Get Your RECYCLE on with Purus.

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  1. Lol its all good man forreal no worries

  2. Great opportunity here, fellas!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  3. Ok in case my point wasn't made... I WANT THIS

    Current log in my sig.

  4. 1) User Name: westpointer
    2) Age:18
    3) Height:6 flat
    4) Weight:175 4% bf
    5) Current Supplements: whey and soy protein, no xplode, diesel pro cycle
    6) How are you going to run Recycle? (PCT vs Solo) pct after a cycle of epistane
    7) Have you used Purus products before? no
    8) If yes, what product? n/a
    9) Training Experience: 2.5 years
    10) Goal for the log: deadlift 500(current 425), bench 315(current245), gain and keep 10-12 lbs of epistane

  5. Sweet deal! If only I didn't buy my pct supps yet, I could've applied

    Good luck to all!

  6. Good luck to all who put in apps on here also.

  7. 1) User Name: Bravoboy
    2) Age: 29
    3) Height: 6ft.
    4) Weight: 212lb
    5) Current Supplements: Epi cycle/ 20mg. daily
    Glycobol/4 ed
    fish oil 1000mg
    multi vit.
    ON Whey Protein
    cycle assist
    6) How are you going to run Recycle? my cycle ends in 8 days so i would be running this during my PCT ASAP. I would do a great log as i would be able to compare to reversitol and PCS by AI. I will not be using a serm as i'm doing just a mild run of epi. no sides at all and i'm 3.5 weeks in. I feel great and i would love to put this to the test with a test booster.
    7) Have you used Purus products before? no sir i haven't
    8) If yes, what product?
    9) Training Experience: been lifting for years Ive been on a 5 day a week routine. Quit my DC Training about 2mo. ago.
    10) Goal for the log: Keep my gains and then some. and to give my honest opinion on your product which i would be using for PCT.

    thank you for the time and opportunity that i may have to run your supplement.
    Bravoboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And the winners are?

  9. ....are being narrowed down sorry been busy. Afternoon for sure.

  10. Winners

    1. Tomahawk88
    2. Bosox36

    Again I hate only picking 2 people as I want everyone to get some free stuff!! We will have more loggin opps in the future without a doubt. Congratulations guys, send me your addresses and I can get all my log packs out!
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  11. Thanks Purus I appreciate this chance and can't wait to log this for yall.

  12. Congrats guys can wait to see how you like Purus.

  13. congrats guys. wish you the best on your log.

  14. damn, i am sorry i missed this. would have liked to see how this compares to reversitrol. very interesting looking product.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  15. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    damn, i am sorry i missed this. would have liked to see how this compares to reversitrol. very interesting looking product.
    Thats the same thing i was thinkin man.

  16. Well it does have some reversitrol in it.

  17. Gonna need another logger, I'm at the Olympia, so pick one Momday.

  18. Im still in it to win it Grambo, and i finished my log over on LB too ......

  19. i finish my SERMs in 4-5 weeks..... then ill need something natty to run to keep me goin strong befor ei hop back on before the arnold

  20. I love the persistance! Almost home and then gotta catch up on all my board work.

  21. I love the persistance!

    wink wink......

    pick me pick me

  22. Alright guys I want some more logs, Send me your information:


    You two annoyed me too much lol
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  23. oh, all we gotta do is annoy, i can do that what will ya give me to leave ya alone, huh?

  24. JK Boring slow assed monday, at least it cooled down, only 95 instead of 105


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