****LG Sciences brings you Anadraulic PUMP!!****

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  1. ****LG Sciences brings you Anadraulic PUMP!!****

    LG Sciences needs testers for

    ~Anadraulic Pump~

    We will be picking 5 testers! We have 5, ten serving samples to give out to be tested! If chosen, this will be logged for the time testing the product, and will be tested SOLO. Which also means daily updates. This is our New NO potentiator/focus product, that is going to deliver explosiveness to the next level, gives intense focus and opens up blood vessels like no other No product! which also, is a brother to one of our # 1 products, Anadraulic state!

    U.S Only -
    Age -
    Routine -
    Diet -
    How would ~AP~ benefit you -
    Past NO Products -
    Past or previous logs -

    The samples are ready to go out! so this will not be up long, so start putting those Apps in ASAP!

  2. damn this looks good, Im in the middle of a hdrol run, got 4 weeks left, does this disqualify me for applying for this? I noticed you said it needed to be run solely, thats why I am asking before I apply
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  3. Nice man! go the big pumps!

  4. Guys, get in on this! I am loving the new products from LG. Ghenerate did everything they said it would and now Postal is going quite well too. One advantage to logging is that you pay more attention to the effects of a product daily vs. just taking it and look for end results.

    I am excited for this one with all of the solid products lately.
    • Anadraulic State
    • MMV3
    • M1D
    • T911
    • Postal
    • Ghenerate
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  5. gotta love the PUMP
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  6. U.S Only - Norman OKlahoma

    Age -24

    Routine -Currently right now just trying to recomp a little....not on a solid cut phase but this is how my schedule looks here:

    Mon-Chest/Upper Back
    Wed-Legs/Lower Back

    *I could potentially be adding a martial arts class to my cardio days if time permits.

    In the past I have done several different types of routines including HIT workouts, 5 x 5, GVT, full body workouts, DC training and the list goes on.....I was a gymnast for 10 years too.

    Diet -Right now I am doing a high protein/mod fat/ and low carb program designed by rob faigin....trying to slash a few lbs. I carb load every 3rd day.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you -Since I will be carb depleted except ever 3 days I think I could determine how well AP actually worked....I am gonna need that extra umph to keep me going....as well, I think it will help me determine how much the product is responsible for any strength gains to occur. I don't expect my strenght to go up during my cut, however, if it does then I could say that it would be due to AP

    Past NO Products -I don't think I have time to name them all. My top 2 so far are MAN clout, Gaspari Superpump 250...have tried original NO by MRI, NOS ether stage 3, torrent/shock therapy stack, lg NO infuse, AEX NO, German American Technologies one (can't remeber the name), NO Xplode, H+ Blocker (not really considered an NO product), cytogenix cytonix....and the list could keep going....needless to say I have spent some hard earned cash on some pre-workout supps.

    Past or previous logs -Unfortunately no logs but can reassure you that I am very meticulous and detailed and would give and excellent and honest review.

    Didn't know if posting a pic would help our odds of being chosen or not .....I was kind of bumbed I didn't get picked to do an AS log but looking forward to trying it in the future..... just to show I am no slouch!!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. Get in on this fellas its gonna be a beauty just like the rest!!! Can i throw my name in the hat? Can i? Can i? Can i?
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  8. App's
    U.S Only - NJ
    Age - 24
    Routine - 3 Day a week full body routine. All complex movements no isolated exercises and alot of explosivve movements. (Alot of olympic lifts) On days off I swim, do sled drags, tire fipping, run, and gonna start some heavy bag work. I also do yoga, core work, and foam rolling.
    Diet - Anabolic diet. I diet straight through weekends, try and use as much existing fat for energy as I can before I crash. I only carb load if I start to feel lethargic and like I cant function, but keto has been good for me so far
    How would ~AP~ benefit you - Considering my diet is low carb without carb days it is sometimes hard to find the energy and drive to do my workouts and get through them, also my routine uses alot of explosive moements and all compound lifts. I am hoping this product will give me enerygy, driveand focus to keep going and strive to do better.
    Past NO Products - Primalforce n20 has been my only nitric oxide product and is a great product. since then I have been using caffeine free ragnaork but am thinking about switching back to a NO product after this tub is done. Would like to give this a try and see how good it is compared to n20
    Past or previous logs - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...hdrol-log.html, Judo Josh second attempt at losing weight

    I am a very dedicated and strict lifter and dieter. I can write a very detailed log and have no problem updating daily on whats happening and how I am feeling/reacting to the product
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  9. APP:

    Age -21

    Routine -
    monday- chest/tris/core/hiit
    tuesday- legs/core/steady state cardio
    thrusday-back/bis/steady state cardio
    sat- cardio
    I train hard and heavy to keep strength up, and LBM up during my recomp.

