MST's Weekly Weigh-In #5 - Win a FREE tub of Warrior Melon RAGNAROK -original version

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  1. MST's Weekly Weigh-In #5 - Win a FREE tub of Warrior Melon RAGNAROK -original version

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  2. Welcome to the new weekly contest from the folks here at MST! The rules are simple...we will pose a question each week and we will be taking the answer that we like the most at the end of the week as the winner of the contest. You can post as many times as you like and this contest will end each week on Saturday morning and start each week on Sunday night. You are not required to log the item that you win, but we will not be upset if you choose to log. The call is completely yours!

    This week's prize = 1 FREE tub of Ragnarok (warrior melon with caffeine) **old version**

    Week #5!!!

    Category - Bodybuilding

    Question - In light of the "O" upcoming...who was your all time favorite winner and why?

    Thanks everyone and remember, there is no right or wrong answer here....lets just have some fun with it!!
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  3. Did you ever need more of a winner, Jay Cutler, reaching deep and really pulled it out, look at that guys calfs, and over all size, and definition. Overal great physiqeu, no wonder he came back and KILLED it, but my underdog is still Victor Martinez

  4. Frank Zane, cause his win wasn't about pure amount of androgen induced mass, it was about his look and proportions

  5. ARNOLD!!! if you have to ask why-then you don't know shiit.

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  6. Lee Haney.....because he showed the best combination of unreal mass and still carried amazing lines. Haney's proportions were all even and and his stomach was under control unlike some of the stomachs of present day. Haney also carried enough mass to compete with the competitors of this day and age. Ronnie's a damn close second though....for the sheer FREAK FACTOR!!!!

  7. I have to saw Ronnie Coleman. Although he began to slip in his later years on top he was in such a tight fight with Flex at the 1999 O. The pure emotion that he showed and that even Flex looked crushed.
    It was the begining of a person who had unreal genetics, drive to succeed and a personality. Not a jerk. He was/is funny and fun. Did work when he had too. Worked as a police officer during most of his reigns as Mr. O. How many other BBers worked/work a fulltime job AND not only compete to that level but WIN the O.
    Ronnie may be far past his best years now, but he was one of and to me the best.

    PS- Dorian was a close second. True mass.

  8. My favorite Mr O as far as work ethic, Dorian Yates.He is the man that in my opinion broke the mental barrier and paved the way for the mass monsters today. He trained extremely heavy, harder than any one of the champions as far as intensity that I have witnessed and although i think he would have had a good body I do not think he would have ever had the sheeer mass and been Mr. O if he did not train with intensity as he is known for.

    Other honorable mentions
    Lee Haney I am calling him Mr. genetics.
    Sergio Oliva super-genetics as well
    Arnold - classic
    and the rest of the Olympians! they all deserve to win as they did and each one was different. MAY50 50 % off
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  9. Arnold-perfect physique in my opinion. Didnt look overly bloated or swelled up.
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  10. I'm very torn on this; I love both Dorain and Zane, but for very different reasons. Zane is a physique that I could personally attain, but Dorian is my favorite.

    Not only was he a true monster in every sense, but his level of conditioning is something that has never been seen by any Mr O. IMO, he is the rarest of them all because he was a mass-monster, but was always the hardest and driest BB'er at each show. Even to this day, there has never been a better back than Dorain's, IMO.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. I would have to say my favorite mr. o winner is Ronnie Coleman! during yes earlier winnings he had a beautiful composition of definition and Mass. As time passed he focus primarily on mass but was revolutionizing mass in bodybuilding and taking them to extraordinary heights!
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  12. awesome answers so far everyone
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  13. Dorian Yates. The man looked like he was chiseled out of granite. Absolutely ridiculous.

  14. My favorite winner was also Arnold - his last victory especially, as he did it simply to prove that he was the man. His physique was simply amazing, his stage presence light years ahead of his competitors.

    Let me add though - my other favorite is Franco Columbo - he was at such a disadvantage due to his height, but still fought to the end, and always showed up in amazing shape and condition. A true legend for sure.

  15. ummm, columbu won the olympia!

  16. Larry Scott...the guy was a pioneer of his time and had a fabulous build considering the "Tools" he had to work with. His arms were phenomenal. What can I say...I'm old school!!
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  17. Dexter looked absolutely shredded last year. Cutler this year, looked amazing, totally ripped and exploding in size (damn that just sounds sick now that ive said it) . Ronnie is, in my opinion the greatist of all time...8 in a row...and just a bit more sculpted than Haney was. BUT, If i had to choose one out of all of those Cutler wins hands down for THIS year. He was a freakin animal. On a side note, the 202 class this year was by far my favorite part of this years Mr O. Its inspiring seeing athletes that have figures that are attainable without having the freakishly huge bodybuilding gene. Hopefully next year ill be in Vegas to witness it live rather than watching from my computer.

    BTW, whats changed in Ragnarok (you discription above says "old version")? I used to use the Stim-free Rag and loved it.

  18. THE MYTH!!!

    Sergio Olyvia's "Victory" pose is what i look at everyday before i hit the gym.

    he was the only man to beat Arnold @ the Olympia, if i recall correctly.

    ... and he beat him a second time IMO... he got robbed in '70.

    dude's arms were THICK.

  19. This guy may not have been the best actor, and he is CERTAINLY not the best governor, but Arnold definitely takes the cake when it comes to Mr. Olympia. After losing his first year in the contest, the man set out for victory and proved his determination through the early 70's.

    IMO, Arnold's chest is still yet to be matched in size and solidness, and his carved up legs are in the top 3 all-time. Just a perfect example of a classic bodybuilder with the will to succeed, and at such a young age!

    Arnold Shwarz gets my vote for best Mr. O! (but not for best governor) :-D

  20. arnold did more for bodybuilding than anyone else even comes close to. arnold brought bodybuilding to the masses. arnold made bb'ing cool. arnold was much more than a body, arnold was a personality. arnold was a STAR. most people don't know who those other guy's even are, BUT EVERYONE KNOWS ARNOLD.

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  21. Top 3 Legs of alltime? Really? Arnold was awesome from the waist up but he's definitely not known for his legs. But this is personal opinion, so everyones entitled to their opinion. Your statement just really threw me off.

  22. Arnold was not known for his legs that's for sure. Tom Platz on the otherhand!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  23. Platz was a leg monster....He was the original monster of wheels before paul demayo and branch warren.

  24. Tom Platz legs...

    Attachment 30181
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  25. god that's sick.....wheels from hell!!!!


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