 2 fractions of milk protein?

    How deep are you looking on these questions?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. those are good! not too deep.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    come on seriously...
    mine was serious.. not deep at all.

  13. Just be careful because there is so much conflicting research and opinion that a lot of these type of questions could be a better debate topic than multiple choice question. Questions like Rodja's are good, others may be:
    What are the three aminos that make up BCAA's?
    What is an ethyl ester?
    On what scale are antioxidants scored?
    What are two beneficial fatty acids in fish oil?
    How does Fish Oil differ from Flax Seed oil?

  14. I have the BCAA's one in there. Also about Leucine being the one that stimulates mTOR

  15. What does "rate limiting" mean?

  16. What is Hypertrophy?

    What is Hyperplasia?

    Does Muscle turn to fat or fat to muscle?

    What is an optimal amount of protein per meal?

    What are the effects of prolonged use of stims?

    What are signs/symptoms of overuse of PH's?

    What are slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers?

    What are some of the potential health risks from too much protein and gluten on a high carb/high protein diet?(for those piling up on whole wheat and tuna)

  17. What is the average amount of protein you should take in for a day to build or maintain muscle.

  18. What's the difference between whole herb and standardized extract? (short answer)

    Which is a more practical way to supplement vitamins and minerals?
    A) 100% of RDA
    B) 200% of RDA (I lift weights, I need more)
    C) Finding Individual ODA
    D) Any one-a-day vitamin will do

    What are optimal times to consume multivitamins/antioxidants?
    A) Morning / Before Bed
    B) Morning / Postworkout
    C) Morning Only
    D) Before Bed Only

    True or False. Fat makes you fat.

    Examples of complex carbohydrates include:
    A) Bananas
    B) Whole Wheat Bread
    C) White Rice
    D) Vitamin Enriched Flour

    How many calories are in a gram of protein, carbohydrate, and fat?
    A) 4, 4, 9
    B) 4, 9, 4
    C) 9, 4, 4
    D) 4, 4, 4

    How will I gain weight?
    A) 200+g of protein/day
    B) Excess caloric intake every day
    C) Weight gaining shake
    D) 'Protein pills'

    What is a complete vegetarian protein?
    A) Soy
    B) Pea
    C) Quinoia
    D) All the above
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  19. What are the most important daily supplements..ie fish oil, you should take daily and why?

  20. After you've reached your ideal protein, carb and fat ratio intake on a daily basis is it okay to ignore other dietary needs?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    On what scale are antioxidants scored?
    Scoville scale

  22. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    Scoville scale
    I thought it was ORAC scale?

  23. Haha nvm...didnt pick up the sarcasm just reread and saw the face

  24. Test is up, we are launching today. I incorporated a few of the questions in and we will update accordingly! Thanks guys


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