    Diet -
    maintiance diet. high protien, mod carbs, low fat. overall around 25-2700 cals.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you -
    I've been let down by many NO-products, in the past. With my moderate carbs and low fat it gets hard to hit the gym hard and get through the long workouts. i'm hoping AP will give me the pre workout energy and focus to get to the gym, and the pumps to keep me there all day long.

    Past NO Products -
    NO-xpolde, Superpump250, Jack3d, white flood

    Past or previous logs -
    Gonzo's Quest to be 'The One'

  10. Product is Citrus Blast flavor. Serving size is approximately 2.5 scoops (waiting for the bigger scoops to come in, so for now serving is 2.5). Take 1-2 servings prior to working out to get the full effects of this product!

  11. how can we get our hands on a sample?
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  12. Luckily you came to the right thread I believe...
  13. Arrow


    U.S- Yes

    Years of training- Started about 9 years ago on and off. Been serious for the last 3 years.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you - My body reacts very well to NO products and I am looking for a new product that is not high in sugar but still gives me the vascularity and extra push in the gym. I have been putting a lot of stress on my body and the extra blood flow would help get through the recovery time.

    Past NO Products - Vitamin Shoppe's generic brand NO and NoXplode.

    Training split/program-
    Mon: Chest/Back/Biecps- Abs, Carido (Rowing or Running)
    Tue: Back/Triceps, Abs, Cardio (Rowing or Running)
    Wed: Legs, Abs
    Thu: Shoulders, Abs, Cardio
    Fri: Off
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Off

    Current Supps: Whey Protein, BCAA, Papaya Enzyme, Animal Pak (all staples)

    I work on the weekends and I can never get a good workout in. BOO Work on the weekends!
    I focus on a 5 set workout for each exersize composed of 12-8-6-4-4 reps

    Diet-Chicken, tuna, eggs and pasta. I eat the same stuff everyday.

    Past Logs, Please post links-None, gotta start some where

  14. U.S Only - Yep! [ step brothers version]
    Age - 25
    Routine - Rippetoes [ via BB.com]
    Diet -Cut diet v 3.0
    How would ~AP~ benefit you - I love the pump, the feeling of muscle fullness at peak contraction is awesome. I Want this mainly for the focus aspect, i think being more focused in the gym well shoot my drive through the roof and hopefully get me to some new PRS!

    Past NO Products - N0-xplode, reg arginine, super pump, plasmatic EST, Double T NO-Beta
    Past or previous logs - I'm new here and this is only my second log attempt!


  15. whoa.... this looks cool...

  16. Would it be possible to get an ingredient profile or are we gonna have to wait until this baby is released?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    how can we get our hands on a sample?
    Put in that app!

  18. Remember guys this is to be ran solo, so dont Pm me asking to dose other supplements after your selected Staples are fine..but let me know.. Get these in Were having a rep meeting very soon

  19. Standing Strong in Lafayette, Louisiana!

    Routine - Have done many rountines in the past, including Wendler's 5-3-1, 5x5, and Optimized Volume training (I like to change it up every couple months). Currently, I'm doing Chan's 10-8-6-15 workout for the ectomorph. My split goes like so:
    -Day 1: Chest, Tris, Forearms
    -Day 2: Legs, Shoulders
    -Day 3: Back, Bis
    -Day 4: Rest

    Diet - Semi-Bulk diet: High protein, High carbs, moderate fat (~40/40/20). Very clean, mainly includes whole grains, oatmeal, egg whites, peanut butter, protein shakes, tuna, and chicken breasts.

    How would ~AP~ benefit you - I react well to PreWO supps, but havent taken one in about 2 years. Mainly looking for the AP to keep me focused in the gym. I'm a constant ball of energy, but sometimes I just feel like skipping sets because I feel I'm not getting a good pump.

    Past NO Products - Superpump 250, NO xplode

    Past or previous logs - Sadly, none. *frowns* Reason being, I havent really taken any supps worth logging since I joined AM. Although, I have read more logs then I can count, so I know the ropes!

    Cheers LG, I know the AP will not disappoint!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    Remember guys this is to be ran solo, so dont Pm me asking to dose other supplements after your selected Staples are fine..but let me know.. Get these in Were having a rep meeting very soon
    Is xtend fine to take with it for the trial cycle?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Is xtend fine to take with it for the trial cycle?
    Throughout the day it would be fine, but probably not intra-workout due to the effects of the CM. I'd check with Craig. It may be okay.

  22. I mainly use it during workout and a scoop afterwards to help with recovery. But if it's not allowed for this test run it's fine I was just curious. Hope I get selected, hope it helps give me the motivation to lift in my carb fee state and the explosiveness I want for all my Olympic lifts either way can't wait till it's released and see how well it works

  23. BCAA's and protein are fine just nothing exotic that could mess up the trial. I think you'll like it.

  24. We have 5 100g sample bags to be sent out to testers. Each serving is 2.5 scoops.


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